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    This Newsletter is brought to you By:
    Diana: Editor
    Cerulean: Groups Highlight
    Kitti: Iwaku Horoscopes, Quotables & Notables
    Ossochanter: Talent Showcase & Challenges
    Revision: Quotable and Notables
    Zen: Blog Spotlight
    Cammy: General Spotlight
    Davion: General and Roleplay Spotlights

    Greetings Iwaku and welcome to the wonderful November Fall! During October we had the super fun Horror Festival which everyone is pleased to chirp about the fun. From roleplays to badass topics, there was no lacking in cool and thrilling things to do in October. We're also happy to boast about our latest batch of new members! If you haven't already, drop in to the New Arrivals forum and say hello to these people. The quicker you get to know new faces, the less you'll feel like you're in a sea of strangers. ;D Meanwhile, lets get to the site news.

    Server Moves, Server Crashes, Server Updates, Server BOOMS!
    Iwaku has gotten big, big, big and we outgrew a lot of our previous server needs. Over the past month we've had our server monkey, Mister Jared trying to help update our server to get things running faster and more productively. You can check out this thread for ongoing updates about this process!

    Community Volunteers!
    We've been making a big effort to give members lots of information on how they can help contribute to Iwaku with the Community Volunteers program. In there you'll find lots of topics on the different areas of Iwaku that we develop and what you can do to help. Any little bit you do is beneficial to Iwaku, even if you're just replying to challenges or sharing topics!

    Iwaku is OLD!
    Six years, seven years, eight years... You know, Iwaku can't remember how old it is anymore because it's been through so much. But congrats and Happy Birthday anyway, Iwaku! You've lived through several different admins, staff, generations of members, sites, and servers! The mark of a great community is in how it survives through thick and thin. <3 You're awesome, Iwaku.

    Mind your attitude and be a positive influence!
    Did you know that a community's atmosphere is dictated entirely by the attitudes of it's most active members? What kind of attitude are YOU bringing to the forum as an active member? Sulky emo? Excitable roleplayer? Snarky troll? Ball of sunshine? Make sure that you are giving your BEST and not your worst. Influence Iwaku with a positive vibe, and help keep out community one of the best roleplay sites out there.

    [ Roleplay 101 | Signups & Plot Discussions | Roleplay Talk ]

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    Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum.

    [ View the General Forum ]

    [ Browse Member Talent Museum ] [ Tackle Challenges ] [ Study at the Academy ] [ Get Creative in Groups ]

    Quite a bit of creepiness for Horror Month could be found in the Museum for October! Check out the links below for short stories, poetry, paintings, and a macabre new comic by one of Iwaku's Staff members.

    New Showcases

    New Content


    Our top Challengers this month are Hydronine, Lstorm, and Ms_Wrong.

    Here's a look at our most popular Challenges for October:

    The October Theme Challenge was Trick vs. Treat.


    This month's top hardworking student is Daniella_Belli, for being the only member to make the Dean's List this month and for checking out everything the Academy has to offer!

    This month in the Academy:


    Go build worlds in the World Builder's Guild.

    New Showcases
    Character of a World – Revision
    The Wild World - Ozziechanter

    New Content
    Technology Levels – Lstorm
    Languages: What makes a language – PariahSociety

    Urban Legends – By Diana
    World Starter 1.2: Desert Moon – By Revision

    There are no replies to the exercises this month! Head to the guild and complete some today!

    [ View the Blogs ]

    Horror Themed Blogs:

    Regular Blogs:

    [ Join and Visit the Iwaku Groups ]

    What's Hot

    • Smutclub - Iwaku's Epicenter of smut discussions is here. Be old enough, before you try to join.
    • Iwaku's Gaming guild - The Gamer's Paradise of Iwaku is back on as one of the most active groups on Iwaku.
    • Iwaku Community Volunteers - This group has been hot lately! It is always a good sign when member help keep Iwaku...Iwaku. =)
    • Table-Top Tyrants - For those who live and die by the die, (see what I did thur?) join this group.
    • The DC Comics Fanclub - Come join in the DC love! Batman might even be there. ;)

    What's New

    [ Submit a Quote/Post ]

    Each month, we take a selection of posts and quotes from the Quotables and Notables submissions. These will be featured here in the newsletter. If you have something to submit to next month's newsletter, please use the submission form.

    This month's first notable post is from the RP Once Upon the Early Rain and was posted by Quill. The post was nominated because of time and effort dedicated to really bringing the character to life in the scene.

    I must be close. A prostitute passes me in the street. I feel the heat of her as she passes, burning and consuming her. Some say Lust is the sin of no control, but that is not logical. All sins are boundless: this is what causes them to compete with faith. Adonai and Odin, Zeus and Ra, were and always have been man-made reflections of their sin, to find comfort in it, excuse in a deceptive mirror: truth is needed. I am needed. One less tormented soul to preach heresy to escape judgment: but Divine judgment cannot be escaped.​

    The rest of the post can be read here.

    Our second notable post is from the RP Where Ignorance is Bliss... and was posted by Layne. This post was nominated for sheer epic posting skills.

    Jarrett took his daughter back to their rooms first, to allow her the chance to 'freshen up' from her exploring. She knew that he expected her to change into some extravagant dress or something, but she had no intentions of doing that. It was just the King Regent and the Crown Prince. Besides, it was a meal to discuss some business with her father. She was not a required or even a directly invited guest on her own. There was no need to impress them. She doubted either one of them would even glance at her anyway. People with power tended not to realize that somebody was there if the person couldn't provide anything useful. She rolled her eyes at the thought and shook her head, patting her face dry and adjusting her hair as she walked out.​

    The rest of the post can be read here.

    Remember, every month you can nominate new people for the Quotable and Notable section, so if you see an excellent post or snippet, please submit it at the link above!

    The Staff Member of the Month for November is Cerulean. Cerulean is devoted to making Iwaku a more well rounded community, whether it is through participation in roleplays, as a mentor in the RP Academy, or just hanging out and greeting people in the Cbox. Cerulean also has a regular joke segment on the Radio Show, helps out with the Newsletter, and is making plot bunny graphics for the forum. To top it all off, he is an all around friendly and approachable guy!

    The Member of the Month is Faulkner! Whether he's hanging out in the Cbox or making a new and awesome RP plot, Faulkner is always an inspiration to be around. He's kind, helpful, and happy to befriend those new to Iwaku. He's also incredibly creative and willing to help people out with their ideas!

    Roleplay star of the month is Tribute! Running a couple adorable, active roleplays, he also kept in theme for the horror month and started a super fun looking jump-in roleplay that's still running! A fun and whimsical player, Tribute gives consistently ambient posts with wonderful character development. [/color]

    This months featured roleplay is Syrasza, created by DrPepper (“Doc”). The plot revolves around Lumina, a city representing the pinnacle of human accomplishment. The feast for the ascension of Maxim Aodolan to the rank of Paladin has started, and left a lot to be proven for those wishing to take his place in the Queen’s Guard! This roleplay has grown quickly over the course of just one month, with constant and detailed posting from Doc and his players, Reiterpallasch, ChrisKodoku, and MicaBlack55.
    ~Featured Selection of Syrasza~

    Anzo and Captain Wroth were a great pair since the first time they met. Wroth is an easy going pirate hunter employed by a mysterious source to patrol these elven waters. After Anzo was banished, Wroth found him laying on a rock with his faithful celestial, Eiso, watching over him with protecting eyes. Wroth felt for this boy with the celestial, and honestly he was quite curious about the beast and how the boy obtained it.


    [SIZE=+1]The Herald[/SIZE]
    January 2 - February 14
    This is a month of changes and you’ll have to make some decisions within yourself for this, mainly regarding maturation and how you’re going to cope with internal struggle. This is a battle both difficult, and fought mostly alone, so take the time to make the choices that are right for yourself.

    [SIZE=+1]The Soulmate[/SIZE]
    February 15 - April 1
    No stranger to matters of the heart, you will be left struggling to maintain both how others see you and how you see yourself. Be true to your heart and try not to let how others may view you detract from those things that are most important to you. Remember that your individuality and heart as strong components of yourself.

    [SIZE=+1]The Guardian[/SIZE]
    April 2 - May 15
    Your health is directly tied to your emotional well-being and this is a time that has been difficult on you as far as staying strong. Take care that your physical condition does not suffer from the stress and weariness of your mind, since the cycle that will result will only cause you more trouble.

    [SIZE=+1]The Mentor[/SIZE]
    May 16 - July 1
    Focus on bettering yourself in the time coming and do not allow little things to get you down. Determination and a strong sense of what you want to achieve are important and if you apply yourself, you will see changes that are favorable and will make you feel better for yourself.

    [SIZE=+1]The Trickster[/SIZE]
    July 2 - August 15
    A desire for adventure and a certain wanderlust will infuse this time for you and spur you on to make a change of pace in your life, in ways big and small. Do not let your wish for adventure unsettle your life or the lives of those around you too much, but do what is necessary for yourself.

    [SIZE=+1]The Ally[/SIZE]
    August 16 - October 1
    The things that you find the hardest to do will benefit you most this month and the peace of mind that you will receive from having completed the tasks you find most daunting will be well worth it. Things are never quite as difficult as they seem, once you begin them.

    [SIZE=+1]The Shadow[/SIZE]
    October 2 - November 15
    Practical matters and those of business reign supreme for you this month and this is a time that you should feel as though you are more in control of your life than you’ve been lately. Things should come together for you in a way that is satisfactory and your level of stress is likely to go down with this stability of mind.

    [SIZE=+1]The Rebirth[/SIZE]
    November 16 - January 1
    Take great care with your words and do not speak rashly or out of emotion. The passion that you’ll feel is not always the best course of action to take and time to consider your emotions and contemplation of the right course of action will prove invaluable.

    That wraps up this month's newsletter. Chock full of fabulous goodies for you to enjoy. Remember this month's theme of being a positive community influence. While donating your time and energy to Iwaku, be sure to give us the good stuff. May the muse be with you! <3
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