Iwaku Newsletter: June 2011

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This Newsletter is brought to you By:
Diana: Editor
Fluffy: Writing & General Reports
King Weavel: Insanity Blog Spotlight

Greetings Iwaku! Welcome to the start of the summer active season! Already we're seeing members crawl up from their graves and fun new faces joining us for some fabulous roleplaying. During this season, try not to get yourself overwhelmed with too many cool projects, but DO take this opportunity to share some of your ideas while Iwaku festers with activity!

Avatars and Profile pics are now LARGER!
By request we've now increased the Avatar and Profile Pic sizes! You can see all the pretty fancy details in those avatars. If you need one made, Diana and Rory have offered to make you one.

New Roleplay Ad Rotation!
Members should have already seen the new notices that pop up randomly with helpful tips and occasional roleplay ads. You can now submit your own ad to display in the rotation!

Mind your manners and be kind to newbies!
A lot of members are returning from long absences to join our influx of newbie members. During this time of getting to know each other, mind your manners. Don't haze the newbies or be rude to others. We're all here to enjoy roleplaying and related topics!

[dash=#404040]FOCUS ON ROLEPLAY
Our Most Valuable Player this month is Fluffy! She has been one of the most sought after and enjoyed roleplay partners of Iwaku and deserves a hand! Roleplay of the Month is Never Ending Lullaby for it's creepy horror settings!

This month's Roleplay Workshop is Getting Around Writer's Block in Roleplays.


Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum.[/dash]

Our Member of the Month is Fel, crawling out of the depths of Insanity to give us the very weird Perfect Cherry Project and keeping Rory in line! How about stopping by General to see what other Iwaku citizens are talking about?

Great Topics This Month:
  • ”Red Hot Cock”: Tegan’s thread for posting pictures of sexy men. Awww yeah!
  • Faces in Places: Share images of things, places and objects that appear to have faces. It’s pretty darn cute.
  • What They Didn’t Tell You: Any shocking secrets a family member revealed to you? Wanna share it? This is the place to go.
  • Humorous Superpowers: Make up the most outrageous superpower you can think of! A perfect opportunity to put your imagination to the test.
  • Character Names: What inspires you to name a character? Any resources you use?
  • Guilty Pleasure Movies: It is what it is. Tell us what movies are YOUR guilty pleasure. >:D
  • Long Lost Items of Old: We’ve all lost something precious to us. :( What was that something?
  • Final Fantasy 6 to PSP and PS3: If you’re a Final Fantasy geek AND have those systems, check this out!
  • Storms: A thread where members can share their experiences with storms of all kinds. Seems appropriate, too. Lots of twisters going on in the US. D:
  • Strange and Unusual RPs: Ever been in a roleplay that’s just freakin’ weird? Tell us about it.
  • Orders, Sir?: A game that Peter has shared with us. Compete with the other members of Iwaku; share your scores.
  • Cooking Disasters: So, yeah. Any terrible cooking stories?
  • Search Your Name in Youtube: It’s lots of fun! Try it out.
  • Nerdy Pickup Lines: Know of, or used, any nerdy or cheesy pickup lines? We’d just love to hear about ‘em.
  • Quirky Habits: I’m sure we all have at least one of these. >:3
  • God – WTF?: A member asks other members for some input on excerpts from the Bible. Feel free to contribute.
  • World’s Most Beautiful Libraries:: Got pics? You know, of those places with books and archives.
  • Let’s Play Minecraft:: Something that Piro wanted to share. If you love this game, maybe you’ll love this too!
  • DJ Nickname: Do you have one? What would it be, if not?
  • Somewhere Old, Somewhere New: Do you prefer to keep to what you’re used to, or do you try out new things as often as you can?
  • Dragon Age 2: Got the haters and got the lovers. Also got the people who haven’t played it yet-ers. Which are you?
  • Would Your Character Need a Babysitter?: The thread’s title says it all. XD
  • Boy Wears Skirt to School: Read about a little boy who had the courage to wear a skirt to school in protest to uniforms! It’s awesome.
  • Words That Kill: Any words that you just really hate?
  • Some Thread About My Little Pony: For some reason, My Little Pony is cool for people in my age group. Talk about it here, I guess. I still don’t understand why it’s a hype. I should make a thread asking people to explain it to me. Last I checked, they were toys for children! D:<
  • Towels: Share your preferences for bathroom towels. Diana’s interested to know.
  • 1970s Spider Man: It’s cool. Check it out.
  • What Drives Your Character?: What your characters aspire to be and all that good stuff.
  • Free Comic Book Day: If you’ve been to this event and haven’t told us about it yet, then click this linku.
  • Any Robert E. Howard Fans?: A thread about the new Conan the Barbarian movie. Thoughts and feelings?
  • The Doctor is in: By doctor, he means the one and only Raz! Skip on over to congratulate this man. He’s a doctor now!!!
  • Best Youtube Mash-ups: Post videos of epic mash-ups you’ve seen on Youtube.
  • Call of the Wild: Hilarious, educational videos on animals.
  • A Spot of Poetry: Some amazing videos of a poet named Anis Mojgani! Have a lookie.
  • What’s Your Taste?: Harmangel is interested to know our tastes in fashion, places and more. Hop on over to give your answers and watch for new questions.
  • DYNAMITE!: There’s gonna be a Napolean Dynamite cartoon on Fox. Contribute thoughts on this and watch the trailer here.
  • Ever Fallen in Love in a Dream?: Yeah, have you?
  • Images vs. Description: When making a character sheet, do you use an image or description for their appearance? Or both?
  • Journals, Diaries, Blogs: Ever have one or some of these when you were younger? I sure did.
  • Lurker Members – Shameful Secrets: Rumors on our lurking members are contained here. They may or may not be true! Others say it’s a trap. >:3
  • Terraria: A new game some guys are going gaga over. Something else I need explaining for, though I’m not sure I wanna know.
  • We Finally Get What Asmo’s Talking About: Vay enlightens us using a chart that explains everything! About time.
  • Locations, Locations: A thread you can tell us where you like to set roleplays. It can be anywhere from a regular ol’ United State to a crazy fantasy land with talking ducks and glittery farts.

Are you wanting to give your muse a little exercise? Check out some of the current and past challenges in the Corner.

Challenge Yourself:


Time for the next exciting episode of The Asylum of Insanity!

I would like to you, if I may provide a brief explanation of this asylum. Every four years, a troll fight is held. And they troll, troll and they continue trolling until all but one loses the game! The cult represented by the winning troll earns the right to control all of the asylum, from threads about GMK busting a rap from to the most brilliant and lulz inducing topic, the winner truly becomes the troll of trolls, the master of the asylum!

But one problem remains..The troll fight is held on Iwaku, that's right this site on which we live...But this time around there seems to be something a bit different about the competition....

Who's Jack Shade Anyways

Hmm, well now. How might this question have any effect on today's fight?

Today's opponent is Jack Shade, elusive admin.

Let's get things started, troll fight set..READY! GOOOOOOOOO!

There are apparently many faces to this admin guy...

He's a furry...

Some old guy on Facebook.

Some kind of Lamp shade created by Philps.

Apparently works for Aflac.

A guy from NY that never updates his Live Journal.

And according to Google:

Original title: Death and Jack Shade
Original languages: English

Summary (From the publisher):
They said Jack Shade killed his first man when he was fifteen. That he robbed his first bank when he was a year older. That he had more notches on his Colts than he had years. Jack Shade was a man you didn’t cross – and stay alive!
Jared Hawk crossed Jack Shade. He wanted the outlaw killer... and he took $5,000 of Shade’s money to use as bait in a trap with only one outcome: death!

Jack Shade's identity and tragic past revealed for all to see!What a shocking turn of events! But it makes sense, for an admin must be able to appeal to all demographics, to the furries, to the elderly, to lamps,ducks, New Yorkers, and even Outlaws!

I think this Jack Shade Person should explain a few things, I'll have the interrogation room prepped.

After we finish I elect the other furry, Ike, cleans up the mess.

I'll grab the jumper cables and the car battery. You grab the hose and the leaky faucet. Anybody got pliers?

Hold on, I know a techpriest, he should have something.

A conspiracy is revealed! For not everyone is a fan of a man of mystery like Jack Shade. Perhaps Fel IS THE Jared Hawk!

It's OK, Rory. We've all internet-stalked our infatuations at one point or another.
*Scoots away from Asmo.*

A good stalking keeps me fresh and ready to face the day.

What a turn of events!Jack Shade is revealed to be the alt of Tegan, and the one whom Asmo stalks daily! Being Jack Shade isn't easy.

Old joke is old.
Just because a joke is old doesn't detract from the hilarity of nostalgia.
Thank you for making me make sense. You troll.

Now that's something to consider, does trying to be rational in the Asylum constitute as trolling? If so, what are the consequences of said actions? Can moderate emotions of empathy and comradery also work in this fashion?

You... You're ruining my life! Stop making head-hurty!!!

Ocha is not amused and does not hesitate to break the Fel with exposing the true nature of the asylum and the folly of it all! What happens next is anyone's guess......

Next up we have... Iwaku Cinco de Mayo Party
The thread shifts from Spring Break to Easter.

Okay Americans, time to drink away your sorrows over how much your government is ass raping you. Unless you're so fucking poor you're getting a hand out.

Ocha recommends a good logical course of action. Man, I'm doing that and plotting my big move to Canada! Wait, there government is supposedly getting screwed too? FFFFFFFFFFF!

This last name change is quite the stretch.

I think Easter should have an entire month of malt liquor and lotto tickets.

also, promiscuity. Lots and lots of promiscuity.

Month long Mardigras, chyeaaaaaaaaaah.

Fel rages aganist those in charge of changing the name of the thread!

Rory attempts to sum up the thread with a single video! A bold task indeed....

Paorou strikes back with a more accurate version, making up words is the key to victory!


Imagine if France had won!

It'd be tequilé instead of tequila.

I am too hungover to throw beads at you fucks. *Puts on her sunglasses and tries not to look still drunk.*

Tegan is secretly Lady Gaga.

Revelations are unleashed, the possibility of an alternate time line where France wins is discussed in heavy detail. Orion guesses at Tegan's identity, but how can she be both Jack Shade and Lady Gaga?????! One of Iwaku's leaders is Lady Gaga????! Consequences will never be..THE SAME!

The Wheel of Fate is turning, TOPIC 3, ACTION!

Asmo does it again

I was gonna join an rp, an easy one, just jump in- I haven't roleplayed in a loooong time...

Then I saw Asmo wrote the first post, and I couldn't be bothered to read it. Total and complete, utter and absolute turn off.

let's talk about how silly short little fro's look on silly little filippinos that do silly things, like worship bread and get their leg set on fire from riding a motorcycle.

Wendu asserts her disdain for Asmo's work, longing for the past and for the man of legend.

It's such a burden having people on this site who care about good storytelling and are willing to put the effort into a complete and well thought-out project.

*hands Wendu the ritalin*

Asmo showcases a side we don't know of his, he is a licensed pharmacist! Wait a second.......Is that legal?

You know, back then it took a real man to troll.


I don't see any trolling anywhere on this site.

Wonder what that means.


Darkness berates the trolling abilities of Wendu and Paorou agrees.

The impending Apocalypse of 2012 is foreseen by GMK, for the day in which the the Asylum sees no trolling is indeed the day it will all end!

Paorou draws his interpretation of the whole thing to the sound of the Inception theme.


I was going to embed a video that would have implied Asmo was Britney Spears, but Youtube seems to have eliminated the embed button entirely.

So I'm curious as to how the Pao Pao Paoer Ranger is still able to embed videos.

Because all the LAME ones still have the Embed option.

More like less people know how to think around not having embed as an option.
I've never used that embed thing.
You guys continue to be small time.


[quote="You Know You Love Fel


Most valuable player this month? Awh shucks. That really brightens my sickfacey day. <3

Awesome newsletter as always. ;3


Thanks for having my back Di. And great job everyone.


Dia has always done a great job with the newsletter.
I really love it, Dia. It's a nice addition to every month!
The people who submit content are great too (yay Fluffy and Weavel).


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o_o Oh sweet, I'm in the newsletter. *feels kinda like a cool kid now*


I vote in future the asylum section goes at the bottom. Its a lot to stroll through to get to blogs and groups.


I still want to know who Jack Shade is. I mean, I asked the guy himself but he hasn't given me an answer yet.
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