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    Changes! We might not always like them, sometimes we love them, but there is no escaping them! Life is constantly changing. Iwaku it self has been though a lot of changes, and not just this month. Talk to anyone that's been here a while and you can easily set them off on a nostalgia trip to when they first got here and what was different back then. The recent import of the forum to it's new software system went really well thanks to the efforts of Diana, Vay & Jared. But they're not done yet, and that's where you, the membership come in!

    Bugs? Ideas for new features? Let us know!
    As with all system improvements in the past, we have a Report Bug Thread. If you see something screwy, scroll through to see if it's been reported, and if it hasn't let us know so it can be fixed. Also, if there is a feature you'd like to see on the board head over here and the admins will consider it and see if it's possible.

    [ Signups & Plot Discussions | Roleplay Talk ]

    The featured roleplay of the month is The Line Between Us and is GMed by Eternalsinger13. Already featured in the Iwaku Radio show, this roleplay has taken off tremendously. Despite having a simple plot device, the amount of freedom allowed for players definitely adds an intriguing element for character and relationship growth.

    [ View the General Forum ]

    • Would YOU go to Mars?
    • What is something you'd never want to hear your GM say? Have YOU said any of these?
    • They're so dreamy! Do you have a crush on a fictional character?
    • Do or do not. There is no try. Do you claim the title of a writer?
    • What would your dream house look like?
    • Can you handle the TRUTH? Can you even figure it out?
    • Strange dreams and you. What influences your dreams? What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
    • Dare you share what your voice sounds like?
    • What is the core of your home? Which room do you love the most?
    • Now THINK! What's the earliest song you remember? Now ask your character the same thing.

    [ Browse Member Talent Museum ] [ Tackle Challenges ] [ Study at the Roleplay Institute ]

    Iwaku's members are a talented bunch. Even one of our very own Admins has taken up painting this month! Check out these awesome artists, poets, and storytellers... or if you're an artist yourself and have a deviantArt account, join the new official Iwaku dA Group: IwakuIllustrated!

    New Showcases

    New Content

    As always, the Challenges section of Iwaku saw much activity, but not nearly enough! Many challenges do not have replies yet, so you should definitely check them out and maybe even compose a reply to them. Remember that responses to challenges are not to impress others, but to test one’s own limits and maybe make people think a little differently than they usually do. Even if you think that you are not great at writing, you are welcome to give them a try!

    With that said, we have a new challenge series in the section, namely Explicit Escritoire’s challenges, which cover all sorts of topics. You should definitely check those out and while you are at it, take a look at this month’s most popular challenges:

    [​IMG]The Crow, The Axe, and The Maiden

    [​IMG]Character Challenge #63

    [​IMG]Character Challenge #62

    [​IMG]Theme Song #56

    And finally, what you have been all waiting for! This month’s top challengers are: Explicit Escritoire, PPBG, and azure_night. Congratulations to them and here is to hoping that they will continue making even more replies and contributing to the Challenges section!

    The Member of the Month is The Wandering Magus, who has been a very positive influence on the site. While rarely seen in the Cbox, Magus has made their presence known through the many roleplays and Challenges they participate in. Magus has demonstrated that they are a versatile roleplayer, playing in games that are fan based or in the Iwaku Universe.

    Most Valuable Player is Lusterless Nova has been poking all around the forum, already building a resume with diverse roleplays and posts in many of the sections, and is also running a pair of roleplays who've seen enthusiastic participation and success thus far.

    A new feature for members to get to know the Staff of Iwaku better.


    Rory is the Mascot Administrator of Iwaku and Senior Admin! Being an elusive creature, he is often seen masquerading under character names, so you will only know him by his Red Name. His greatest contributions include character-play and kidnapping on various social media sites, along with creation and muse inspiring for the many different Mythos, providing unique universes for Iwaku themed play, and featuring many details in his regular blog. If you need help with creating your own Mythos, he is the perfect person to contact. Do so via Visitor Messages or PMs.

    [OZZIE]Is it okay if I ask you three questions?[/OZZIE]

    [RORY]1. Asmo is a drag queen
    2. I didn't eat that cheese.
    3. There is no # 3[/RORY]

    A Look At the Stars

    The Herald
    January 2 - February 14
    You have the power to make changes, pursue new endeavors, and alter your surroundings. You should never see your lot in life as a series of locked doors, but rather paths that you choose to go down, as even inaction is a choice taken. The upcoming time is a good opportunity to examine what choices you’re making in life.

    The Soulmate
    February 15 - April 1
    Self-expression will be easier for you than usual in the next month, with a newfound ability to voice things that you had only told yourself and make new wishes known that you weren’t sure you could actually verbalize. Respect yourself enough to give your ideas a chance now and then – the results of doing so may surprise you with their reception.

    The Guardian
    April 2 - May 15
    Confidence is a word that will be key to you in the future, as well as the sense of renewal that you will feel when you let your old mistakes rest and begin anew with greater experience and wisdom. Don’t be afraid to fail, as these failures will lead to future successes with lessons having been learned. Do not punish yourself for missteps and instead learn.

    The Mentor
    May 16 - July 1
    This is a time for you to dream up new possibilities for unused ideas, new solutions to old problems, or even building upon something to create something even better than it was before. Your thoughts now are electric and eclectic , a prize in anything from invention to practicing the arts. Embrace this time of wild ideas and put them to work for you.

    The Trickster
    July 2 - August 15
    The things that you must do on a regular basis are likely starting to feel routine and possibly monotonous now, no matter how much you enjoyed it at the beginning. Draw help from those around you who may be feeling the same way and might offer words of advice or simply camaraderie. Outside of the tasks that you have to complete, allow to keep life interesting even if it’s something as small as trying a new dessert, so you can better withstand the dullness of requirement.

    The Ally
    August 16 - October 1
    Long-term is something heavily on your mind right now, whether it’s something you’re ready for and want and whether it’s a wise decision at this point in time. Long-term can apply to relationships – whether you truly want to commit to someone and if you’re ready to ask them to do the same – as well as work or study related projects and goals. Reflect on the situations you’re in and consider the circumstances. Remember that the decisions that you make are not the end of all.

    The Shadow
    October 2 - November 15
    There is a wanderlust to you, a desire for change, and your pursuit of such is something that you are strongly considering. As long as your desires are indulged in a positive way for you, there is no reason not to pursue it. Changing scenery and moving can be a good thing for some, but take care not to break the fragile ties of things that you do not want to lose when you break away and try new things. Think things over before you act.

    The Rebirth
    November 16 - January 1
    Finding a shared interest or a feeling you have in common with someone else can really brighten your mood in the upcoming month. Your loneliness may be making you feel down, but going and participating in group activities will often yield at least one person with whom you can connect and this is often enough to remind you that you are not alone in the world, nor are you someone others do not wish to be around. For this reason, socialization can be key to your peace of mind, even amongst people you don’t yet know.

    Without the generous donation of members like you, Iwaku would not be here. So let us give thanks to the following members this month:


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    Wow! A lot going on here at Iwaku. It's sometimes hard to keep up with it all. Next Month the return of the Blog Spotlights & Group Highlights. Also, we are not done yet. Watch for more changes and improvements as we get settled into the new system and if something is not working for you, report it! The sooner you let us know there's a problem, the sooner it can be fixed. And as always, May the Muse Be With You.

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  2. AWESOMES!! O: Congratz to all the names listed all up on the Newsletter, MAMA SO PROUD! ^-^