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Lead Editor: Pirogeth
Co-writer: Sakura
Illustrator: Tegan
Insanity Reporter: Miru
Graphics Designer: Tuxedo Mask

Words to Live By[/align]

Welcome to the February edition of the Newsletter. This month we take a look at some notices put up by the staff as well as some opportunities for the letter opening up again. We also wrap up the last of the admins in our Meet the Staff and bring in a new Illustrator for the Iwaku Comic. Oh I know you are all anxious but we can only read so fast. Let us delve into the inter-workings of the Iwaku Newsletter.


Iwaku's Favorite Color[/align]

As you might have noticed, the Iwaku has undergone a small makeover. The green lettering is just a small glimpse into what we could do for the site but to be sure everyone enjoys a different style we need your input. If you haven't already go check out the Iwaku's Favorite Color thread and list your favorites. Who knows, the site might actually look better than before.

[align=center]TOS and Behavior Reminders[/align]

Unfortunately there does need to be a small reminder as to what is good and what is bad etiquette on the Iwaku. Just keep in mind at least the one Golden Rule, "Treat others as you would like to be treated." and we all can live happily together. If you want more specific rules and regulations check out either the TOS Reminder Thread or the Iwaku Guide.

[align=center]Regarding Signature Sizes[/align]

The last manner of announcement business is signature sizes. It is great that you have a knack for making pretty banners, but if they are too large then you might as well save it for the Art & Writing section. After all, we want to read your wonderful posts rather than have to scroll through a banner over and over again. The max limit on signature sizes should be (600w x 200h) so long as you are in that range you should do fine.

[align=center]Iwaku Comic


Meet the Staff



This month, if you haven't already guessed, we'll be covering Rory and his activity around the Iwaku. Many could refer to him as the Silent Admin as he seems to keep to the RP's he does and his fetish with War History. But he does do a whole lot more than just that.

In fact, he is a profound voice when it comes to Staff affairs such as new projects, design of the Iwaku, and even some solitary cases involving disturbances. He also is quite dedicated in resolving the new projects such as the event RP Project Genesis. His continued participation has carried it farther than some have expected and should be given some thanks. So when you do get a chance to see him don't forget to thank him for his continued participation as the Silent Admin.

[align=center]Short Stories[/align]

Huh? What? Someone call for some writing? Yes, that would be the Newsletter. This is our attempt to not only to get them creative juices flowing but to also make some names more recognizable across the Iwaku. Short stories are a nice way of showing literary prowess and potential as a writer and we at the INS are giving you a conduit to present your works to a local public eye. All entries should be pm'd to Pirogeth and will be looked over by all INS members. For further details check out the Short Story Information Thread.

[align=center]Art Gallery[/align]

This month we have a special for you. With the return of our own artist, Imp Edge or as he wants to be called now Inane Nihilist, we have a league of pictures he showed off. Here are three examples of his style of art for all of you.





Sakura's Lounge

Due to technical issues, this section of the letter is subject to postponed clause in the unwritten letter rules sheet. If our dear Sakura does find a way to get her part up in the next few days then it will either be edited in or added on as a later post. Be on the look out for our co-writer and her pretty articles she brings to the Iwaku.


[align=center]Insanity Report With Miru[/align]

Heroooooooooooooooooooooow, Iwaku! This is the cuddly, if not somewhat naive, Miru, with my newsletter buddies! Yes, it's about time Miru does SOMETHING for the newsletter, right? ^_^
I'm sure Valentine's Day sucked for a large majority of us on Iwaku (Myself included), but at least we know we all LURVE Iwaku!!! RIGHT??? <_<

So, without further ado, let's get this crazy segment underway!!!!


We're gonna start this thing off with a blast from the past!...Err, present?...Err...future? Who cares, Danana's a crazy cat lady!!!
What would happen if Jinx haphazardly activated a (cleverly?) disguised time machine? Let's FIND OUT! Who shall combat the OMGWTFness of our now crazy cat lady, Danana? Paorou will, because THE EARTH IS AT STAKE!!!! (Echo echo echo) Will we get into a war with her? And furthermore, will she fire Ms. Fluffykins at us?! I know that Grumpy wants to see some robotic, laser-firing kitties in this future! And will we get them? I dunno, but I wanna know who's singing those anime songs in the background, interrupting Paorou's BORING MONOLOGUE! (echo echo echo) Will the Isabella become an ARMY of Isabellabots? And perhaps the most important thing...WHERE'S THE STRAWBERRY WAFERS(Wafers wafers wafers wafers)?!

This may not exactly be current, but.... It still provides the insanity we all love!
Danana's not even dead, and Asmo wants to replace jer? *Gasp!* Since Danana's sick with swine flu, that must mean... ASMO MADE THE SWINE FLU, HOLY CRAAAAAAAP! Among the plethora of applicants, we've got:
The almost infinite amount of Danana clones- Quality, not quantity! You must root the one Danana out of the bunch! ((I almost made a pun! Banana? Bunch? XD)
Grumpy???- I'm not sure if he's applying, but you don't mess with a guy wielding a shovel!
Isabella- Because Isabellas are good mall cops
Piro-sempai!- Why? WHY NOT? XD
Carl: Spelled coup d'etat wrong, but he was an admin back in the old days.
Myrn: Assertive, yet shy? Hmmmm?
Wood: Isn't gonna try
Ary: Has also been a mod, but is discouraged by her newness!...and by her lack of a mustache.
Sol: Wow, we have a lot of previous mods. o_O
Saki: Is....going to beat the crap out of....everyone except Danana? I can't seem to comprehend that, Saki-chan...
Slyen: Has too much free time, more than just about anyone on the site.
Orochi: Likes superhero-esque poses!
Paorou: Would like to scatter petals EVERYWHERE? And silk beds, and cup holders...Oww.
Darkness: Would like to get promoted to a mod.
Seiji: His avatar looks like it's raping someone or something. ((Yes, I've seen the episode.)
Meg: Doesn't have anything to offer?
ParrtPixie: Has a hammer.
Miru: Is cuddly! >u<
And it looks like Paorou won that one!

Asmo promotes creativity
Butthurt trolls on Asmo's wiki page, come look!
Asmo's monument ot butthurt trolls!
It's a new trend! Everybody troll everybody! Doooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Nah, let's just focus on Asmo being a very nubile admin! Apparently, he has a lot of curves!!! Or is he a bile inducing noob to the extreme? Who knows, because we're so lazy, we're so lazy, we're cutting off mid-sentence! News Crew, excluded, or Piro-sempai would skin us alive! XD So, who shall (lazily) wield the almighty Sword of Laziness? Will it be Darkness or Kris? Nobody cares, because it's Be A Lazy F*** Day! Slyen was....raped?... By Asmo's tentacles?...LAZILY? HA! Grumpy wants to console the butthurt troll! Does that involve the general treatment I get from the ISAF, Grumps? Bombs and chainsaws and stuff? Now the troll is Gollum? LAZY! But fund it anyway! FUND IT, YOU FOO- *Cuts off in mid-sentence*

Tape, tape, ta-ta-tape!
How do you fix a door? WITH TAPE! How do you fix a door to prevent Issy from getting in? YOU DON'T. October shows off his extensive lock-repairing know-how, and Jack Bauer finds that odd Asian man with the gun. And Saki-chan tells the tale of the boy whose mouth she got to tape shut! Wish I had a teacher like that, bleh! What's next? Here's some of the highlights!
Bike-stealing mechs! Skulls! CHEESE! Cheese FAIL! Philly Cheese> Phillis? Black is the new black! Green was the last black, but black is back! NERF! TOUHOU VIPERS! LAAAAAAAAAAANDSHAAAAAAAAARKS!!!!! JAWESOME! A renewable energy called rage fuel?!
...It looks like they're all constipated. WORLD EXPLOOOOOOSIOOOON!!!! It's like a Michael Bay movie!!!! XD Touph tough? Like a Tonka truck! Pao is the new Chaos! And Pao also explains his dislike of Japanese culture being spread all over to the Non-Japanese! Hey, I like Japanese culture, hmph! "You Bastard!" Pao is almost top-weaboo! I must strive to...Meh, I'll continue with my Japanese lessons for now, thank you very much. Powermauls! Creepy MJ pic! o_O Master Aaaaaaaaaaaasiaaaaaaaaaa graces the thread with his unique brand of... Master Roshi-ness! AMERICAN IDOL? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-Wait, Hulk Hogan fighting Mechs? WTF?! Nyan Roll! Weaboo accent?! Hide from the Anti-Weaboo Club, they'll...err....CLUB YOU! And people turn into Sonic?! And the definition for "moe" is...to damn long, grr! There is a bomb inside you? *Hang In There poster*

It looks like the Barfight Thread has begun anew! ^_^
Barfight 2.0
BARFIGHT!!!! Let's get ready to rumble!!!!
Broken glasses galore!~ Blood on the floor~ A pinball machine; Pao's hair has a gleam from being stuck in the toilet water while singing?! The one guy sitting in the corner preaching? He's so screwed. XD Torsty gets hit with a barstool, Nic gets thrown against a bookshelf, and Nic...pokes WMD? And now Pao enters with his super-sparkles of DOOOOOOOOOM! Sparkling toilet water!~ And now he's got a shiv? Oh shi-5 hours of Weird Al! SHATNER...PUNCH! ((Get the reference?))
And WMD's...just gonna get drunk now? Well, that's one done. The underaged bar patron weapons (New Game+, damnit!) baseball Orochi's deadly flying peanuts- Oh, shi- MOLOTOV! Kool-Aid man!!! Hugs! Drunken Chaos!~ Run with the vodka, Cor! Or...slap him with Asmo's man purse...-_-' And a flailing by Vay ends the action for now! Tune in next month for-*Miru is knocked unconcious by a stray refrigerator*

Now, start posting more in Insanity so Saki-chan and myself don't lose out jobs! Not her so much as me. XD She's got more than one segment. 0_o

*has just realized this massive over sight* . . . I didn't think you'd actually put that in there.

It was a joke! A jooooooke! D:
Like Miru said, any submission is a thing to be used by the Newsletter. After all, I'm a fan of equal opportunity for the Comic and just assumed that I'd be using that. When I'm working the stuff is there in my inbox, it is like my materials for creating this page. If it is there and I think it will fit, I'll use it.
Well done once more!

Piro and the news crew, I applaud thee
I appreciate that, Jack. Look forward to a new idea coming soon, if all goes well! Time for Miru to get his arse in gear! ^_-
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