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  1. SEPTEMBER, darkorange

    This Newsletter is
    brought to you By:

    Ocha: Editor
    Cammy: General Spotlight
    SuperCat: Groups Highlight
    Cerulean: Blog Highlight
    Lstorm: Recent Challenges
    Ossochanter: Staff Spotlight and Quotable & Notables

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    The seasons they be a changing and with the transition from Summer to Autumn for those of us in the norther half thoughts about barbecues and swimming are being replaced by thoughts of academia and routines. Transitions can be rough if too sudden or seemingly out of the blue. Smooth transitions in life as well as literature need to be done with the knowledge that they are coming in advance. Ignoring your vacation will be over does nothing to lessen the things that need to be done to get ready to return to your normal life and not bring up how characters anticipate what is to happen in the future can at times jar the reader when all of the sudden the band is now on a glacier with no idea how it happened.

    Let all your transitions be smooth, except those that you purposely make shocking!


    Do you know that the last RP to make it into the Hall of Fame was from April? If you have a finished roleplay contact a staff member to have it added and we will even mention it in the next newsletter if you want.

    Have you voted yet on what your favorite part of the newsletter is yet? If not go on over to the thread and let us know. Also if you are interested in volunteering head on over to this thread.

    Ever wanted your own blog with it's own fancy URL? If so, Diana and Jared have something to offer. Let your imagination run wild on what type of blog or simple webpage you could possibly have at a very affordable rate.

    Have you had to stop in awe over what someone posted? Well then give them their due with Quotable and Notable Nominations

    GENERAL SPOTLIGHT, orangered

    • Summer's coming to an end! What's something awesome that happened to you this summer?
    • It's things that make you go, "Wut?"
    • "It's in you to give." What are your thoughts and experiences on blood donation?
    • You're unbelievable! What's an interesting fact about you?
    • What is your dream roleplay or RP group?
    • PSA: Guys, fish and balls don't mix!
    • Insults aren't always insulting! Which are the funniest ones you've heard?
    • How much do you think your parents REALLY KNOW about you?
    • The world is full of THINGS! What thing would you be?
    • Finally our own Revi is building an Iwaku RPG! Do you have a suggestion of something she should include?

    What's New:
    What's Hot:
    • Alternia's Finest - This is a site for all of you wonderful iwaku trolls to come out of the woodworks and Homestuck your little hearts out.
    • Smutclub - Don't be ashamed of your inner naughty self. We all like something a little dirty now and then.
    • Book Club - Love reading books? Read all the time? Join the book club and talk about your favorite books or ones you hate to let others know what's good to read!
    • Delicious Delicacies: A food lovers group - A group for anyone who loves good food. Eating out or cooking at home, sharing recipes or a good place to eat.

    • Shadowheart26 offers a blog to debate differences between teens and adults.
    • Fishwolf shows us his sculpting skills!
    • A realization comes into the mind of redblood.
    • Strange words by Seraphinia.
    • Summer rain tells us about her trip to Boston!
    • Someone got themselves a new house! =D Go Revi!
    • Chelma reveals some worries they have about rping.


    As the end of summer approaches, it seems that the number of challenge responses seems to dwindle slowly. Like always, there were many challenges this month that have not received responses or got very few responses. For example, Esthalia’s The Perfect Match 2 got no replies despite its romance potential. Neither did Lady Sabine’s Explain the Relationship Between A Character and a Roleplayer which is honestly an interesting idea that should be explored, but Diana’s Roleplay Post Challenge - School is also sitting in a room full of neglect for some reason! And how come Vay’s Randomly Generater Character Challenge got no attention despite its absolutely ridiculous nature? There are also many more challenges out there that still need replies, so seek them out and respond to them! May the Muse be with you and happy challenging!

    This month’s top roleplaying challenges are:
    Interview With a Character #4
    How Long Have You Been Standing There?
    Abilities Challenge

    And finally, our top challengers this month:
    Lady Sabine

    The Writing Owl

    Why are there so many? Because most of these are tied for response numbers and I do not want to leave anyone out!

    Finally, I would like to remind you that I am still waiting for your responses on what makes a good challenge! Please help me because I would really like if the section had more activity, not to mention that the sight of a challenge reply always makes me happy!

    Editor's note: See the August Newsletter for Lstorm's request for Challenge ideas.

    The Roleplay of the Month is Iwaku: Misera, a new Iwaku Mythos roleplay from Zen. It's not gotten very far, but it has an excellent premise and some quality posting. This is definitely a game to keep an eye on!

    Our Member of the Month is jared555. Jared has been Iwaku's server host for several years now, and pays out of pocket to keep the site running. In the past month, he's been awesome about getting our forums back up and running promptly during several hacking attempts, despite having personal life stuff going on. He's a great guy who can be found joking around in chat and is friends with most of the Cbox regulars. Iwaku wouldn't be here today without him. Thank you, Jared!

    It's been a slow month as summer fades out and we don't have a Most Valuable Player for August! If you know someone who deserves it for September, be sure to nominate them!

    STAFF SPOTLIGHT, slateblue

    Newsletter Editor

    Ocha cracks the whip on anyone daring to slack off on her watch. Her focus has always been the ties between members, be it in roleplays or out on the site. You'll most often find her in the Cbox, sharing her tea on the forums, or running grand adventure roleplays!

    [OZZIE]What's your favorite thing about the Iwaku community?[/OZZIE]

    [OCHA]The community? Oh man, good question. The thing I like about it is how diverse it is. We have people from all sorts of different backgrounds and as long as they are accepting of others, we accept them. We are brought together by nothing more then our imagination, but we stay together not because of the roleplays but by the joy of being together and learning from each other.[/OCHA]

    [OZZIE]How long have you been part of the community? How did you get involved?[/OZZIE]

    [OCHA]Wow, it's been several years now. At least five if not more. I lurked around Iwaku since the time Diana affiliated with it, but I really didn't get involved with Iwaku until over a year after MoonWings closed and I was hankering for some new roleplays. By this point Diana was the new third Admin and me if I wanted to help out since I was wanting to be a full time member. I said sure, and thus Asmo had a new staffer he didn't know what to think about.[/OCHA]

    [OZZIE]What is your main job on Staff right now? Anything exciting that you're working on?[/OZZIE]

    [OCHA]Well the job I am best known for is likely the Editor of this here Newsletter. It's one of those jobs that is both fun and frustrating. People also find me answering questions in the Hub quite a bit. I try to know the answers to the ins and outs of how Iwaku runs, but even sometimes I am not 100% sure and have to poke around for someone to give me the answer or provide it. As for new projects, well, it's not anything big, but people should look for a little something in the Hub near the end of September that will hopefully be fun for the whole community.[/OCHA]

    CURTAIN CALL, darkorange

    The summer is coming to an end, and I must say that this has been the most drama-free summer I have ever spent on a forum community. Do you know why? Because of each and every one of you. From those of you that recognized your bad moods and left it at the door, to those of you that did not rise to troll bait. For every newbie that gave us a chance and explored and asked questions instead of making demands there were oldies that were welcoming and inviting instead of complaining how things were not how they use to be. Iwaku you rock. It's just that simple!

    Thank You August Donors:
    R A I N
    Lady Sabine
    Lusterless Nova

    Both donars and active members make Iwaku a great place. Thank you everyone. And as always...

    May the Muse be with you!

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  2. [MENTION=776]jared555[/MENTION]. [MENTION=1030]Zen[/MENTION], and the players of Iwaku: Misera, congratulations!

    [MENTION=4590]Koene[/MENTION], [MENTION=4688]Voidwalker[/MENTION], [MENTION=335]Tain[/MENTION], [MENTION=31]Myrnodyn[/MENTION], [MENTION=5069]R A I N[/MENTION], [MENTION=5122]fatalrendezvous[/MENTION], [MENTION=770]Zorilla[/MENTION], [MENTION=2075]Esthalia[/MENTION], [MENTION=5253]Des[/MENTION], [MENTION=4848]Chelma[/MENTION], [MENTION=4992]FishWolf[/MENTION], [MENTION=3787]Summer Rain[/MENTION], [MENTION=1296]Elflady[/MENTION], [MENTION=4947]Lady Sabine[/MENTION], [MENTION=4265]Lusterless Nova[/MENTION], and [MENTION=877]Tribs[/MENTION]: Thank you!
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