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    The Worlds
    The Worlds are many. The Worlds are one. They are an intertangled series of cause and effect, a linked and fractured web of possibilities. They are all they are needed to be and nothing more, they are potential waiting to be acted upon. These are the Worlds. This is Iwaku. Iwaku is here shattered to pieces, there in civil war, that one science and this one lost in medieval magic. It is steampunk and magical guardians and impossibly fantastic and amazing forgotten. It is failure and success and determination and a thousand dead planets of life that still is. These are the worlds, this is Iwaku.

    And the worlds do not stand alone. They occasionally connect, breach, come together, separate. But all worlds eventually, one way or another, will know The Nexus.

    The Nexus
    The Nexus is not World Prime. It once was a world of potential, like any other Iwaku. But it became much more. It became an amazing meeting place of culture, a university city unparalleled in any other realm. It is a place of knowledge and compassion, but also of law and justice. Doorways to every reality formed here, protected and cared for, unbreachable except by the will of The Guardians.

    The Guardians
    The Guardians are priests and scholars. They dabble in all ways but each have a specific school of study. Guardians protect the stability of the gates, keep the worlds mostly separate, and maintain the balance of the Worlds. They act with subtle guidance and pressure where they can, rarely directly interfering.

    World Prime
    World Prime is the first world. It is thought and spellbinding and always changing. It is never fully formed. No one ventures to World Prime. To do so is to be split into a million selves and flung into all of the worlds. It fuels the other worlds, but does not have guarded doorways like Nexus. The Guardians take great care of the hidden gate to World Prime. It is a rumor, and they would like to keep it as nothing more in the eyes of the public. For should any threat reach World Prime, it would immediately have unguarded and forcible access to every Iwaku, past, present, and future. Along with an unlimited supply of creative energy, something that cannot possibly be allowed to be accessed by The Threat.

    The Threat

    It started as a wizard’s experiment in theoretical magimatics. A speck, a spark of theory in reverse. But it kept dying from the impossible things asked of it. The wizard decided that this spark of theory needed a will of its own to become real, and real it became. But this was the problem, for the will it was given was this: Spread. Consume. Grow. And this will would have been stoppable while small, for it was a small will. But the wizard, so gleeful at his creation, allowed it to progress and watched it until he realized all too late that the will had grown, too, and was larger than his own. And now, he could not stop it. It consumed him, growing larger, faster, spreading over the entirety of that reality. Finding ways to spread itself into others was its next priority. It cannot access the gates to Nexus yet, but there are other, less guarded ways to spread across the Worlds...
  2. The Game
    This game will take place primarily in Nexus and some thus far unplayed settings. Already created Iwaku Mythos worlds may be used if GMs permit their use and are willing to give me a hand with that portion of the story. It will focus on Guardians, Refugees, and Legends.

    The Characters
    The characters of Iwaku are a group of varied personalities who come together for the purpose of saving the Worlds and keeping the Threat from reaching World Prime. Characters may be newly created, reimaginings of existing characters the player owns, or existing characters from other Mythos games (so long as they were GM approved at the time). Characters do not have to be of equal skill or power. Someone might be much better in one area than another and there may just be uneven characters. It is going to happen due to the nature of the game. Players will play Guardians, Refugees, or Legends.

    Guardians must be new or reimaginings. They protect the Gates of Nexus and care for Nexus and are generally scholars with powerful magic. Alternately, they may be the Brute Guard, the last physical defense for when something not wanted does get through or when a fight breaks out in Nexus itself. These Guards are not necessarily scholars or wizards, but ARE strong and fast and skilled at many types of weaponry. ALL Guardians and Guards are also priests of Nexus and thus have a standing in the Temple.

    Refugees are from worlds that are already being destroyed by the Threat or worlds that will be in the future. In the latter case, they have traveled to the Nexus of the past to change things. However, time travel IS expressly forbidden to guardians, so don’t expect to use that to solve problems. Refugees are resourceful survivors or just plain lucky to have gotten away. They may come from an existing Iwaku or a newly made Iwaku and be an existed, reimagined, or new character.

    Legends are characters rescued by the Guardians because they can make a difference. They must be brave, strong or powerful, noble, and smart. They are very likely to make a difference or support someone who will. Only a handful of Legends have been saved and only one from any one world, so if you come from the same world as a Legend, chances are you are a refugee. There will only be a small percentage of Legends in this game. Legends must come from an existing game (though they can be a reimagining) and have a posting expectation. If you want to play a Legend, you must have been important to plot or play in a game, been at least someone with good in their alignment, and be ready to keep posting and prompt others to post. You must also be good at moving the stories of others along. Think very hard before applying as a Legend.
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  3. The Rules
    1) This is a Mythos RP, but done in a newish way. If you aren’t familiar with the Mythos, get familiar. Check out the Mythos Immersion Group or read a bit about plots from the past.
    2) You WILL be expected to do a bit of world building. You don’t have to write a novel, just a brief paragraph if you are from a new setting. If we end up in that world, I WILL be pestering you with questions so be ready to answer them.
    3) Don’t whine. If you have a legitimate complaint, you can bring it up in the OOC or with me personally, but if you whine, you will be written out. People are going to be stronger than you, weaker than you, and might even steal a bit of your spotlight. Try to handle this IC if possible and come to me in private if it is a major issue. If it is something you think the person didn’t mean to do, point it out politely in the OOC.
    4) At the same time, don’t be afraid to take hold of the spotlight when appropriate but try not to steal it from others. Let people have their moments and you will be more likely to get your own.
    5) Common RP etiquette. No godmodding, metagaming beyond what is allowed in the nature of the game, etc.
    6) If you fail to post for long spans of time, I will find ways of moving the game and your character along. If you fail to post at ALL, you will be considered to have dropped out and your character will either not be part of the game or will be written out quickly.
    7) I very well may Asmojack characters if need be to form a cohesive narrative. If you think I have violated the spirit of your character, let me know, but refer to the No Whining rule.

    The Bio

    If Making a New Character
    MetaClass: (Guardian/Brute Guard, Refugee, or Legend)
    Class: (sum up your character’s profession and talents in one or two terms)
    Major Powers, Talents, Skills, and Abilities:
    Major Equipment, Weapons, and Artifacts:
    World: (very brief summary of the world you come from)
    What Can You Bring to the Team?:

    If Supplementing an Existing Character
    Link to the Game’s OOC and IC
    Copy of the Character Sheet
    Additional History: (any details from that game you want to include along with how they got to Nexus)
    MetaClass: (Refugee or Legend)
    What Can You Bring to the Team?:
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  5. Test
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  6. Name: Lucian/Lulu Ravenscar

    Appearance: [​IMG]History:Lucian's earliest memory is of his homeworld being devoured by the Nothing. As the world began to disappear, the barrier holding it together weakened. In a last attempt to escape the Nothing, Lucian broke free of his world and into the void between worlds. Lucian was unsure how long he drifted in emptiness, before he was suddenly and violently pulled into a new world. The world of Iwaku. The sheer amount of energy flowing through the world burned his body. To escape the pain, Lucian flung themselves into the nearest creature weak enough to allow his soul to enter. The body was that of an unborn child, living in the cycle of destruction. Lucian found himself pulled into, and ended by the conflict. He never saw the ending. However, as he had forced himself into the cycle, he found himself reborn again. Forever woven into the cycle. The new world he woke up to was much kinder. Simpler. Things were peaceful, and he found freedom in its existence. However, this world was soon fractured and broken by the threat, and Lucian once again fled. He was rescued into the nexus, where he remains now.

    Personality: On the surface, Lucian seems quite content in their life. Few things seem to phase the shifter. However, Lucian carries a deep guilt, one that has been with them from the very moment that he was pulled into Iwaku. He knows the body that houses his sole was meant for another. He ended that life, and cast them out from the cycle. The guilt weighs heavy on his mind, a constant reminder that he isn't meant to exist here. This guilt makes him willing to help others, his attempt at atonement for the complete destruction of another. It doesn't ease his troubled mind, however, as his reasons are still entirely selfish, and he knows it.

    MetaClass: Refugee
    Class: Shifting Shadow Weaver

    Major Powers, Talents, Skills, and Abilities: Lucian has the ability to shift his general form and gender (Reality Bending), making him something of a master of disguise. Lucian second ability is the ability to bring mass to shadows, and control their movements (Reality Bending). The shadows can absorb blunt trauma, to an extent. But it is cut easily. The larger the mass of shadows, the slower and harder it is to make it move. Nighttime effectively makes everything one large shadow, and Lucian does not have the ability to bend a shadow so large.

    Major Equipment, Weapons, and Artifacts: A cloak of shadows, woven from his own shadow. It cloaks him in darkness, making him harder to see in dark corners and dim places.

    World: The world's name is Re'Ala, a garden of beauty and light. It was a small world, covered mostly by water, with a small continent. Castellia was the major city, governed by the University, and its head teachers. Learning was a high priority, and all were encouraged and welcomed into the schools. The highest position one could earn is that of Headmaster, followed by the council. Re'Ala worked on a barter system, where people offered their goods to each other in exchange for what they needed. The ability to work magic with the elements was commonplace in the world, with everyone being able to control some element in a small way, and was worked into the daily lives of all citizens.

    What Can You Bring to the Team?: A willingness to do what is needed, a burning desire to end the threat, and a mastery over shadow weaving.
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  7. Apologies for not being around in a couple days. Real life hit hard. Now I will definitely be reading sheets and encouraging people to post theirs.
  8. Here's the sign up. Tell me if anything needs to be changed!

    Name: Acquariana Costa

    History: It all started in her home world, Aqua. She was born and raised on a large estate on a hill overlooking the sea-side village of Tireste. Her privilege allowed her an early education that far exceeded the quality of public education among the villagers. She learned to play several instruments and sing by the time she reached adolescence. In this time she also discovered her ability to manipulate water at will, but kept this a secret from her parents. The wealthy were not to be seen practicing the arts of the destitute and villainous.

    Upon turning thirteen, her parents sent her away to a boarding school to learn etiquette, foreign languages, and other things deemed proper to know for a future wife. Soon she discovered her magical abilities were not unique; many girls used them for all sorts of purposes. Though her magic was nothing special, her musical and linguistic abilities were. The school girls soon took to labeling her as an odd-ball, excluding her from the affairs of the boarding school’s social scene. Loneliness took hold over her, but in these days only a gentle gloom placed itself within her thoughts.

    At sixteen she entered a violin competition. She outcompeted many of the opponents, except for one bitter enemy of hers: Anna Biondi. Biondi, one of Aqua’s more prominent bullies, was actually quite skilled with the violin. Biondi would not let Aqua have her moment in the sun, even if it meant resorting to sabotage. In the darkness of her malicious intent, Biondi searched for a means of eliminating her competition.

    Biondi then crafted a curse that would stop Acquariana’s playing forever. Minutes before the final round between Biondi and Acquariana, Biondi trapped Acquariana in the curse. Something within resisted, but ultimately her body was unable to withstand the attack. Acquariana’s sapphire hair went white. Her life-force shattered into many shards, the curse scattered her being into many worlds.

    This particular shard of Acquariana was led into the Nexus of the past. This shard remembers her childhood near Tireste fondly, but can only remember her experiences in adolescence with much difficulty. Trying to recall what caused her to end up in the Nexus to begin with is nearly impossible. She only remembers that someone tried to place a horrible curse on her by the Threat.

    Personality: She is socially awkward as a result of her lack of interaction with other people. She can also be quite childish, but shows an aptitude for learning things of interest to her. She has a desire to help other people like her, but often ends up not being very helpful either by bad luck or by her clumsiness. With this said, Aqua’s internal personality differs from her external one. She will often pretend to be dozing off when she’s deep in thought. This sort of separated mental plane is also where she derives her ability to focus when she wants to focus on something. In other words, she doesn’t have a bad attention span, just a selective one. The same goes for her memory.

    MetaClass: Refugee

    Class: Musician (Magical)

    Major Powers, Talents, Skills, and Abilities: Using music, she can invoke magical energy from other realms (dreamweaving). This magical energy changes depending on the mood of the piece she is playing. For example, if she’s playing a rather happy or calming song like Beethoven’s 7th symphony (last movement), she will invoke healing energy that not only lightens one’s mood, but also repairs minor cuts, burns, scrapes, and injuries. Singing intensifies the effect to the point where fractures, sprains, and medium-sized wounds are repaired. Healing effects intensify as she plays for a longer period of time. However, she cannot do miracles like reviving someone, snapping someone out of a coma, curing cancer, or erasing somebody’s depression or other mental health conditions permanently.
    An angry, sad, or chaotic song will do the opposite, invoking dark magic that harms those Acqua wishes to injure. Though it is far from fatal, the song takes a gradual toll until the targets fall unconscious for a short period of time. Symptoms that become more acute as the playing goes on include sluggishness, blurred vision, nausea, and vertigo in that order, with vertigo coming shortly before unconsciousness about 20 minutes into playing her music.

    Acqua’s emotions can to an extent affect what magic she can invoke, adding a soul arts element to her power. If her emotions are in line with what she’s playing, it intensifies the effect; on the other hand, if they’re out of line with what she’s playing, a song that should be healing could terribly backfire and make her allies feel sick.

    In either case, her music playing summons a shield of magical energy that lasts as long as she’s playing. It is a transparent orb that immediately surrounds her and whatever instrument she is playing, if applicable. It can withstand several attacks based off of magic (dreamweaving), but is relatively useless in the face of physical attacks, crumbling only with a couple swings of a heavy weapon or a non-magical bullet. An added effect in either case is that her hair returns to its original color: a bright sapphire blue.

    In regards to the water magic that she used to possess, this shard does not possess any of it.

    Major Equipment, Weapons, and Artifacts: A shard necklace. It contains her life-force and she always carries it with her as a necklace. It is made of clear diamond. She also often carries a white wand that resembles a maestro’s. This is the other part of her shard. It contains all of her memories, and also transforms into a violin when she wishes to use her powers without singing.


    Aqua: Aqua is a planet that was mostly frozen for an extensive part of its history. Several thousand years ago, the ice-age ended due to a series of volcanic eruptions that warmed the atmosphere, allowing the nomadic magi people of Aqua to journey toward the poles as the ice-caps melted. Eventually, melted water covered some 80% of the planet’s surface. Civilization grew from the sea on floating cities, developing into an age much akin to the 18th century of Earth before the Threat laid siege to it.

    What Can You Bring to the Team?: A supporting position to nurse those who have been injured in fighting the Threat or other enemies to the Nexus, as well as any knowledge from her experience with the Threat that may help them come closer to finding a means of eliminating it.
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  9. Name: Issac "Excesmyr" Myr
    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG]
    History: In the city of Rizen, one of the biggest and most prominent ones before the fighting began, Issac Myr was the subject of a particularly dangerous experiment geared towards making a suit of power armor to get an edge in the war. This particular experiment, was powered by a synthetic material manufactured and fought over in the war, called Kel. Kel was designed to enhance properties of strong materials and providing an energy source for power armor, making it the perfect material to use. The project was dubbed "Excesmyr" project.

    Issac was the subject that they used for the effects of the suit on an average human. The following results were a success. The suit increased the abilities of the wearer by three fold along with the armor and suit capabilities.

    Issac was soon contracted into the PMC vying for control of Rizen, a brutal and ruthless outfit, like most PMC's, that took over a majority of RIzen. As a squad leader, he was a soldier that fought with cold efficiency. The heavy burden of guilt however, slowly crept up on him. The lives of innocents were trampled on and corrupt, greedy leaders stopped at nothing for their selfish desires.

    His conscience weighing heavily on him, he abandons his troops, taking along the suit, and faking his own death. When he took the suit, he hoped to make a great blow to the corporations. He wasn't satisfied with just that though. They'd make more. He'd have to take it a step farther.

    He used to the suit to sabotage and fight the corporations. He abandons his name and adopts the name "Excesmyr."

    His vigilantism would not last though. One man can only do so much, even one with a suit of power armor. Wrapped up in his own personal vendetta against the corporations, he could not foresee the greater threat that started devouring his world piece by piece.

    He could do all that he could, but nothing within his capabilities could do anything to stop the menace. If he could've rallied the companies, they might have been able to stop the menace. But now, it's gone and everyone he tried to save, gone. He was forced to escape through one of the prototype portals that were in development. It shattered his suit, removing most of his suit capabilities and leaving him unconscious drifting through space.

    Personality: He's reckless and ruthless, but he has a soft spot for the little guy caught in the crossfire. Since he was given the power of the suit, he feels a responsibility for people. He is a bit of a social introvert, but he doesn't lack social graces since he was working for the PMC's.

    Meta Class: Refugee

    Class: Cyberpunk Soldier

    Power Class: Confluence

    Major Powers, Talents, Skills, and Abilities: Excesmyr utilizes his suit within combat experiences and relies mostly on the suit for his physical capabilities. Along with that, his suit can provide a minor barrier that can block projectiles for a small moment, especially with his suit broken. Without the suit he has training with firearms and rifle marksmanship. His suit, although is his strength, is his greatest handicap. Without it he's a pretty useless foot soldier.

    Major Equipment, Weapons, and Artifacts: Excesmyr Suit Mk.I, A modified three burst assault rifle, an energy sword

    World: Teleram, it's once lush, beautiful green forests were paved down by tools of progression. Where once was a forest spanning hundreds of acres, sprung a city that was filled with potential. Hundreds of innovations in technology and weaponry were made every day. So much promise the world had, gone to waste.

    Human emotions came into play; greed, pride, envy. Greedy corporations needed the newest and greatest tech, and they were willing to go to any means necessary to acquire it. It started off with slander and propaganda, but soon escalated as tensions rose. Before, long and all out war broke out between the many PMC's and corporations over limited resources and war tech. Wars broke out all over the world, destroying the landscape and cityscape alike. All that's left is a war ravaged world and husks of the city's former glory.

    With all the wars and fighting, they were too busy to notice the threat creeping in and slowly devouring the world taking the wars and most everyone in it.

    What Can You Bring to the Team?: A white knight in a heavy suit of power armor and a skilled soldier.
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  10. Reminder that you can ask me any questions about Nexus itself that you have.
  11. I'll be looking into the Nexus as time permits, but I assume the Legend roles are only open to those who have played within the Nexus -- or in particular, on this RP site for a time? I'd be interested in applying as a Legend, but I'm very new to Iwaku (apparently in more ways than one), so if prior experience is necessary, i'm all for filling a refugee or Guardian role, since you seem to be lacking the latter.

  12. Legends are particular for those who have been in other mythos RPs and want to help sort of move the story along. Refugees are actually the most vital, since they form the links from the guardians to what they are protecting. Otherwise the game is going to feel bland and distant, so if you are up for playing a Refugee, that would be awesome.

    Exces, Acqua, and Lulu, your sheets look good so far! Exces and Lulu, check out this thread to see if and where your abilities fit in the four powers.
  13. Absolutely. I'll have something up this evening. Thank you!
  14. I had confluence in mine when I made mine
  15. Sorry, must have missed it.
  16. yeah, I didn't post it in there, but I'll be sure and edit it in there soon. Sorry about that.
  17. IWAKU: Nexus
    Character Application
    Name: Lily | Class: Refugee | MetaClass: Bipolar Illusionist
    Appearance: See Below | Power Class: Dream Weaving
    Powers and Physical Attributes:
    For her age and her time across the Hedge, Lily is a highly gifted illusionist. It comes, as far as she knows, from her life as a Manikin, in which she was often magicked to look or do things that would have otherwise been beyond her ability or even comprehension. Her illusions, while mostly immaterial (i.e., a weapon will not stand up to battle, and a lantern will cast no real light), are lasting for a time. She can 'pay' for a loaf of bread with local currency that will not disappear for hours or days, depending on the strength of the spell cast. She can also make herself appear as an older woman, or a young man, or disappear altogether, though the latter comes at a great toll mentally and physically.
    She can also make others see things that are not there. It is not uncommon for her to steal from a merchant in a bazaar by distracting him with a horse that has come to nibble at his wares. By the time he realizes the 'horse' in question has not actually affected any of his produce, Lily is long gone.
    While illusions of fire or snow do not emit heat or cold, the illusion of a person may speak, albeit not necessarily in that person's voice.
    NOTES ON APPEARANCE: Because she can control the way she looks, it is generally assumed Lily could 'be' just about anyone or anything. Moreover, her former life as a plaything for the Fae has granted her a pseudo-effective fountain of youth, and she may look younger than she is. She cannot, however, maintain illusions of her own appearance while sleeping, and will appear in times of illness or vulnerability as the image above. When sleeping, her arms, stomach, and face are heavily scarred from her panic attacks.
    Lily can also create the illusion of a healed wound, though it is important to note that the would is not actually healed.
    For example, an ally may sustain an arrow wound in his side. Lily, through the suggestive power of illusion, can take the pain away from said individual for a time (dependent upon the spell cast). She can 'give the illusion' of a painless wound. She can also make it appear as if the man's side were whole. In other words, he would neither feel nor see the injury--but he would still be wounded. In a way, this is Lily's most powerful weapon. Men do not know they are dying in her presence.
    Lily's power comes through a type of spellcasting, unwittingly granted to her by the Fae and her life as a Manikin. It does not require spoken word, gesture, or 'mana', as the case were, but it is reliant upon a certain amount of willpower and life force. It is unlikely that Lily could convince a whole city (at one time) that she were a dinosaur, for example, without lapsing into unconsciousness, and eventually coma or death.
    Lily's eyes go solid white when she is casting a spell. Obviously, this is quite a noticable trait, and she tends to count on the fact that people will be too distracted by the illusion to discover her 'tell', as this is the one part of her physical appearance over which she has no control.
    Regardless of the spell, Lily's illusions fall apart when she sleeps. Foe is the singular exception to the rule, and thus tends to drain a certain amount of energy from her at all times. She recognizes and ignores this sacrifice.
    Foe the Rat
    When came through the Hedge, she suffered, almost immediately, a hysterical 'Dolly' episode and was only brought out of it when a large black rat bit her finger. The rat was neither sentient nor friendly, but Lily was a lonely and frightened child. Without thinking, she spirited a rat of her own into existence, one that would not bite, but would comfort and remain with her, even when she was Dolly. She called the rat Foe for no reason other than the word was on her mind. It is an illusion and the word 'faux' is never far from one's tongue.
    The Clothes on Her Back
    Lily wears a de-magicked version of the clothing she wore as dolly: a simple white frock with lace at the sleeves and neck, and a pale blue sash the color of her eyes. She also has a pink ribbon in her curly brown locks, to match, as she was told, her lips. She wears no shoes and no protection from the elements, but her clothing never appears muddied or wrinkled.
    Spirited away by the Fae at a young age, Lily escaped, only to find herself in the Nexus.
    This Is The Long Boring Version (open)
    Lily doesn't know her name.
    This Is The Long Boring Version (open)
    This Is The Long Boring Version (open)
    This Is The Long Boring Version (open)

    She doesn't know her birthday, or how old she really is, or how to read or write, or what her parents look like.
    She does know she has a cat. Or she used to. She just doesn't know when 'used to' was.
    'Lily' was stolen from The World at two years and six months by a childish member of the Fae who envied the toddler's beauty. She was kidnapped, tortured, broken, and then remade into a Manikin: a literal doll for use by the Fae, a trophy to show off, with lifelike features and even some habits, though she was not allowed to speak. Or cry.
    While she spent just over two years with the Fae, half a century passed in her home world, and the family she barely knew and hardly remembered aged and died. The girl herself grew, but slowly, as a Manikin does not need to eat, and is no longer beautiful if it ages too quickly.
    Lily had adapted to life as a voiceless doll, made to do the wishes of the True Fae, and indeed had begun to believe she belonged there. After all, it is a rare child who can recall anything before their fourth or fifth birthday. As far as Lily knew, she was Dolly, and had always been Dolly. It was not a happy life, but Manikins did not need to be happy.
    She was six months out from her fifth birthday (by Worldly terms; the Fae and their pets had no need for such things) when the other humans captured by the Fae decided to make their way back through the Hedge to the Real World. They took Lily/Dolly with them. She'd had no choice in the matter, though even now, she does not know what she might have said.
    The escape from the Fae was a harrowing one; not all the escapees made it, and those who did could hear the screams of their fallen brethren all the way through the already treacherous Hedge. Lily/Dolly, who, alone among the escapees, was too young to remember The World became lost in the Hedge, instead finding her way to the Nexus. She has since wandered in this strange world, glad to be free of her porcelain prison, but with no knowledge of what or who she really is.
    The child, in fact, is slowly going mad (see Personality).

    The dichotomy of her upbringing has essentially left the yet mentally unstable Lily with Dissociative Personality Disorder.
    Most of the time, she is a lost little girl with vague memories of her time as "Dolly" and an awareness that something very bad happened to her that she can't quite remember. She is easily frightened and slow to trust, but is also a gentle soul with a desire to make those around her happy. Remnant powers from her time in the Fae (see above) have given her the ability to see beauty everywhere and in everyone. She can quite literally raise flowers from dead earth (a hint of Reality Bending).
    There are, however, darker times when the insanity that plagues all who escape the Fae seizes the child in its grip. These times, she becomes excitable delusional, uncertain as to whether she has escaped, or if perhaps she is still Dolly and her Masters are playing a very cruel game. She may range from despondent to hysterical and will often revert to a near-dream state in which she will scream and try to harm herself (as a porcelain Doll across the Hedge, she was not 'breakable' except by the Fae. In her mind, the more serious the injury, the further she is from the former nightmare).
    NOTE: Neither Lily nor "Dolly" speak, a lasting byproduct of her Manikin days. Whether she can or not remains to be seen, as Dolly may scream when incensed.
    The Fae, across the Hedge, and prior to that, The World proper. The former is the home of the True Fae, standard hobgoblins, trolls, pixies, centaurs, ogres, and worse--more vain and cruel than in any fairy tale. The latter is modern day Earth, much as we know it, but with a darker twist, wherein vampires, werewolves, mummies, and dead souls exist.
    Bringing Home the Bacon:
    A good illusionist can be a spy, a thief, a warrior, a merchant, and even an entertainer of sorts. We shall see what becomes of Lily.
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  18. I swear, this formatting on this site is going to put me in an early grave. Let me see if I can fix that...
  19. It looks good, you seem to have a good grasp of what you are going for. Do you think you will be able to interact well with the rest of the cast, though? That's really my major concern with her being so young and unable to talk.
  20. Sure, sure, valid concern. Thanks. I've played a similar character before and gotten along alright. I'm a sucker for a challenge. I imagine her relationship with the others will be different, though not stagnant or oversimplified. I have a few ideas, in any case, least of which her "creating" an illusion to speak for her, if necessary, though that will likely be a fallback sort of last resort.

    If, beyond that, you still have concerns, I can recreate a character as necessary. =)
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