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    This Newsletter is brought to you By:
    Diana: Editor
    Cammy: General Spotlight
    SuperCat: Groups Highlight
    Kitti: Iwaku Horoscopes, Quotable and Notables
    Ossochanter: Talent Showcase & Challenges
    Zen: Blog Spotlight
    Celestialis: Quotable & Notables

    Howdy Ho, Members of Iwaku! This past month was a whirlwind romance, almost literally as the Romance Festival was abound with great tutorials, roleplays, and messages of love. This month, we're continuing the love-fest by declaring March Positivity Month! The winter doldrums and cabin fever can really wear down a mood. To herald in the oncoming spring season, lets perk up, share some smiles and show the internets why Iwaku is the best roleplay community to be!

    Brand New Roleplay Invite Request Form!
    Hoping to get some invites to group or other types of roleplays? We've recently updated the Invite Request Form after a few great suggestions from members. We hope these changes make it easier for Game Masters to find new players, and players to show what they're looking for.

    The Radio show is looking for volunteers to do backup segments!
    Backup segments are things that aren't time sensitive and could be used any time of the year. We love having members featured in the show, so check out the Radio Show Group to see how YOU can get involved.

    Want to go the extra mile for Iwaku? Be a Community Volunteer!
    You don't have to be on staff to help support Iwaku. Iwaku is awesome because MEMBERS dedicate their time and energy submitting content, posting topics, and running roleplays. Come to our Group for a huge list of suggestions!

    [ Roleplay 101 | Signups & Plot Discussions | Roleplay Talk ]

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    Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum.

    [ View the General Forum ]

    • What would YOU do with $10 Million?
    • What is YOUR Guilty Pleasure?
    • CosmicWeinerDog wants to know what strange sayings you hear that people say nowadays!
    • Religious or not, if you have a favourite Bible or God Quote, you can add it to the list!
    • This one's brand new! Are you Judgey McJudgerson about people's casual writing on FB or other places online?
    • Time to break out your smiley-face mask! Diana has thrown down a CHALLENGE! Boot those grumps out the door in March!
    • We exploded in members at the start of the year! Time to make the rounds and greet new people! To make it easier, this awesome thread has been moved to 'New Arrivals'! If you're new and/or haven't posted yet, why not go over and tell us about you!
    • Did you know there are hilarious things happening in Russia?
    • Are you dressy or casual? Do you go for the look or the feel? Tell us how you flaunt your fashion!
    • And finally, a little roleplaying food for thought, what do you think about people in a relationship roleplaying romance?

    [ Browse Member Talent Museum ] [ Tackle Challenges ] [ Study at the Academy ] [ Get Creative in Groups ]


    Iwaku's creative spirit was alive and well all February! Check out the following threads for artistic goodness (and even a little music).

    New Showcases

    New Content
    • [​IMG] This is my handle.: Nic has all sorts of delicious new art. Floofy hats and Imperial Guards await you.
    • [​IMG] AnkhLabs NSFW 18+: Tribs has posted two new parts to his story about Dom! (Be forewarned, there is very definite Mature content.)
    • [​IMG] MAAAAAAAAH FREAKIN ART.: Teekay did crazy Homestuck-ization art of Ozzie and Vay.
    • [​IMG] [PROJECT/PLANNING] Iwaku: Angelic Delusion: Paorou's Iwaku project is back from the dead! Or at least Koori is providing all sorts of awesomesauce concept sketches.
    • [​IMG] Examples of my work: Zen drew a humorous depiction of the Cbox, as well as a really impressive bit of Prismacolor.
    • [​IMG] Newish art: Cosmos kept up the theme of more Staff and member art! This month's batch includes Ozzie, Esthalia, Jinx, Cerulean, Diana, and Gibs.
    • [​IMG] Catscratch: Kitti has begun work on her own Zodiac Art project! First up is the Soulmate.
    • [​IMG] Tenuous Conviction: Kitti's pair of poems this month are romantically inclined.
    • [​IMG] Loaded Tablet Pen: AceOfMana updated again with a few new pieces.
    • [​IMG] For The Record: For the first time in a while, Elyd has brought something new and nifty to the table in her poem showcase.
    • [​IMG] Sticks and Stones: Ozzie took Teekay's idea one step further and added Teekay and Diana to the Iwakustuck collective.
    • [​IMG] A few drawings/paintings: Theory has some new card paintings up!


    Our top Challengers this month are Juneberry, Duffy Bracken, and Elflady.

    Here's a look at our most popular Challenges for February:


    This month's top hardworking student is Ella Bailey. Ella's been applying herself as a Mentee as well as posting in the Academy (and in Challenges, too!) She also made the Dean's List last month. Congrats Ella!

    This month in the Academy:

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    [ Join and Visit the Iwaku Groups ]

    What's New

    • Alice In Wonderland Addicts - "A place for all of you who are crazy about, love or even just 'liked' anything related to Alice In Wonderland. Be it a book, movie or anime series."
    • Fashion and Beauty - "Are you fashion forward and enjoy talking about the latest trends? No matter if you're a beginner or a fashionista, this club is open to everyone who has a love for all things shiny and fabulous!"
    • Vampire Knight Fans! - "This place is for anyone and everyone who LOVES Vampire Knight! Feel free to express your love of other anime too!"
    • Musicians of Iwaku - "No matter what instrument you play, you're a musician, so get on in here!"
    • The Group of Technological Geniuses - "A place for nerds, programmers, or anyone who's pretty dang good with computers. Also a place to ask questions and discuss things about these wonderful machines."

    What's Hot

    [ Submit a Quote/Post ]

    Each month, we take a selection of posts and quotes from the Quotables and Notables submissions.These will be featured here in the newsletter. If you have something to submit to next month's newsletter, please use the submission form.

    This month's notable post is from the RP Ødeleggeren and was posted by Geek Out. The post was nominated because “broken head” is a fun way to say someone is stupid.

    The rest of the post can be read here.

    The featured roleplay of the month is Genes of a Goddess and is GMed by BluePenguin. The island of Erose is in great turmoil! Unity Hall has been re-opened for a new class of students starting today, and that's where we come in. Will we be sent off into a war soon? Whatever the case, our lives will never be the same.

    The staff member of the month is Lstorm! He is another newer addition to the staff team. While he has been on staff, he has done a good job with workshops and posting exercises in the United Guild of World Building!

    The member of the month is Super Cat! This member has picked up a part of the newsletter, occasionally posts discussions in general chatting, directs newbies to the Academy, and is welcoming in Cbox!

    Most Valuable Player is Cosmicweinerdog! In addition to running his own very successful roleplay during the month, Cosmic has also been a courteous and constructive member of a large smattering of roleplays across the board. He's a friendly and inquisitive addition who also routinely participates in roleplay-related challenges to practice his skills.

    A Look At the Stars

    [size=+1]The Herald[/size]
    January 2 - February 14
    This will be a time for affections, romances, friendships, and seductions to evolve or develop and your normally charismatic nature will take an unusually shy or conservative turn for now. Embrace your feelings and remember that your nature is one which draws people to listen.

    [size=+1]The Soulmate[/size]
    February 15 - April 1
    Take risks and let your restless tendencies move you to activities that capture your heart and attention instead of feeling stifled or stuck in a tedious routine. You will be happier knowing that you have tried, whether you succeed or not, than feeling as if you’ve never done anything.

    [size=+1]The Guardian[/size]
    April 2 - May 15
    Your desire to stand out and make a difference may cause you to be somewhat volatile, perhaps even causing you to get into disagreements. It’s not that your heart is in the wrong place, it’s simply that your longing for being noticed may be pushing you to act more aggressively than normal. Try not to worry too intensely over it.

    [size=+1]The Mentor[/size]
    May 16 - July 1
    Your mind may be clouded with dark thoughts but don’t let them bring you to a bad place, keep optimistic and remember that the events of the time that are bringing you down will pass. The ideas which plague you may make you feel isolated and alone but there are others around you who will support you if you allow them.

    [size=+1]The Trickster[/size]
    July 2 - August 15
    Displeasure and unhappiness in current situations could cause you to turn to excesses for a support in a difficult time. However, some moderation will cause you far more happiness than allowing your desires to run rampant. You may feel worse about yourself if you do not curb those urges.

    [size=+1]The Ally[/size]
    August 16 - October 1
    Minor complications and annoyances will prompt you to take charge and deal with the issues. While in the beginning you may not feel that you are up to the task , perhaps even making minor mistakes initially, you will soon find that it suits you well to take care of minor problems and gives you a feeling of accomplishment and pride.

    [size=+1]The Shadow[/size]
    October 2 - November 15
    This will be a harmonious time for you and the easy synchronization of personalities and preferences could cause a worry that there is something unsettling on the horizon but instead of feeling ill at ease, bask in the feeling of being at peace with those around you.

    [size=+1]The Rebirth[/size]
    November 16 - January 1
    Surges of energy will encourage you to take part in more activities than normal but you must take care not to load yourself up with too much when you feel inspired and then be unable to find motivation at later times. Channel your energy into collaboration on a project or working on something you’ve already signed on for.

    That's it for this month's newsletter! Remember that this month is POSITIVITY MONTH! Instead of being cranky, complaining, or other rotten things - see how you can help change your mood and inspire others with things that make you smile. A few nice things can go a long way. May the muse be with you!
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