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This Newsletter is brought to you By:
Pirogeth: Editor
Diana: Editor
Fluffy: Writing & General Reports
King Weavel: Insanity & Blog Spotlight

[dash=#404040]MAY: SPRING FORTH!
Hello and welcome everyone to the April Edition of the Newsletter. As some of you may notice and some not, the classic version is back and a bit of a change in reporters. We were held up before by everyone getting lives at once but now we’re back to being Iwaku Zombies. Now to show you all what’s been happening in our easy to read and fun to listen format.

That’s right, the biggest thing to happen since Iwaku was transferred over to it’s current version. Iwakumon is a game in which you pick a starting monster and train it all the while catching new monsters to strengthen your team. It uses a simple format easy to understand but to those who don’t here is a summary.

Basically you start off with choosing your Iwakumon, this allows you to style color and attachments to your torso. After doing that you can finally access the world map located near the bottom of the screen in your new “stable” window. Once there the Map has several locations to travel to. You enter a battle by traveling to a location and then selecting hunt from the options to the left. If that option is not there it is because you cannot hunt in the area you selected.

Next the battle starts and you are pitted against a random Iwakumon. You’ll notice you have four status bars (HP, Stamina, Focus, and AP) and that you are in a five square arena. Your abilities will be on your left side and hovering over them describes what you can do and how much damage is done. Certain distances can have different effects on the power of your move. When your Iwakumon’s HP reaches zero you will have to take it to the monster healer at the bottom of the page to get it fixed up. Stamina is the cost of more-or-less physical attacks while Focus is magical. Some moves cost both Stamina and Focus but the real stat is AP. Action Points are the points you use when performing any kind of move. You do not have to use up Action Points by the end of the turn, as they regenerate to full each turn, but using them up is a good idea to do the most per turn.

After going through all that and win the battle you are awarded EXP which will level up your Iwakumon to make it stronger. The entire game is still in beta stages so be kind and speak up when you encounter bugs, power issues, or in general just suggestions. You can center all of those concerns in the Iwakumon group located here.

Iwaku Triad: Member Deck #2
Along the lines of Iwaku games, Iwaku Triad is looking for you to help Isabella out. Yep it is time for Member Deck #2 and the creators are looking for your input. If you want a specific picture and element please check out the group itself here or just go straight onto the thread if you are already a member here.

The Iwaku Show!
It’s coming back and the hosts have already been decided. We may lack a bit on ideas so if you have any don’t hesitate and PM Pirogeth with your ideas. If you’d like to be a guest on our show or future shows, please also contact Pirogeth. Things are going to be a lot more fun when we get our talented and not so talented voices together.

100,000 Posts Strong!
Congrats Iwaku! We've lived through multiple forum exchanges and a server blow. Our 100k Posts is a trophy of our continuing determination to keep Iwaku alive. Great job!

Impersonating Others is a Big No-No
Pretending to be another member of Iwaku is against the policies. It seems all in good fun until someone freaks out and gets hurt. If you haven't read Iwaku policies lately, check out the GUIDE!

So you think you can be a Staff Member?
During the Spring and Summer season we may be saying goodbye to some staff members as they get busy with real life. If YOU are interested in being a staff member, see if you meet the requirements and turn in an application!

Newsletter Submissions Form & Discussion Group
Several members have been trying to help provide extra content to the newsletters. If you visit the NEWS GROUP you can help brainstorm topics. Or submit your articles directly with the new Submission Form!

We love new members and that is not even the tip of the ice burg. We absolutely adore them so much that mentioning them in the letter is just polite. So here we are the new members in that past month or so.

Registered: 2-27-2011

I ish New so I'll be a noob and use the about me survey (Don't judge me -_- lol)

What nicknames do you like to be called?
You Can Call me Kitty or any variation of Cat like things you can think of (pussy isn't one of them)

Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya?
I'm a 19 year old Girl

What's your favorite genres to roleplay?
I'm a Fan Of vampire rps but I like rp in general

Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~!

ANYTHING BY A7X!!!!!!!!!!

Registered: 2-27-2011

Introduced by my good friend Moonlit Blade, please ignore everything he told you about me. XD

Homac (Yes that’s Homac the Creator)
Re-registered: 2-27-2011
Hi there. It's interesting to see how much things can change in a relatively short span of time. I won't bother with any sort of laundry list of various hobbies or interests of mine, though if someone felt inclined to ask, I would probably be inclined to answer.

Registered: 2-27-2011

Hope you don't mind me dropping in. I'm not new to Roleplaying but it's been A While. Looking to shake off the rust and start writing again.

Registered: 3-06-2011
Hey everybody :) My name is PhoenixArrande :heart: and I'm new. I'm new to RPGing so hopefully I can get the hang of this Lol I'm not sure what else to say lol the site said introduce myself so hi hahahaha just hope i can make some friends here and thanks. Bye :D

Registered: 2-24-2011
If you actually tried to pronounce that, you and I will probably get along famously.

Its not in me to be very open about myself, but these last couple of months have been absolutely hell on me. To that end, I've been fishing around again for some roleplays, and stumbled on over here, trundling hence with sheepish greetings and hopes of acceptance.

I'm a twenty two year old fellow, and I've been to this rodeo a few times, but my prose is a bit rusty. I can write under any circumstances, in any setting. I can play any character type believably, and even if I cannot, I have the confidence to learn quickly. I'm here for fun, to spin some yarns, and just relax away from the countless stresses of my life. To that end, I suppose I prefer Zombie Fox Plushie Bread Priest Space Marine Wolf Packs. Shambling along as they do with soft, grainy, hyper-masculine butt sniffery.

At the moment, I've reshuffled my musical deck, but Mr Brightside just about covers it.

I'll sing for you, if you ask. Til then, help yourself to a bit of my crazy pie. Its warm from my body heat.

Registered: 3-03-2011
Hey guys, Delanie heere. I'm new so yeah, just looking for some friends, maybe a mentor since I'm ultimately confused about this site. Mmmhmm! So yeah, let's talk!

Dusk Kitsune
Registered: 3-02-2011
Hi. I'm Dusk Kitsune, or Dusk for short (I noticed another Kitsune, but only after I joined).

I hail from another RP site, and was referred to here via an ad from Moonlit which I saw and decided to check out.

So yeah, I'd like to say I'm experienced at RPing, because I've been doing it for a good few years now, and I also like reading fanfiction, and am in the middle of writing one myself. Reading is also generally a hobby of mine, including Manag...

..and yeah, hats all thats really interesting about me...


Talramis Faelstion
Registered: 3-01-2011
Hello there, yes I'm American but I speak Japanese a little. So... Roleplay with me, ya' crazy people. What have you to lose, yo'?

Registered: 3-12-2011
Hi there, I'm George and I'm from Kansas, just thought I'd hang out, dig your RP site, looks really cool!

Registered: 3-07-2011
Well, I'm new here; found the site by way of another. Moonlit Blade, I'm here to stalk you mate! (P.S. it's Hikari :P)

In all seriousness though, I've been roleplaying for a while now, and though I'm by no means the best you'll find, I try my best. This place looks like it could be pretty fun, and I'm in dire need of some new roleplays to join.

About me: Anime, games and Doctor Who are the three most prominent things to mention aside from roleplaying. Favourite anime series is Ghost Hunt, favourite game is Zelda: Ocarina of Time. For a year or so now I've also been slightly addicted to Mabinogi EU. I think my title is indication enough that I like to draw.

Oh, little edit note here: I do best at anything with Elves in it; Lord of the Rings trilogy is my favourite series and I have a huge fascination with Elves. Point me at any open RPs with those, if you would! <3

That's pretty much all I have to say, but here's hoping I fit in here!


Registered: 3-12-2011
okay, well:

i'm rebecka. i've been role playing for the last year. i'm obviously new here... but i love to write. i'm not all that great at it, but maybe one day i'll be able to write about my life and publish it as a book. who knows. i mean, i did start it; only because i was bored one day and i wanted to see how much of it i could accomplish. 2 chapters, not bad. i could do better though.

i'm into heavy metal music, rock, classic rock, and a bit of pop and r&b.
i like to read mysteries and anything with vampires in it.

of course, every girl has this totally crazy dream that maybe one day they'll find that 'guy' and that 'guy' will show her everything it is, to be 'in love' with the other person. i have yet to find it. i have yet to find that guy that gives me that comfort at night and that sincere look in his eyes. i know it sounds crazy, but i kind of crave the romance they have in movies.

yeah, so... i'm 22 and that's all. if i write anymore, it won't leave anything for you guys to figure out on on your own.

looking forward to writing and role playing with ya'll. OH. i am from canada. <<

Registered: 3-16-2011
Hey, guys! My name is Fawna! :)

I love roleplaying and I love making new friends. I'm not the normal average roleplayer, though. I like to do some RPs differently. I'm a huge Disney fan, so I try to do some RPs based around those. I grew up with them, after all!

I would love to meet a lot of you on here!!! Hopefully, I will soon.


Registered: 3-18-2011
What nicknames do you like to be called?
The only nickname i have in rl is jjack.

Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya?
I'm a boy and I'm 21 years old.
What's your favorite genres to roleplay?
fantasy, sci-fi, magical
What kind of characters do you usually play?
It depends.
Would you prefer Zombie Fox Plushes, Bread Priests, Space Marines, or Wolf Packs?
Wolf Packs
Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~!
Sing by MCR

Registered: 3-19-2011 (We get it)
So, I am guessing all of you are wondering who I am and what not :3 so I guess I will answer a few of your questions eh? I have been role playing a good...7 years or so, so I know what I'm doing ^_^ hope you guys enjoy rping with me

What nicknames do you like to be called?

Depends if you mean in character or out of character? I usually like to be called Alexander out of character, just incase you are curious.

Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya?

I am a handsome 21 year old male :3 who loves too write, duh -ego, ego-

What's your favorite genres to roleplay?

I can role play anything. Anime as well as Realistic. I have been hanging around Paranormal usually however.

What kind of characters do you usually play?

I can play any. Comic relief all the way too the chaotic evil characters. However I tend to stay around chaotic neutral with my characters.

Would you prefer Zombie Fox Plushes, Bread Priests, Space Marines, or Wolf Packs?

Space marines :3

Give us your favorite song of the moment and SING IT LOUD AND PROUD~!


ThatOneWendu (And she’s all grown up)
Re-registered: 3-18-2011
Hey guys.

I don't know how many of you remember me. Last time I was fully on Iwaku, I was like 12. Back when things were different, and Iwaku was on... Proboards, was it? vBulletin?

Ah, whatever. It's been like 5 years. I've popped up here and there through these years...

Back then, I never thought I would be close to graduating high school and going through the things I'm going through.

So I've come back to Iwaku, maybe see what happens. Doubt I'll roleplay much. Maybe.

Nothing much else to say. Going to college soon. Going for graphic design. If I change my mind, I'll probably go into philosophy or teach high school art or hs psychology.

It's me, Wendu, all grown up. Mostly. I'm still 5'...

Hi again, Iwaku.

Registered: 3-22-2011
ello wassup?

AngelicDreamer (Yep that’s who you think it is)
Re-registered: 3-25-2011
~laughs softly~ Win for the cheesy title?

Anyway, I know its probably not likely most remember who I am; its been ages since I've actively been a part of Iwaku. I forget when exactly it was that I joined, back when GZ was running it and Anne was around (she was the one to lure me there). I originally vanished due to real life craziness that comes with graduating high school; tried coming back once before but it was just not an ideal time with adjusting to my new college workload (had just transferred schools). Decided to give it another go and hope it goes better because I do miss the insanity that Iwaku usually houses and I have some amazing memories with Iwaku. I don't think I would be where I am today if I hadn't been a part of the forum.

As for what I've been up...well I'm an Illustrator now, still going for my BFA but working at the same time. I've moved around a lot but settled down in Texas, Dallas in fact, and have a wonderful group of friends. I'm engaged, though the wedding is years out (want to finish school first, him journalism and me at least my BFA). ~worries lower lip and thinks~

I guess that's all the major points. I'm happy, healthy, I read a ton, write daily (aim for at least 3k up), I sketch, paint and dance.

Now I'll stop rambling and go explore the forums more...

NinjaKitty (From Moonwings/AFTA)
Re-registered: 3-23-2011
I kept meaning to sign up here orz better late than never

So hi! I'm Ninja Kitty and there are probably some of you here from MW/AFTA that remember me! If you don't remember me or don't already know me, then get out 8I

Nah just kidding! :3 It's good to be on a forum again, hope to have some GOOD TIMES.

Shinobi_Panda? (The Admin of what?)
Registered: &-*/-@!##

I’m sorry it seems our computer for welcoming the newbies has failed. If you want to check out Shinobi Panda’s post you’ll have to head on down to Member Central and catch a glimpse at all of our wonderful new victims of Diana’s crazeh roleplay members who we love so much.[/dash]

[dash=#404040]FOCUS ON ROLEPLAY
Our Most Valuable Player this month is Effort for putting *koff* effort in to getting involved on the roleplay scene! Roleplay of the Month is Rebirth of the Magi, for it's unique combination of magic, technology and a disastrous event!


Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum.[/dash]

Our Member of the Month is Lady Harpy, for her grace and determination to handle roleplay situations with style! How about stopping by General to see what other Iwaku citizens are talking about?

Great Topics This Month:
  • The Road to 100,000: Iwaku is nearing its 100,000 post. Visit this thread to discuss memorable topics we’ve had and, of course, make more posts!
  • Who is this God Person?: Do you or do you not believe in God? What’s your philosophy on the subject? Share your views with us.
  • Advertising Slogans: A fun thread where you can post videos or pictures of slogans you love.
  • Fictional Crushes: We’ve all had little crushes on anime characters, cartoons or characters played by actors we love. Who was yours?
  • If I Could Be…: If just for a day you could be somebody else, who would it be?
  • What Do You Like in the Opposite Gender?: Nah, I don’t need to explain what this is. We’re all very interested to know what it is you like, though!
  • RP Character Soundtracks: Post the songs you’ve tribute to roleplay characters.
  • Who’s Bigger, Badder and Can Kick Ass?: This nearly-a-month-old topic is still active! Let us continue to discuss who’s the best: Zombies, Pirates or Ninjas!?
  • Favourite Pokemon: These threads are always tons of fun. Tell us your fave Pokemon and tell us why!
  • The Sickness: What do you do when you’re sick? I’m sure there are lots of stories to share.
  • ”Diana Probably Has a Plot for This Too”: Rory found a ridiculous contest on PETA’s website. Visit his thread to check it out and comment. I guarantee it will amuse you.
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  • April Monthly Challenge: A New Light: A challenge recommending 3-4 paragraphs about some positive light on anything you’re looking to change.

  • Iwaku World: Jumi’s Thousand Faces: Follow the tragic, yet exciting tale of Jumi’s Iwaku World character.
  • Assault on Iwaku: Pirogeth is creating some really cool lookin’ trading cards of Iwaku members and some interesting creatures. He’s using Magic the Gathering cards as a base, so you know the art of these are fantastic.
  • Idylle’s Art: Take a look at Idy’s beautiful sketch arts! <3
  • Buried & Bruised: Another thread of Idylle’s, but this time, it’s a drama story. I anticipate more chapters to this piece of work, wondering what will happen to the characters next.
  • Wendu’s Pictures: Have a peek at Wendu’s fabulous digital art! Let’s up she’ll share some more with us, especially when she’s practicing her digital art in college. :D
  • Champions of Iwaku: Paorou is trying to create a Iwaku card game that’s playable in the forum and/or in real life! If you have any input, visit his thread and share.
  • Elanora’s Art: Ela has graced us with a pretty picture. Hopefully, she’ll share some more with us. :)
  • Fel’s Stories: Felzilla has some awesome writing to share with Iwaku. There’s a wonderful fantasy tale, so check it out.

It's been a longggg time coming but now it's finally time to take a long detailed look at the Asylum itself, looking at only the most worthy of topics of course!

First let's start off with Iwaku's Spring Outrageous Break Party!

Iwaku Spring Break Party

Beads and various things are thrown all over to celebrate Mardi Gras, as the topic was originally Iwaku Mardi Gras. It all starts off with Miru asking and receiving things he did not expect..

Mardi Gras! >u<
Throw me something, mister! >u<

*throws beads and boobs at Miru*


The thread then becomes..St.Patrick's day? But not everyone's celebrating as things turn violent and unpredictable at the party as it changes into a spring break one as well!

*Stubbornly throws beads at everyone.*

Okay so which pair of boys is going to do body shots on each other?

You're expecting men to do body shots before the girls go topless for t-shirts?
All you ladies have lost your damn minds.


The party died down soon after Hokuto-No Ken shenanigans were through. Paorou was not aroused by Tegan's music video and when Orion tried to crush Paorou's card, he pulled an M.Night Shayamalan and revealed it was Orion's card that had been crushed! Orion falls into despair and that definitely contributed to the end of the party, really killed the mood...Oh well, maybe next year.

Let's look at something completely different...
Delicious Euro Trash

A thread starts with a point, and then is gang raped into incomprehensible garbage.
Thus, is the cycle of your post-menopause mother.

Fel hits the nail on the head for this thread...The videos Tegan posted are related to the title but...But Paorou's? They're just more random Japanese stuff that'll make you say WTF!!!

What would any trip to the Asylum be without someone ego-tripping? Here we have one such wonderful thread!
Tegan is Awesome

Who let Pink on the forum?

I'm safe, up high, nothing can touch me!
Why do I feel this good sober??!

Also, Justin Beebah


Asmo utters(spells like it's said) the name of he who should not be named...But confuses many of us, Pink and is nothing like that person, right????

Tegan has thick man-fingers.

Amp on the other hand is seduced by Tegan's man fingers.

The thread becomes more about Pink than Tegan.

Except Pink is a better lesbian.

But Pink's posts are lacklustre at best.

I mean, seriously, "Na-na na-na na-na-na, na-na na-na na-na"? That's hardly what I'd call a character arc.

Unless I see tegan juggling three dildos with just her tongue while strumming a guitar with her nipple piercings AND scissoring with a chick at the same time, Pink remains the better carpet muncher.

Thus that's the best way to sum up the topic. Is Tegan awesome? Well I don't know, we're talking about Pink's adventures in lesbianism aren't we? Moving on..

Master of Asylum, or Master Troll???

Paorou is accused of being a sad man desperate for attention in an ever changing Iwaku. Or is it all apart of his plan and a deliberate ploy to fool the masses that he is lonely for some reason. Is he the master of his domain or a prisoner in his own castle? Let the evidence speak for itself!


Yeah no thrills or plot twists here, gotta vote for lonely on this one. That's exactly nineteen posts made by Paorou! Yeah, even trolls probably would draw the line at posting that much for lulz... But he's definitely the master of the asylum none the less, no one else takes the time to hang out that much over there!

This sentiment is shared by many other members:

A very sad lonely man.

Orion and Fel agree with the notion as Paorou makes his intentions clear.

They're just jealous because Insanity is MINE MINE MINE

Indeed, for who else can say they made that many posts and filled the Asylum with their name? Not even when I was the spam king on old Iwaku did I do that, I had limits.

Asmo unleashes something truly mind-bending in the thread and shakes it's very foundations.

I made the roleplay section look like that once.
With my name.... not Paorou's...
*tries to think of a self-deprecating joke to legitimize his egotistical post*
Ah, there we go.

Is that so? Why didn't anyone screen cap that when it happened? Such a wasted opportunity, maybe it never happened we may never know now. It's the Asylum, you dare not fact check any statements made in there!

Not everyone is aganist Paorou however...

Pao is not sad and lonely. He's more human than you whiners.

He finds an unexpected ally in Rory, well probably unless he's trolling and joking about calling Pao human? We may never know...

Orion then posts a wall of random foreign text, disgusting many and confounding the rest. Who can pierce the wall that now has obscured the topic?



But you are Lakota, you live on a rez...So therefore you are your own nation.

I have dual citizenship.
Wat do

Only one person can overcome it and it is...

I didn't know carpet munching counted as its own nationality.

DARKNESS! With this nugget of gold in a topic that has descended into madness and bizarre videos and imagery even by asylum standards. Seriously, there was an anime where a bad guy used his head a missile? And that's not even the weirdest thing in there! Check it out for the full impact as we can't bring you the infamous wall of text as it'd wreck the format, probably.

The end for this month, at least. Yet the battles, the trolling and the madness in the Asylum continue, tune in next month for your next dosage of insanity..Hell, I may even chime in next month personally..Or maybe it's best to be the observer of all that is happening?

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the Asylum are totally random and spontaneous. Taking them too seriously may result in several individuals ending up incredibly butthurt. Do not visit The Asylum if you are: Easily butthurt, bruise easily, laugh too much, are a woman, or throw up too much. Also, beware random flying Sakura's and Darkness. He will rape you but that's just his way of saying hi.​

[dash=#404040]BLOG SPOTLIGHT
Welcome to a new section here on Iwaku, the blog spotlight. This one here showcases an exceptional blog each month. Character bios, reviews, venting about life problems, etc are NOT eligible. Thus I lean more towards the creative, interesting, informative or otherwise awesome blogs out there.

I talk about the blog, give a bit of sample and perhaps a response to it of some sort.

For this month, my choice is....

T3: RP Pet Peeves

Why this? Well because I find it the most interesting. Often times people just focus on what they want in an RP, but knowing what you want to avoid and not put up with is also important. There's nothing worse than when you're stuck in an RP you're not enjoying due to issues like these.

Now let's look at a sample of this blog.

Count Crane said:
Speed Playing

Some people seem to watch the threads they're in constantly, so that when a new post comes, they can get the next post up and keep it moving. Rushing posts in when someone makes a post in a role play five to ten minutes after the last one. That kind of enthusiasm is generally flattering to the game master, and whatever characters the person might be interacting with at the time, so why is it a bad thing? Well, this is because posting that quickly generally indicates one of a few things.

First, and most prominently, it can indicate that you didn't put much effort into your post. If this is the case you not only negated whatever positive aspect your enthusiasm had, but you just made the role play you are in look worse.

Second, it can indicate that you had your post already written up. If you had the actions planned out with the other player, it's no big deal. If you didn't, than you just ignored an entire post.

Third, and finally, it could mean you aren't reading posts entirely. This may not be quite as bad as ignoring the posts, but if you miss something important it can be devastating to the credibility of your post. I am guilty of this one, once missing that my character got caught on fire.

You see here, Count Crane is pointing out one of the things that bothers him in RPs and how/why it causes problems. A very good read indeed. It definitely brings up things you NEVER want to experience in RPs. But it also gets you thinking, what are the type of Pet Peeves you have when it comes to RPs that Count Crane hasn't covered in his list?
To name two I'd have...

Sluggish Posting
On the opposite end of the spectrum of speed playing, the RP moves too slowly, taking weeks for any sort of progress to take place. This is usually not due to RP negligence, but due to posters being busy with things they can't really control(school, work,etc).

The lack of posting leaves one feeling a sense of being disconnected from the RP, as if you came back from a long vacation...Except you didn't actually leave and you're just sitting there waiting for it to move still.

This can effect your muse as well, you might have good ideas for the RP but then it's not progressing so you may end up forgetting them or they end up distorted from what you originally had thought of.

The worse part about this is you can't do much about it. Perhaps you can ask to hijack character but if it's continuous, you're almost RPing by yourself in some situations and that's not the point of RPing. This problem is a straight up Roleplay killer, or at least makes it super slow. At least this problem is not usually caused by bad role-playing habits or people being lazy to post, it's caused by factors the other players cannot control, thus once the players in question do find spare time, you may have brief periods of progress. Yet sadly, there's no real solution to get rid of this.

Critical Hijack Failure
When someone hijacks your character and totally messes them up and misses the point of their character. For instance, making a heroic character whom has all these bonds with his or her allies just turn evil without any reasonable motivation and go on a random killing spree,etc. Or there's more minor ways of doing it, such as dumbing down a character, making them unnaturally cold-hearted, juts giving them traits they don't actually have and have no background reason to acquire.

Why does this happen? Usually the answer is simple, because the person didn't even ask or do any research about the character. The simple way to avoid doing this is talking with the person of the character you intend to hijack via MSN or something. It's easier than you might think. If this is totally out of the question, at least look at that person's posts and their character's bio to get an idea of what they're like before just potentially bastardizing the character/s when it could easily be avoided.

It also happens in situations where players drop out....Too often GMs will perhaps take out aggression on that other player's characters and ruin them on purpose before killing them off when they have to drop out.This just ends up looking petty and dragging the RP down. Instead if you must kill them off, give them a more meaningful death, perhaps a heroic sacrifice that serves as a rallying cry. Or if you're gutsy, try adopting the character and making it your own. It's more fun and challenging. Just don't overdo it.

Blog Focus:
While browsing the blogs, here are a few other entries from the past month that might catch your eye.

That covers it for this month. Next month we'll look at another blog. Until then keep on blogging, Iwaku![/dash]

[dash=#404040]GROUP GATHERING
Iwaku's Groups area is a fabulous place to join a clan, guild, club, or quiet area for discussion. See what's going on lately in the groups!

New and Interesting Groups!:

The Iwaku has always been one of making itself better over time. The site itself has bettered the community over and over again. Thus you hear the rumors of 1.0 and 2.0 Iwaku. But even though our latest version is pretty cool, it can always be cooler and the ideas are not always the Staff’s. Instead most ideas come from members just like you and me.

AngelicDreamer Asks:
I really don't mean to be a pest to have this be my second post but is there a lighter theme I could use, one that doesn't have black as the main color? Its really harsh on my eyes and I can't figure out where some buttons are >.< I'm sorry, again don't mean to be a pest.

No worries Ms. Dreamer, as we are always open to both your positive and other people’s negative criticisms, so long as they are constructive.

Diana Replies:
I went ahead and added the "light" theme, you will have to deal with the imperfections. T___T

But what imperfections? Well you see Iwaku, there are several things she has to deal with when we add more and more themes. These things are not obvious to any normal member or even one of the Global mods. Not only does she need to tweak colors so they are all visible on that new theme but when updates run they have to be run on every single theme made. Thus updates will be slower with more themes.

But that did not stop her. To appeal to the lighter lovelies she made a presentable light theme. However she begs to keep I mind:

…that encourages people to use light styles when Iwaku is not designed for light styles…

Some things remain rock solid and this reporter believes that Iwaku has always been and always will be the fantastic, dark style it is.[/dash]

[dash=#404040]CURTAIN CALL
And after such a great letter I, Pirogeth, on behalf of the entire Newsletter team would like to thank you for providing such excellent content. The Iwaku thrives on members and members that know what’s going on makes it all the better. We’ll be coming back from month to month trying to get this letter done. Occasionally, if time does not permit, our friendly Diana will hoist the sails and make the smaller more condensed letter of the bare basics for us. Yet, before we all say our good byes for this month there are a few things that must be brought to everyone’s attention.

Affiliations of the Iwaku

This Site has always been looking for new members and some of the best people can visit more than one site at a time. So to those who proudly stand with Iwaku in affiliation we thank you. Links to Them.

Verses Combined, BleachForbiddenGates, Hogwarts Magic Realm, The Lost Souls, The Queen’s Games, Star Trek: Infinity, Ouran Rhapsody, New Vampire RP at Voltaire, Bleach: Everlasting Aeons, Coalescence, A.R.A.M.I.I, Sordid Secrets, Full Metal Alchemist: Rebellion, Your Life’s an Open Magazine, Roleplayer’s Anonymous, The Revolution has Begun, Losing Grip, Digital Revolution, Flowerbed Village, Wilderlands, Grimm, Born This Way, Fragmented Towers: Air Gear RP, What A Shame Advanced Pokemon, Zoanthrope Investigations, Nightshift, All the King’s Horses, Charming Twilight, Visionary Tales, To Be Free, Souls RPG, Dare, In the Midnight Hour Canine, The World of Karyle, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Not the Norm City, Imagination has no Limits, Pulse, True Blood: One Bite, By Moonlight, Galactic Wars, X-Universe, Halfmoon, Breath & Shadow, Save the Words, Dark Horizon, Unseen Redemption, Chronicles of Indur, OZ

My very first contribution to the newsletter! *shuffles about nervously*

Awesome newsletter is awesome, by the way. And congrats to the OTMs.
Ah turned out very nice. Next time I should be more adjusted and keep the insanity section more up to date. I shouldn't be as busy come next newsletter. Maybe I'll think up some things to make the blog section more interesting as well hmm.

Great job everyone!
*Does the I'm Mentioned Dance*

The first newsletter I've ever read...
...what a heartless bot for not including it. Damn you Iwakuuuuuuu! I'll get you...somehow!

<_< >_>
So I heard I'm deemed most valuable player, I know it's some where on this page but I don't feel like looking for it.
Once again, Effort lives up to his name... XD
I lived up to my name too! The closet thing to a mention for me was my Here Come the Mummies group. (Here Come the Mummies are an innuendo laden funk band)
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