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  1. OCTOBER, darkorange

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    When was the last time you felt challenged? Mentally? Physically? Or even spiritually or philosophically? Challenges are what help us grow. Sometimes we find our faults because of a challenge. Sometimes our strengths. And then sometimes we find out something totally unexpected about ourselves or the world around us. Iwaku is a great place to be nurtured, but also to grow. Go ahead, try a different genre or character type, hang out in the Chat if you've never been before, start a discussion or do one of our many challenges.


    It's that time of year again. If you have a topic, challenge, or RP related to Halloween let everyone know.

    Diana wants to know if you use the global signups and Ozzie is inquiring how often you look at the ad banners.

    Has one of your RP partners wowed you and you want to let everyone know about it? Then write them a letter.

    And if you have an idea that is amazing but you can't use it, let someone else adopt a plot bunny from you.

    Lastly, if you have been wanting to get into a Mythos RP, a new one is getting ready to start up. Ozzie Chanter has unveiled Crimson Soul in the new Mythos section. Check it out today!

    GENERAL SPOTLIGHT, orangered

    • What is your favourite romantic gesture to receive from someone? That one thing that lets you know they care...
    • There are some places that certain songs should not be heard. Can you think of unlikely places for certain songs?
    • Time for a change in the seasons! With every change, there's a look to the future. What are you looking forward to?
    • And speaking of looking forward, do you have any goals for this autumnal season?
    • Could this be the return of Hindenburg-style airships?
    • What is your favourite food? Could you win an eating contest for it?
    • Do you have an odd habit or obsession? What is something you do that you think nobody else does?
    • Do you know of any one-liners that stand out for you, either funny, thought-provoking or inspiring?
    • Let's keep our eyes on the entertainment horizon! What games or movies are you desperately waiting to be released?
    • And finally, an interesting debate on the subject of soulmates. What do YOU think about them?

    • - Arrow offers up a poem called: "What the Blind Ignore"
      - Here is a quick chat/rant with Skippy!
      - A Salenhawk blog about magic and madams!
      - ScarletNova Talks about their taste in Music.
      - A Dungeons and Dragons moment shared between CrazyDragon and the dragon's mama!
      - Anglkate decided to combine Iwaku with the theme song to the freshest of princes!

    Newest Roleplay OOCs, purple

    An Untitled FF/KH RP by ForeverPurity
    Coast by Mao
    supernatural club by moon
    The Willow by The~Cry~Of~Demon~Lord~Chi
    Remedy by Exprimere
    Flimsy Thread that is hope by Voodoo child
    Quiyón` Legacy~ Above the Law by Red Revolver
    Homemade Demons by Gijinka Queen
    I am the New Kid in my Old Town by Eli Storm
    Cold Inside by Eli Storm
    Who am I? by Eli Storm
    A Harsh Master by SHpudden


    The Mystics - A Push Based RP by sincere_and_silent
    The Real Story by sincere_and_silent,
    Nocte en Perpetuum Cirque [Forever Dark Circus] by MissMaine
    A War On Redana by Bandit
    Once upon a Hallow's Eve by Thomas McTavish,
    The Age of Dragons by Lady Viresse,
    Knights of the Order of the Rose Cross by SaejiFine
    The Anthro gods by Akuma
    Final Fantasy X-Our Story by Kokierra
    Truth is Fantasy by Ferril
    Ash and The 8 Legends by The~Cry~Of~Demon~Lord~Chi
    Royal Thorns by Lady Viresse
    Saving Eternity by Nightstealer
    You Never Truly Cherish it, until it's Gone by Kiki_Mystell
    Once a Upon a Nightmare... by Muno
    The Dystopian War by sincere_and_silent,
    The HellFire Plague by Lady Sabine
    Welcome to the Guild by CrazyDragon
    Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin by EquinoxSol
    Fairy Tail Anime by ScarletNova
    Fire Emblem: The Last Dragons by Rufiya
    Star Crossed by Jezibell
    The World's Weapons by Kyysucara Namosaka
    The last of The Wolfs by NorwayFOO
    Nexus Crossing, A Magical Life by Boss Frost
    Battle for Esperen by LogicfromLogic
    Battle of the Demi-Gods: New Edition! by Eli Storm

    The Death of Jerome Butler by Falcon
    A Whole New World by SamIAm
    Detention by SamIAm
    Anima's Game by Phi Chisym
    The Guild by WolfNightV4X1
    OVERKILL: FSU by Kage Tenchi-Kun
    Tough Love by SamIAm
    Are We Friends or Foes? by SamIAm


    Your Life For A Price by Jessika Claire
    This Beautiful, Yet Fragile World by SamIAm
    For Utoria by Nightstealer
    SIMULTANEOUS by Thomas McTavish
    What Once Was by Havok
    Le Cirque des Chimères Fascinantes de Polaris by Yuuka

    The Neko Pack by THE WORLD'S A STAGE
    Invigati by Dawn
    Sailor Moon Fan RP: Princess Solaria and the Sailor Scouts by Fredrica-sama
    Plum Island - Zombie Theme by Sweet Plum
    Welcome to the Carnival by ScarletNova
    The Private School by The~Cry~Of~Demon~Lord~Chi
    Untitled Story Idea by Drunken-Rabbit
    Mangetsu High by Yami123and4
    POKEMON RP! by bachiatari
    Dust and Steam by Lusterless Nova
    The Facility. by .:BadApple:.
    'Mahou Shoujou ☆ Madoka Magica' style RP by Fredrica-sama
    The Collision Mirror by SilverJae
    Star Wars: Tales of the Galaxy by Havok
    Last Man Standing by Havok


    With September, university, not to mention school is in full force, so this month yielded fewer challenge responses than most did. Still, there have been several people who did their best despite their newfound business, all of whom I would like to thank because seeing a challenge response is just awesome. If you have replied to any challenge the past month, you have my thanks! Unfortunately, several challenges did not receive any responses, like SilverJae’s Musical Challenges, in which she asks people to get inspired by a piece of music to do a character. LadySabine’s The Gladiator's Lover did not receive any attention either, but what surprises me the most is that two of Kitti’s Character Challenges, #81 and #83 have not received replies yet. Vay’s Randomly Generated Butler Challenge has not received any love either, along with Koori’s hilarious I Have Seen Enough Hentai to Know Where This is Going. Please do your best to respond to these excellent challenges!

    Now, without further ado, the most popular challengers of this month are:
    I never said he was dead
    Intro-Exit Challenge
    Come at This if You Can

    And here are our top challengers:


    And now I bid all of you farewell. May the Muse be with you and may you never run out of ink!

    CURTAIN CALL, darkorange

    Iwaku is an amazing place with many ways to help you learn and grow, not just as a role player, but as a person. The only way to experience this though is by getting out there and exploring the site and the many ways it can teach you and you each other.

    Thank You September Donors:
    Lusterless Nova
    Summer Rain
    R A I N

    Both donors and active members make Iwaku a great place. Thank you everyone. And as always...

    May the Muse be with you!

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