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    What has happened? Change has happened. You spoke and we listened. This newsletter should reflect the community and that is what we are aiming to do with more reporting on Roleplays. It's why nearly all of us started coming to Iwaku anyways and we want to highlight our special brand of awesome.

    What about all the other features? Don't worry, they're not gone forever, but to maximize the enjoyment of the newsletter we are featuring extra articles like Group or General Highlights in bonus newsletters seasonally. Look for our first seasonal bonus newsletter in January.


    Halloween might be at an end but the fun hasn't stopped. Show off what you wore this year or in the past over in this thread.

    The Radio Show will be celebrating it's Second Anniversary this month. Fans of the show are encouraged to help out.

    FANTASY ROLEPLAYS, orangered

    Fantasy Roleplays - The weird, the wonderful, the magical!

    Here are a few of the highlights from the Fantasy section this month. Whether they're up and coming, needing some more players or are just a good read, we have cherry picked a few of the best just for you!

    Hunter: The Return

    Years ago, a team of hunters vanquished a Vampire Lord who terrorised the land, but it was not all a happy ending. And now, the old threat has returned, and only one of the old guard remains. Are you brave enough to help form a new team and defeat the Vampire lord once and for all? This new RP needs you!


    Saving the World in Spite of Ourselves

    This RP is not currently taking new players, but it is a great read! A very unlikely band of characters from different subworlds must band together to fight against a darkness that threatens them all. It's a complex and involved storyline with a very tenacious set of players and very much worth a follow!


    Times of War - Chapter 1: The Witching Wood

    Do you love Dragon Age? Then this is the RP for you! Set at Ostegar, two teams battle the darkspawn in a bid to win the war. But what of the characters? Will love blossom in the camps? If you enjoyed the character relationships and developing romance in the game, here's your chance to play along yourself. How would you play it?


    Nightlife: Magic in the Air

    A time of your life after the sun goes down is yours for the taking, and all for free...or is it? In this free flow RP, you can be anyone and just about anything. Will you be just a regular working stiff, enjoying the Nightlife License? Maybe an anarchist rebel, or even part of the Corporation that's making it happen! The Nightlife is yours!


    The Hellfire Plague

    Four friends are torn apart by plague and brought together again years later, to help each other through the aftermath. But after so many years, has the bond of friendship survived the changes of their lives? There's some good players and an intriguing premise, this is an up and coming RP that is worth at the least keeping an eye on!


    Miscellaneous Roleplays, tomato
    Miscellaneous Roleplays - Where rps go when they don’t quite fit in.

    Here lies some of the roleplays currently taking place in the Misc. section. They are listed for a couple of reason. Either because they are new, need players, concept, or even just because they might be a good read. Enjoy!


    The Collected

    This Scifi/Fantasy roleplay, being offered by Nimh, takes place around a shady organization that employs assassins. People who are offered a place in this secret world can be protected from whatever problems they may face! If now…you die! O-O With plentiful action and possible twists along the way, this rp should be a good one. It’s fairly new and needs players. So brave the sun and bring down the house!


    Vampire: The Masquerade – Becoming

    If you want a good read that may just restore your faith in blood suckers, this is the roleplay to take a gander at. It takes place in London and centers around members of the Kindred. Find out what is going on by going to the link provided. Jam-packed with good roleplayers, interesting characters, and pulsing music, this thread is a good way to kill a portion of the day.


    The Path Of Kings

    From the mind of Dawn, comes an rp about delinquents whom possess some magical…ness. It may be closed to applicants but I can certainly say that it could be a fun roleplay to follow. Along with the imagination required, this particular rp looks to tug on your emotions and throw in some dramatic action. When it starts, this rp should be a good read.



    This next roleplay comes with the following warning label: Violence and Gore, Cannibalism, Death, Pyromaniacs. It’s hard to go wrong with that combination right? Right. Your character will be in the middle of a post-apocalyptic America where normal humans are slowly being genetically replaced with superpowered successors. Superpowers are optional, but surviving in mandatory.


    Mortal’s Legacy

    In need of some players, this rp is set in the near future on planet Earth. Human beings have the worth of a slave, and your character will a join a revolt to restore the former glory of a changed world. The character sheet skeleton is very simplistic so your rebel should be worked out in a jiffy, and there are only a small handful of roleplayers so you still have time to try and get your own possibly magical rebel approved. Join today!



    Good day, fellow Iwakuans! This is Lstorm, bringing you the hottest news from the science-fiction section of Iwaku. While activity in the science-fiction section is not quite as pronounced as in other areas of the site, that does not mean there are no quality roleplays to come by. First, let us look at a promising starter, namely:

    City of the Damned, which promises to be an excellent piece of dystopian roleplay for those of us who like to fight against a government which controls the population with drugs while exterminating those who are not under their control. There is a clear conflict set up within this roleplay and I am sure that its creator has much more in the mind for the characters who were born into this oppressive world.

    Next up, we have a good-old fashioned space adventure, Colony 361. After Irideus’ unfortunate shut-down, this roleplay promises players a journey across the stars as they try to fight for the survival of humans against a species called Sorian, who have deemed them to be too dangerous to live. The journey has just started and the roleplay is still accepting players, so join the crew while you can!

    For those of us who love time travel, paradoxes and stable time loops, there is Clock Work, a whole roleplay that is centred around the “Servant of Time” and the people they recruit to help them. The quality of this roleplay seems to be quite high, not to mention the plot already looks like it is worth following. Though no longer accepting players, the roleplay is still quite young and promises to be a good read. So if you like time travel, check it out!

    Anima Alloy's premise is that humans augmented with a new type of equipment called Anima Alloy, which protects the user from harm and also assembles itself into a weapon. This roleplay was restarted recently and the author is still looking for new players. If you would like to be able to put your character against the characters of other people in combat, this roleplay also allows for player-versus-player interaction.

    Last but not least, for those amongst us who are the fans of post-apocalyptic fiction, there is Getting By, which plays out in a world in which technology has been forgotten and electric devices are barely known. This thread has been going on for a long time now, so it provides both a good reading experience and a good roleplaying experience. What is more, it still seems to be accepting new players, so if you like post-apocalyptic settings, join it!

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