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    This Newsletter is brought to you By:
    Diana: Editor
    Fluffy: Writing & General Reports
    Basil: Iwaku Comic
    King Weavel: Insanity Report

    Summer in the Iwaku Community has been spicy hot! We're happy to welcome the bushels of new people we've received in the past month, and so glad to see how they've immediately jump in to the roleplaying spirit. From large scale group games to private one on one stories, the roleplay scene on Iwaku has been filled with plenty of great options for your roleplaying. Make sure you check out the Signups area to see what's new!

    Calling all Game Masters! Enter the Game Master Challenge!
    This season we're challenging Game Masters and Players to create their BEST roleplaying experiences! During July you can enter a brand new roleplay as a challenge contender and win a REAL PRIZE if your roleplay is the surviving and winner roleplay at the end of the challenge. Good luck!

    Multiple Accounts and Impostering is a BIG No-No!
    We'd like to remind all members that we frown upon people using multiple accounts to pretend to be fake members. People caught using fake accounts to cause drama will be banned. NOTE: You WON'T get in trouble for registering extra accounts by accident. XD Just send a note to any Admin and they will merge the accounts for you.

    Our Most Valuable Player this month is TinyRustyPiglets for starting off with a huge bang and also recieving the Roleplay of the Month with There’s a party tonight?! Great job!

    This month's Roleplay Workshop is Sparking Creative Inspiration.


    Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum.


    Our Member of the Month is The Butterfly! How about stopping by General to see what other Iwaku citizens are talking about?

    Great Topics This Month:

    Are you wanting to give your muse a little exercise? Check out some of the current and past challenges in the Corner.

    Challenge Yourself:


    There is always something interested posted up in the blogs, be it teasers for upcoming roleplays, people's game reviews, or challenges.

    Blog Focus:
    While browsing the blogs, here are a few other entries from the past month that might catch your eye.

    Iwaku's Groups area is a fabulous place to join a clan, guild, club, or quiet area for discussion. See what's going on lately in the groups!


    It's July, the month where it really starts heating up! But the asylum is always a good place to stay cool and beat the heat, so relax, crank the AC up to max as we delve into this month's madness!

    First off is...Iwaku ID4 Party

    It was one one of those more quiet and somber months indeed..But why...THE RAPTURE!???

    Nope...It was all hype, Harold Camping is an IRL troll!

    Well since that was a failure, a few posters get some better ideas.

    Of course! Starting your own cult! Anyone can come up with more realistic things than Harold Camping! I mean October for the Rapture, really? Really? I think he's got brain damage...

    But then the thread changes again! From celebrating a rapture that never happened to Gay Pride Month!

    Sadly..There's not much material though...Fel I mean Chet points the finger!

    Zypher tries to get things back on topic however...

    Orion tries to take a stand but it doesn't end well... The topic tapers off for now...

    And now..From Gay Pride and Independence day to....A manga about HITLER???? Brought to you by Moonlit Blade!

    Mein Kampf: The Manga

    The reactions are simple and..MOSTLY POSITIVE as even Asmo thinks Hitler wanted himself to be in a manga!But of course...not everyone could be so easily satisfied.

    Vay nitpicks the manga and breaks the foundations of it down in one single post! Er well not really, because after all no one wants to be a Hitler fanatic or a fanboy/fangirl right? Don't answer that.....

    Hitler further rolls in his grave and curses Zypher as he witnesses the image, THAT image...Moe...HITLER?

    KILL IT WITH FIRE! AHHHHHHHHHH! The moral of the story is don't become a genocidal dictator and people won't make you into a moe caricature..Well maybe they'll do that anyhow... Damn stupid anime craze!!! DAMN IT TO HELL! Not every goddamn thing needs to be cute! This is why we can't have nice things!

    Next...A thread about...FACE TIME!

    Emma Watson's FACE

    The picture..But the point of the thread?

    Myrn guesses it correctly!

    Join me Emma Watson and I will make your face the Greatest in Iwaku or else you will DIE! What? Had to make that one...

    Unfortunately..Chet gets out of control! Is it possible to stop him now????

    It's..Not very effective...The sound grows loud enough for Tegan to hear it all the way across the pond! Ewww...Don't you wish cartoon logic worked in the Asylum? It might be crazy but it's not that crazy...

    Diana realizes that fapping is something you can't really stop, especially in a graphic face fetish thread! Instead she focuses on the true crisis going on right here, right now in Iwaku! Should these two be partaking in these acts together????

    Forget the rapture Orion being treated like a piece of meat, Moe Hitler and Emma Watson's FACE, an true threat is looming over the asylum on this very day!The Walls are Crumbling. The end of days for Insanity is approaching????!

    Like Harold Camping before him, Chet foretells the future!

    What can we do in a time like these aside from tribute to the bread god??

    SING! SING! Oh...That really won't stop if the walls come crashing down onto you but well, try it anyhow...

    The thread then becomes far more crude and lewd as Tegan posts a video..about BUTTER. Then We take the Highway to the Dangerzone from there and...End up..A 10 sided dice??? Yes and we can't quote it exactly because it changes when you paste it, so that's no fun...

    How is it possible??? Asmo breaks it down for us in an analytic work of art matching his grandest RP epics!

    Yep! That explains it all...

    The end Chet foretold occurs as the bears overcome and devour the people of the Asylum!!!Rory shows it all to us as it comes crashing down and mankind comes to an end.


    BAD END..It's a wonderful fail so let's hit the reset button and make this thing right...Or well, at least have a more epic Apocalypse or start an underground group that tries to fight the coming bear invasion...Well it's less cliched than the earth being nuked or aliens at least...I for one welcome our bear-overlords with open arms!Can't be any worse than politicians and at least they'll just eat you instead of trolling you to death, more honest. Doesn't that count for something?

    Onto the grand finale.. Watch as Chaos takes his talents to South Beach, err south Iwaku Asylum? I got nothing, no way to make that work...The Asylum needs a beach!

    If Chaos had a final apocalyptic battle for Iwaku...
    A topic filled with videos all about Chaos! Chaos dunks that is...A reference to a certain classic freeware RPG title staring Charles Barkley...A sequel to the SNES favorite Shut Up and Jam. Everyone here at Iwaku has played both of course!Because Space Jam is cannon in Iwaku Mythos, didn't you know that? Am I the only one who remembers that?

    Of course the fine people of the asylum and Chaos himself get all the jokes and understand it all as they take it in with stride and pride!

    Paorou lectures Chaos as he feels discouraged to enter the asylum..His words resonate with Chaos even though he never responds, it touches the very soul of Chaos as he learns a great lesson that day. He never will forgot those words so long as he walks this Earth!

    Get a job Sha na na na, sha na na na na! Get a job Sha na na na, sha na na na na! Hey, it fits perfectly!

    Orion and Paorou both understand it all and make more sense than anyone else has in the thread thus far. Applaud them for such a feat.

    Tegan tries to add to the thread but it's a bit too late as the momentum fades. Chaos is humbled with these new profound found lessons in total and utter nonsense. Check out the full thread for all the whacky videos that will make you laugh, cry and say what the fuck is this shit I am listening to all at the same time! This concludes the story of Chaos, one of the sole survivors the bear-olyspe as he has gone from being seen as a diva by the folks in the asylum to a true asylum goer...Or something like that..

    Well that's it for this month and remember Iwaku, if you can't slam with the best of then jam with the rest!

    DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the Asylum are totally random and spontaneous. Taking them too seriously may result in several individuals ending up incredibly butthurt. Do not visit The Asylum if you are: Easily butthurt, bruise easily, laugh too much, are a woman, or throw up too much. Also, beware random flying Sakura's and Darkness. He will rape you but that's just his way of saying hi. Iwaku Newsletter staff does not endorse the coming bear Apocalypse.

    That's your newsletter Iwaku! We'd like to give a big thanks to all of our members for being active and contributive. Iwaku is blooming in to one of the best roleplay sites in the neighborhood. Make sure you continue to show your support by voting daily in our topsites and keeping up with your favorite roleplays. May the Muse be with you!
  2. I was quite amused. Very nice job everyone. I hope I can contribute next month as the outlook is looking rather fantastico.
  3. My comic! :D
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  4. Well done on the comi Basil. Much better than my past ones.
  5. Ha, that was great. I loved the comic. xD
  6. As always, a fantabulous newsletter. <3
  7. Good job on the comic, Basil. Funny stuff.

    Also member of the month?! What for? I demand to know!

  8. Turned out great and it's awesome we have a once again..

    My only regret is how I had to do my insanity section over after it got lost once since pre-formatting caused Iwaku to freak out on me.
  9. The exposure, I feel my pants are missing.
  10. Nice job, love the comic. :)
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