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  1. JUNE, darkorange

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    Greetings Iwaku! It's JUNE! You know what that means: Summer time roleplay fun! We've already seen huge spikes of activity all across the forums, and tons of awesome new faces getting involved. Don't forget to drop in to New Arrivals to meet out newest members. You never know when a new favorite roleplaying partner is going to come along. So lets get to the news!

    Be Safe while on Skype!
    There are Asshole Creepers out there. Always be careful about who you share your information with, and should anyone ever try to harass you on Iwaku or Skype, report them immediately!

    An Update to the Roleplay Genre Forums! One name change and a new section!
    Now that Iwaku is growing so big so fast, we've had a little confusion about our Fantasy/Modern/Scifi (or past, present, future) setup. To alleviate this, we've updated the genre descriptions just a bit and added back the Misc section. Fantasy is for all settings focused on fantasy or magical elements. Realistic Eras (Formerly Modern) is for all realistic settings, historical or modern. SciFi is for all settings focused on technology or futuristic elements. And of course Miscellaneous is for anything you have no idea where to put!

    The Thanks button is back, along with some other cool buttons!
    YAY! The thanks button is back, now you can thank people! But you can now also LOVE a post. SMITE a post, prod about Cat Like Typing, and more. Make sure to use these buttons responsibly!

    Seeking Community Volunteers to help with DAILY Forum Maintenance!
    Forum maintenance is a HUGE job and we are currently understaffed for the amount of moderation work that needs to go on in the roleplay forums. We're currently taking applications for members who don't have time for staffing but DO have time to maintain the roleplay sections. Check out this announcement for more information on the work details and requirements. Of course, you could always apply for staff too if you've got the time and temperament. ;D

    Mentors and Guildmasters wanted for the Roleplay Institute and Guild of Worldbuilding!
    Do you like to teach and help promote awesome roleplay and creative habits? The Roleplay Institute and the Guild of Worldbuilding both need regular volunteers to guide and aide roleplayers in their endeavors. Report to those sections for more information on what you can do!

    Donate to Iwaku, because our bills are huge and we want to eat real food!
    To have our own awesome, private, ads free server and a personal hostman, it costs us 80 bucks a month. And that's just in server fees! Iwaku is paid for by people who love to roleplay and we don't make any money from this site. So any and all donations are SUPER APPRECIATED! Any one that donates gets a special green name, and some super cool roleplay tools. Like thread management for all threads you Game Master, Bumping Topics, and have we mentioned the love and adoration of one and all? Donate today!

    GENERAL SPOTLIGHT, orangered

    • So, Marvel is putting out a TV Series this Fall. There's a change. Your thoughts? Speculations? Theories?
    • There are snow and flowers and tornadoes happening in Arkansas, ground zero of Iwaku. Any weird weather happening in your neck of the woods?
    • Do you speak German?
    • With the rise of eReaders, tablets, and ebooks, will physical books eventually cease to be? Join the debate!
    • If you could have one (and ONLY one) power, what would it be?
    • Kitti has come across a different zodiac, this one is Celtic! What sign are you? Does it fit you? What do you think of zodiacs and astrology?
    • What is your life goal? What do you believe you were born to do?
    • Do YOU think NASA could engineer a warp drive in your lifetime? Or ever?
    • Two words. Pony. Maker.
    • If you could give ONE person, ONE present, what would it be, and to whom would you give?
    • Now, last month we told you to own your status as a writer. This month, we ask, "What kind of a writer are you?"


    There were quite a few new people dipping their toes into the Museum this month! Iwaku has some awesomely talented artists and writers, so be sure to go browse through this forum when you get a chance.

    New Showcases

    • A Collection of My Poetry: Lucy's new showcase is chock full of poetry for your perusal.
    • SHOWCASE Oni's Art Shop: Oni is showing off examples of his artwork!
    • SHOWCASE Esthalia's Doodles: Esthalia is getting back into art. Check out her stuff and make requests!
    • SHOWCASE Aneth-Ara - My Safe Place: Vardaineil Malithiel has an intriguingly titled new showcase thread.
    • SHOWCASE BFFP: "Frayed" Anime Production{Posting Welcome!}: The Great Me! is undertaking an animation project with some friends.
    • SHOWCASE Spritely Spriting: Laggy Lagiacrus has some fun sprite art to check out.
    • REVIEW Writings.: SeparateLivesSeparateLovers posted a pair of poems and a short snippet of a story.
    • SHOWCASE Universal Wisdom- Introduction : The Returner is planning a story, and wants people to give her feedback on the intro.
    • SHOWCASE Zizi's Muses: Drawings and Writings: Zizi-J posted a response to a writing meme, some adoptables, and other artwork.
    • SHOWCASE Alone - Iron Men And Saint's Short Stories: Iron Men And Saints wrote a short story about a man and his robot.
    • SHOWCASE Myrn's attempts at poetry.: Myrnodyn has a nice selection of poems in his new showcase.
    • SHOWCASE Sweet's philosophical thoughts.: sweet_temptation posted their musings on the subject of happiness.
    • SHOWCASE Doodle, doodle, doodle...IWAKU?: The Returner had Iwaku on the brain.
    • SHOWCASE My art :D: SebastianMichaelis posted some doodles and sketches.
    • SHOWCASE Cammy Poems!: Cammy collected various poetry from her Blog into a showcase thread.
    New Content

    • SHOWCASE The Good the Bad and the UGHLY: Ms_Wrong added a new chibi, tissue paper flowers, and all kinds of crafts to her showcase this month.
    • SHOWCASE Becca Malik's Artwork Showcase: Becca Malik drew her favorite One-Direction member.
    • SHOWCASE AnkhLabs NSFW 18+: Tribs has new character art up! (Warning: Other art and prose in this thread contains Mature content and is Not Safe for Work.)
    • SHOWCASE Loaded Tablet Pen: Mana posted a new sketch of her character Rhye.
    • Legend of the Guardians: C19 is back with chapter 19.
    • SHOWCASE Ceru's stuff?: Cerulean made a banner for Diana's Banner Art Challenge, as well as a nifty Group icon.
    • SHOWCASE Revision's Artwork: Revision has had a busy month with art! She's also taking requests.
    • SHOWCASE This is my handle.: Captain Nic marked the occasion of Mother's Day (belatedly) with a new drawing.
    • SHOWCASE Catscratch: Kitti is back at it with more bunny art.
    • SHOWCASE Newish art: Cosmos is drawing owls for her co-worker!
    • SHOWCASE Sticks and Stones: Ozzie Chanter did some new character art.


    As always, the challenge section received some great activity this month as usual, but sadly, there are still many challenges that do not have any replies. Nevertheless, congratulations to anyone who has posted even one challenge response this month, because you have challenged yourself to think about something that you usually do not. Or you may have tackled an already familiar subject, but nevertheless, you practiced, and as we all know, practice makes perfect. Let us also give a great thanks to all the people who posted their challenges as well, because without them, the challenges section would have no life!

    Our most popular challenge threads this month:

    Interview with a Character
    Create a Character Challenge #66
    Spring Has Sprung

    This month there has been a new challenge series once more! Esthalia, one of our lovely moderators have started a new series of challenges called Colour Challenge! Although there has been only one thread posted, do check it out if you have time.

    Now, for this month’s top three challengers. The three spots at the top were taken by: The Wandering Magus, azure_night and Dream~lights~to~Hell


    What's New:
    • European Iwakuers! - Whether you're Swedish to Irish, German to Italian everyone is welcome here!
    • Nationstates - Don't know about Nationstates? Come join us in world domination!
    • The OneXOneathoners - For those who specifically like OneXOne Roleplaying for the sake of quick, fast, and easy posting without the long wait of group posting!
    • Iwaku Generator Project - Random generators are a fun way to help inspire and challenge your creative muse. Iwaku is now working on our OWN random generators. Join this group to help with ideas and content building.
    • Get to know you - A nice place to hangout and play!

    What's Hot:
    • Iwaku GSA - A place for all the GLBTQ and Allies to discuss in a welcoming environment, share stories!
    • Disney Love - Do you love the animated Disney films or other Disney movies/show? Join us and delight in your love!
    • Poets and Poetry - This group is for all poets and lovers of a good piece of verse to share poems they've written, share the poems of others, learn about different types of poetry and shoot the breeze.
    • Official Pokemon Fan Club - A club for lovers of the Pokemon games, manga, anime, and all related media!
    • Iwaku's Gaming Guild - From retro to future, this is the place to talk about it all.

    The Institute Student of the Month is Iron Men And Saints for his excellent participation in discussions and exercises! He started a great discussion about how to define roleplaying, and got very involved in his exercise replies, asking extra questions and helping others with their responses!

    This month's hot roleplay is Wayfinder Academy: Forward to Disaster, GMed by Boss Frost! This fun little fantasy game provides players with an introduction to the world of tabletop gaming through clever "tutorial" style posts by Frost.

    The Most Valuable Player is Silver. She's been an active participant in roleplays of all genres, always giving plenty of content in her posts and helping drive the scene forward.

    The Member of the Month is Minibit! Minibit is a regular face in the Roleplay Institute, posts Workshops and Exercises as a World Building Guildmaster, and can be found greeting newbies in New Arrivals. She always has a word or two to put in on roleplay topics.

    STAFF SPOTLIGHT, slateblue

    Masquerade Planning Director
    Challenges Department Head
    Head of Graphic Design

    Diana is the Society Administrator! If you have ANY social issues and need advice- be it with a Staff Member or a Member- she will be the best one capable to help you. She has her hands in the daily Challenges and Institute Exercises, and is most often seen hosting Chat Roleplay events or lurking in the JumpIns with spontaneous or silly setups.

    [OZZIE]How did you become an Admin of Iwaku, exactly?[/OZZIE]

    [DIANA]Once upon a time I was the admin of my own community. And Rory was always asking me for advice about drama and stuff on Iwaku. Sometime after I shut down my site, he was asking for help again and I said "Hey, put me on staff and I'll shake things up and fix things and then I'll leave! Then they can all blame me if it sucks and I won't care cause I'll be gone! 8D" ...and then I ended up staying. o_o;[/DIANA]

    [OZZIE]What's your absolute FAVORITE job that you do on the forum?[/OZZIE]

    [DIANA]I love doing roleplay events, challenges, and exercises! All of them involve spur of the moment creative thinking and breeding plot bunnies.[/DIANA]

    [OZZIE]Do you have any upcoming roleplays or projects in the works that you can tell us about?[/OZZIE]

    [DIANA]I have every intention of doing a series of TEEN JUMPINS. >:] Simple, light teenager settings that exist for the sole purpose of being frivolous self-satisfying fun. As for Projects, me and Vay are working on some random generators for Iwaku! They'll be super cool tools for inspiring and aiding members with roleplay ideas and content.[/DIANA]

    A Look At the Stars

    The Herald
    January 2 - February 14
    Knowing what you are facing and having a clear obstacle in your mind is often a source of determination and a font of strength but unfortunately, it’s not always so easy when you’re the obstacle that you must faith. Overcoming your own bad habits and negative thoughts will be important soon, and it certainly won’t always be easy, but will aid you in the long run.

    The Soulmate
    February 15 - April 1
    Have courage when you go forth and confidence in yourself! While you may be hyperaware of your own failings and you’ll notice every single mistake you make, it is doubtful that others will be so critical of you. Relaxing and being comfortable in your skin will cause your performance to become better, as long as you don’t become complacent with it. Don’t stop trying, in other words, but don’t be scared to put in the effort.

    The Guardian
    April 2 - May 15
    This is a wonderful and bright time, one in which you should take time to notice the small things that make life worthwhile and find time to do something you enjoy and perhaps even share a little of that sunshine with someone near you. Just giving yourself a moment to soak in a pleasant scene or a relaxing half hour for a hot bath can do wonders for productivity in other aspects of life. Don’t let yourself get burnt out with stress!

    The Mentor
    May 16 - July 1
    Have you taken the time lately to truly listen to those around you – to tune in and ask them how their life is and offer them support? Just these simple gestures will mean a lot to your friends and loved ones, as well as giving you a feeling of closeness and connection that can sometimes be hard for you to find and is something that you miss when it’s absent. Good feelings between you and them will improve any situation and make it easier to bear.

    The Trickster
    July 2 - August 15
    Motivation is the name of the game right now! You’ll feel much better about life and the world around you if you kick up your heels and really dive into a project or passion! Choose something that will make you feel accomplished and set goals for yourself along the way. Remember that it is worth doing and don’t let yourself slack off! It doesn’t have to be all at once and can be a task done a little every day, which is where smaller goals can come in handy.

    The Ally
    August 16 - October 1
    When it comes to providing the support and the comfort that you crave, it’s good to remember that those around you are not psychic and cannot simply tell when you are feeling blue or wishing for an encouraging word or a warm hug. It might feel a little embarrassing to ask for such things from them, but when it comes to providing what you need, it’s worth it. It also helps to prevent your own feelings from becoming more hurt when no one knows you need to be reached out to, so it’s a win-win situation.

    The Shadow
    October 2 - November 15
    This is a time of growing and for you, this could be a time of great personal growth. If you identify shortcomings or simple areas of weakness with yourself and come up with plans for how to better these, it can lead both to improvement in your work or personal life and positive feelings about yourself. Remember not to criticize yourself or any shortcomings but rather to take action that you can take and don’t forget to appreciate your good points as well!

    The Rebirth
    November 16 - January 1
    The world is changing every day, but it might feel especially apparent right now as spring is a time of new beginnings and of fresh life. If you’re feeling out of sorts, it can be tempting to seclude yourself from others and shy away from social settings, but hiding away can also make you feel more lonesome than you were to begin with. Personal time in moderation – as much as you enjoy but if you’re not enjoying your ‘you time’, then reaching out to friends to spend time with can recharge your batteries when alone time just isn’t cutting it.

    CURTAIN CALL, darkorange

    Well that's it for our newsletter this month! We'd like to give a shout out to the people that donated during May and helped us pay for some of our Iwaku goodies. Thanks to Asmodeus, Elflady, Koene, Lusterless Nova, Myrnodyn, Ocha, Silver, Tain, The Returner, Voidwalker, and Zorilla. While you're out there and playing during June, always remember.... May the muse be with you!

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    I want to run a Steamclunk roleplay with you.

    You've got junk in your clunk.

    You should take shelter in a nuclear clunker.

    Michael Jordan should slam-clunk you.

    You should join an order of Benedictine clunks.


    Just call it "Realisitic Roleplays". People will know what you mean. That way we have scientific shit, magic shit and accurate shit.

    A perfect trinity of shits.

    I think we need to have a long discussion about this in this very thread.
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