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Head Editor: Pirogeth
Co-writer: Sakura

Member of the Month
Diana Notacat


That's right, Diana has made it to the high rank on the Newsletter known as Member of the Month. Now I know what some of you are saying, "Where has she been?" Well Diana has been hard at work getting the site back up from the recent apocalyptic disaster. That disaster was a server failure losing all posts and board information in the process. All but profiles were destroyed. Ever since then she's been fixing up the very boards you adore so much and fixing all the bugs. So a great pat on the back for our Diana, the savior of Iwaku.


Forum Bugs

Have you been browsing the forum and noticing small things that seem out of place or do not work properly? Well then you should head HERE. Let Diana know and she will eventually get it fixed or come up with a compromise. Be on the look out for them annoying little buggers.

Logo Design

Time for all you artists or just generally creative people to get out there and make a name for yourself. That is right, Pirogeth is asking for a helping hand for the Iwaku Show. He needs a logo for the show and is holding his own contest. Where can you find details well check out the thread Logo Design.

[align=center]OOC Coverage[/align]

Get ready for it this week guys as there are a lot of New OOC's to cover. Take a look at what your fellow Iwakuans have been dreaming up for stories.

Dream Weavers [R] OOC

Yesterday, at five in the morning in Seattle, Washington, a horrid monster slew an entire neighborhood.

But, by nine in the morning, the monster had stopped and disappeared.

In Houston, Texas, a tank rolled across streets, crushing everything in its path.

At seven in the morning, it faded away...


In Russia, a teddy bear killed a man after an attempt of raping a woman, then wandered the streets, causing no apparent harm.

At noon, the cuddly toy waved to children as it disappeared.


In Africa, a ballerina danced in a poor community, no harm was caused.

It disappeared early in the morning.


No one's quite sure of what's going on, but shortly before this predicament, a new drug was being peddled on the streets and in clubs, called "Swiit Driemz".

Sorrows of the Wolf OOC

Beyond the Earth, where war rages on and on, where you could here the howls and whimpers of the ones. Wolves. Are the rulers in these lands. Their lives two clans.. Bernen and Kai.

Bernen..A clan who seeks revenge..for their ones who have fallen in the past against Kai. Bernen..a pack of skrony wolves who never get the chance to eat.. Who must do anything the leading clan of Kai haves them to do... If they try to escape or do something different, a bad ending would come..

Kai..the leading clan of strong, brave, healthy wolves, who like to step on other wolves who they believe are worthless little pest. The clan of Kai who thought they were better than any other, would soon come to an end..like the rest...

Red as Crimson OOC

PANDORA Files Latest Events

The Gate Incident – During the sun's latest sun spot cycle there was an incredible surge of energy from the center of Hell's Gate caused by BK201 and the Meteor Shard. The energy surge was then transferred into that star and used to end the destruction of all contractors. After news of this plan was released to the press, along with the existence of contractors and dolls, the public had a field day pointing fingers at PANDORA.

With the Director of the Tokyo Police involved in this situation it was almost a total breakdown of the high ranking research government positions. Now with new and younger members filling in the spots PANDORA struggles to recuperate as the Syndicates battle it out for control of the Tokyo City.

Tokyo is down to three factions in the streets. The first, of course, is the Tokyo Police. They try to keep the order and take what advantages they got against the other two forces. With their restricted gun power they are forced to rely on hired contractors to settle larger and more intense affairs.

The second is an American mobster group called Pike. Their biggest claim is the resources they have backing them. Although they are a prominent group in the city it does take awhile for them to have "resources" shipped over to them. Seeing as most of those items are illegal and the distance covers a lot of checkpoints they tend to arm light and recruit many contractors. Sticking with the group you are assigned to has been something of a trademark in the Pike group.

Finally there is the New Chinese Syndicate. This group of gangsters, unlike Pike, are operated out of a counsel of families. Each control their own men and discuss things together. With different people controlling some of the power there have been inner squabbles before. To prevent any kind of devious plans being concocted they thought it was best if each team was strictly assigned and changed on a regular basis. Each team usually has one human, one doll, and one contractor. The time they work together varies on the job they are assigned to. Sometimes it is just a day and sometimes it is a month.

With all three constantly fighting each other there was no way anyone could tell what was to happen next. In one day the city would go from a quiet place to a battlefield. The one question that was asked the most…what started it? Well it was early that morning a certain Syndicate member was found dead in a hotel. His name was Mao Xai and the calling card left by his assassin was the ace of hearts with a knife through it straight into his heart.

The time is eight in the morning, and the day shift for the Tokyo Police is just receiving word of his death. Things have to be kept under control so what are you to do?

Darkstalkers: End Game OOC

The year is 2065, and the planet is nearing what may be the final conflict it starts. In the later moments of the year 2012, a portal was ripped open by the would-be ruler of Makai, Jedah. This allowed a slew of otherworldly beings to enter the world of humans. Their mission was to enslave the human race in order for Jedah to establish his rule elsewhere before attempting his takeover of Makai. Jedah hoped to seize power from the Class S succubus, Morrigan Aensland. At the last moment, Morrigna managed to slip through to Earth, as she did frequently. The demons were on a simple mission: Destroy and enslave. The first meeting between the humans and their destroyers obviously didn't end well. The majority of the attacks occured under the cover of night, earning them the nickname of "Darkstalkers".

However, some Darkstalkers in the group were disgusted at the acts of destruction being committed, and broke away from their comrades. They attempted to settle down and blending into the societies, but as time passed by, it became apparent that they would have to fight back against the other malevolent Darkstalkers. And so it would come to pass. The benevolent beings came out of hiding and, after much fighting, managed to repel their former teammates back into Makai, though a few escaped before this happened. All the while, the humans had captured a few of the weaker, peaceful Darkstalkers, and began to experiment on them, creating advanced weaponry capable of killing any kind of Darkstalker. The humans, fully knowing the difference between the two groups of beings, began using their newfound power to capture and eliminate these demons from another realm with relative ease, using the living to advance their weaponry even further. The remaining Darkstalkers once again attempted to blend in, to escape the newly formed D.N.S.(Darkstalker Neutralization Squads). Some even confronted them head on, preferring to try talking instead of running and fighting, but this didn't do a thing.

Time passed, and the few who were left had hid their differences, and succeeded in marrying, getting josbs. A few had children of their own. But this was just the calm before the storm. The DNS now knew exactly where the Darkstalkers were, and began raiding the villages, destroying anything in their ways, and blamed it on the very victims of the attacks. At the same time, the disgraced troops that had retreated into Makai so many years ago re-emerge in the human world, and once again began to wreak havoc. Though they had gained considerable power, most of them were no match against the weapons the D.N.S. had begun to mass-produce. And so, even more Darkstalkers were captured, while the rest went into hiding, just like the benevolent ones had done. However, a few bolder ones had started conducting guerilla warfare, destroying several settlements despite the impending danger. And so, it still continues. The majority of Earth's population has been fooled into thinking that the captives were having their abnormalities removed. Lies, all lies. The future is one of lies and oppression;is it possible to change it now?

[align=center]Project Genesis[/align]

Introducing the next mass RP on the Iwaku, Project Genesis. This RP is both for old veterans and new meat on the Iwaku to show their role playing skills to everyone at the same time learn from the masters. In this particular mass RP there are three factions of which you can join. Each of them have their own threads for character sign up. Details on each of the factions are given inside said threads. So here are your choices.




Each group has their own given rights and participates in the story in their own way. So whether it is a minor or a major contribution join up today!

[align=center]Sakura's Lounge[/align]


[align=right]Welcome Message <3[/align]

Welcome to my section of the Newsletter !

This week we'll be talking ALL SORTS OF THINGS.

From FOOD FIGHTS in the cafeteria to PAOROU BEING SAD AND ANGRY ??!

But FIRST THINGS FIRST, let's take our tour of this week's updates in the
General Board Or more commonly, SAKURA'S LOUNGE

[align=right]Sakura's Lounge[/align]



Did you ever wonder if Iwakuans liked Food Fights,
had ever been in Food Fights or hated food fights altogether ?


AND IF YOU DONT AGREE with these results, then GO CAST YOUR VOTE

& let us know a little bit about how you feel about BLUEBERRY PIE IN YOUR FACE! MmmmMm... Yummy <3 [x]

DIANA has NEVER been in a food fight.
INKY POET had so much fun and SUCH A MESS!
DARKNESS doesn't want to be in one.
OCTOBER KNIGHT thinks its a waste he's HONEST
KITSUNE started one when someone stole her SNICKERS
CAPTAIN NIC would rather have a plastic BB hit him
WARMASTERDEATH is made excuses about his school cafeterias


Don't you have something to say about this ? [x]

The Iwakuans hath spoken:

AMPOULE does SPONTANEOUS rps with her friends all the time!
RASTUL hasn't done it since his "childhood died in his stomach"
VAY did with it with Kitti-chan in the Cbox recently.
PAOROU is "in constant play mode irl"
SOULLESS does it in reallife and "scares everyone else".
OCTOBER KNIGHT is an expert.
INKY POET used to do it with Nino (she is no longer there).


Where's the good ? Those lovely little moments in your day that make your life brighter. What are they ? [x]

Iwakuans have expressed their feelings to be:

INKYPOET - after a terrible day at work, saw a beautiful sunset that made it worthwhile.
BLOODMAGDELENE - during a terrible day at work was generously given delicious food
OCTOBERKNIGHT - after a very stressful day saw a giant praying mantis that inspired him
KITSUNE - after a terrible day, spoke to Asmo and felt better.
4GOT10ANGL - had a lovely milkshake
JUMI - found a better job
DIANA - got a new DVD player and BAMBI the dvd her favourite classic.



[align=right]Paorou's Kingdom of Insanity


Let's go through a QUICK review of INSANITY




[align=right]The Iwaku Playlist

10- Barthory - Hammerheart - / DARKNESS
9- Im Auge des Sturms - Samsas Traum - / AMPOULE
8- Darkness - SPF 100 - / ANONYMOUS
7- Theme of Laura - Trip Hop Remix - / AMPOULE
6- Diary of Dreams - Butterfly Dance! - / OCTOBER KNIGHT
5- Chrome Division - Serial Killer - / DARKNESS
4- Trouble - Cold Play - / LOVELESS
3- Dark Angel - No One Answers - / DARKNESS
2- Beast - Wolf Gang - / OROCHI
1- Pray for Forgiveness - Silent Hill 3 Unreleased Tracks - / AMPOULE

Never heard any of these tracks ?
Post what YOU'RE listening to and maybe you'll find it in the next newsletter!
Song of the Moment Thread
[align=right]Until Next Time ~


Well, that's it from me for this Newsletter !
Thanks for reading & REMEMBER:

If there's something you liked/hated/loved/wanted to see in the Newsletter,
Just let us know and we'll do our best!




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EW! Send that MOTM back!

A great newsletter as always! It seems Saku is getting cuter and cuter with every issue! XD
Hehehe =] SANK YUU
Congratulations DANANA-CHAAAAN /hugglesqueeze/
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SAKURA'S SECTION OF THE NEWSLETTER....RRRRRGH *silently doubles over and has a massive heart attack from the cute*

HEY aussies dont have cafeterias!

that was my excusre damnit!
*WMD continues to whinge and whinen in a high pitched voice*
*Archetype stands nearby, WMD's bloodied genitals in hand.*

We were playing 'Operation.'
Huh...I was actually in there twice. Frankly I'm a bit suprised. Oh well. I must be doing something right. Right?
Don't worry Asmodeus. By winter I'll have gone crazy and you'll have to save Iwaku from my tyranny. >:D
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