Iwaku Newsletter: September 2011

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This Newsletter is brought to you By:
Diana: Editor
Fluffy: Writing & General Reports
October Knight: Groups Highlight
Kitti: Iwaku Horoscopes

Greetings Iwaku! The summer season has come to a close and here we are ushering in the Fall. Many members are now heading back to school, so we'll see a drop in roleplay activity until everyone gets used to their new class schedules. Try not to join more roleplays than you have time for and don't get discouraged if it takes a little longer than usual for people to get their posts in. This is normal for the fall. :D Lets get started on the news!

Communities are only as good as the members in it!
Why is Iwaku so awesome? Because YOU are awesome. When you're interacting with other members on the site, remember the golden rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. Greet our newbies, respect your site-mates, and if you ever have a problem - use the report features! The staff are fabulous about handling issues quickly.

New Challenges for exercising your muse!
Did you know that we have a special challenge in almost every section of the forums? Our challenges are design to help you practice your creative skills and keep your plot bunnies flowing. Snoop around and try them out.

Iwaku Horoscopes and Zodiac Signs
Oooo! This month we're featuring a neat new Iwaku Based horoscope. Keep a lookup for the announcements because we'll have some sweet art and information about them soon.

Vote in the Topsites! Make Iwaku mad powerful!
Okay, maybe we won't be powerful, but we WILL gets lots of great new people to play with as we climb higher in the ranks! Make sure you vote for Iwaku everyday so we become the #1 roleplaying community.

Iwaku on Facebook
To help advertise Iwaku and keep our addicts up to date, we have an OFFICIAL Facebook being managed by Rory & Co. Make sure to "like" to get random tips and updates about the site that you won't see anywhere else!

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]FOCUS ON ROLEPLAY
Our Most Valuable Player this month is [MENTION=15]Woodrat[/MENTION]; for his creative design on Iwaku Mythos coupled with a helpful weekly roleplay focus! Roleplay of the Month is Maschinen Märchen GMed by [MENTION=6]Rory the Alchemist[/MENTION];, a really neat Steampunk for the masses!

This month's Roleplay Workshop is Gender Bender: It's not Drag, just a character!.



Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum.[/dash][/bg]

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]MUCH ADO ABOUT CHATTING
Our Member of the Month is [MENTION=770]Zorilla[/MENTION]; for so enthusiastically jumping in to the community! How about stopping by General to see what other Iwaku citizens are talking about?

Great Topics This Month:

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]ENHANCING YOUR MUSE
Are you wanting to give your muse a little exercise? Check out some of the current and past challenges in the Corner.

Challenge Yourself:

  • Iwaku Noir: Keep up with [MENTION=69]Vay[/MENTION];’s newest story.
  • Wingless: [MENTION=83]Loveless[/MENTION]; has new poems! :D
  • Tenuous Conviction: [MENTION=22]Kitti[/MENTION]; has new poems, as well!
  • Some Speedpainting: [MENTION=17]Porg[/MENTION]; is sharing his art with us. There are even videos that let us watch the process.
  • PC: DH: Some writing by @Chitchatkitkat‎;.

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]BLOG SPOTLIGHT
There is always something interested posted up in the blogs, be it teasers for upcoming roleplays, people's game reviews, or challenges. If you need a way to flex your creative muscles, try doing some of the Plot Challenges we post up in the Iwaku Community Blog.

Plot Challenges

Blog Focus:
While browsing the blogs, here are a few other entries from the past month that might catch your eye.

  • [MENTION=258]Doyoubi no Onna[/MENTION];'s music blog this month has given us a glimpse of Maximum The Hormone, Monkey Majick, M-Flo, and Bull Zeichen 88!
  • [MENTION=4]Chaos[/MENTION]; reviews Chantelise.
  • [MENTION=8]Diana Notacat[/MENTION]; shares the roleplay logs from A Message!
  • [MENTION=220]Alarice de Sarde[/MENTION]; gives a history tidbit from a roleplay.
  • [MENTION=101]The Universal Sholdier[/MENTION]; reviews Mayo Chiki this month.
  • [MENTION=162]October Knight[/MENTION]; gives us a peek in to his character Eldren Durante.
  • [MENTION=862]Halie[/MENTION]; posts up her player resume in her blog!
  • Rory writes another Sword of Embera piece!
  • [MENTION=867]nisha nisha[/MENTION]; writes a little short story.
  • [MENTION=869]El Cartel[/MENTION]; has a really neat spin on Aladdin!

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]GROUP GATHERING
Iwaku's Groups area is a fabulous place to join a clan, guild, club, or quiet area for discussion. See what's going on lately in the groups!

New Groups:
  • The Tea Crusaders - Tea! That delicious, highly customizable beverage that fills the cups of tea-fiends from coast to coast. If you are a lover of Tea, and willing to fight for it, this is the group for you.
  • Iwaku Stereo - The hot new music group that focuses on the use and categorizing of music in RP posts. Got a great song that you plan to use later? Save it here under the proper category. This group is a great way to keep those awesome songs you stumble on from being lost forever, also a good place for discussing music in relation to forum role-play. Join today!
  • Steampunk - A group that focuses on Steampunk. That awesome, sometimes over looked, genre of antiquity and alternate history. Everything from Steam punk role-plays here at Iwaku to real life events! If you are into a world where steam rules then this is the group for you!
  • How do you say? - A group dedicated to language. If you have interest in Multi-linguistics, you should definitely check this out. And remember, you don't have to speak more than one language to join! Check it out now!
  • Iwaku socialite - The creme de la creme of Iwaku groups. Tired of un-tucked shirts and messy hair? Then seek refuge here at Iwaku's only place for the finer things in life.

What's HOT:
  • Yaoi Fangirls & Boys Unite - Half naked hotties in compromising situations? Yes please! Check out what all the buzz is about today! 16+ only!
  • Girls club - There are screaming, hot blooded men all over Iwaku! We ladies need a nice, lovely place to kick back, relax... and talk about things that boys don't need to see. If you are a girl, join the Girl's Club! NO BOYS!!
  • Metal legion radio - If you are into \m/etal, you need to join this group. Share your knowledge of the genre, or learn all about it from people that know. We love new members! Join today!
  • Artists of Iwaku - Do you draw? Paint? Sketch? Doodle? Sculpt? Sing? Play guitar, piano or violin? Then this group is for you! Share and discus your work with people who know their stuff. A great place to meet others that share your impressive talent!
  • Asian Music group - From K-Pop to J-Rock, from Traditional Chinese music to the underground Tokyo techno scene we've got it all covered. Come gush over the cute girls, fawn over your favorite traps or even find a new band you might enjoy! New to the world of Asian music?

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]IWAKU HOROSCOPES
What's this? A beautiful star gazer Kitti has noticed something extraordinary in the Iwaku Skies! 8 constellations that guide the lives of Iwakians. Every month she will provide predictions from your star sign. Keep a look out for the in-depth information. It'll be coming soon this month!

September 2011


[size=+1]The Herald[/size]
January 2 - February 14
The herald's reluctance to teach, instead expecting others to instruct themselves, plays a role this month in your relationship with someone. Try to listen a little less and talk a little more this month - embracing this might invigorate you.


[size=+1]The Soulmate[/size]
February 15 - April 1
Be on the lookout for an unexpected turn to your emotions this month - you must decide how to react or you'll only make yourself more tense. With your heart in the right place and a clear decision made, though, you'll find that things turn out just fine.


[size=+1]The Guardian[/size]
April 2 - May 15
This month, make sure that you stop and really think about where things in your life are headed. Even if nothing changes, this reflection can give you the perspective that you need and will make you feel more secure.


[size=+1]The Mentor[/size]
May 16 - July 1
Allow yourself to step down from wisdom and reason sometimes, make sure that you remind yourself that things are worth enjoying too. A little bit of nature and fresh air can be just as instructive as the written word now and then.


[size=+1]The Trickster[/size]
July 2 - August 15
While others may at times misunderstand your disposition, take heart in that there are those that appreciate it. Spending time with someone who appreciates you can lighten your mood and give you a positive outlook.


[size=+1]The Ally[/size]
August 16 - October 1
Putting others first is important to you this month, which is perfectly fine for now but make sure to celebrate the day of your birth, too. Throw your heart into what you want to do and your efforts will not be in vain.


[size=+1]The Shadow[/size]
October 2 - November 15
Supporting someone or something this month will lead to overall happiness for you. This synergy will remind you that you're part of a whole and a vital one at that.


[size=+1]The Rebirth[/size]
November 16 - January 1
Your good feelings for this month will help you overcome any obstacles you might face but if you falter, make sure that you remember that you're still capable of overcoming them. Having support is fantastic but don't misbelieve that you are weak because of it.


[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]CURTAIN CALL
That's it for this month. If you would like to submit content to the newsletter, we have a handy submission form. Just send it on in before the 29th of the month! In the mean time, get out there and get your roleplay action on. Have a great September!
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