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  1. DECEMBER, skyblue

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR, IWAKU! It is now 2014 and a new year for all of us. This is the season where everyone makes resolutions and strives to make a better life and new start. Iwaku is no different! We're so happy to welcome in our latest flood of new members. People coming in from other roleplay sites or spotting us in our to rankings on google. This is an exciting new period of growth for Iwaku, so all this month we're encouraging members to get out there and meet new people. Make some new friends. Get your hands in to things! And now for the neeews.

    This will be Iwaku's last newsletter!
    That's right folks, we're retiring this newsletter. With Iwaku being large and in charge, we're redirecting our staffie's attention to more important areas of the site. But don't worry, in it's place the Admins are going to be posting more frequent community updates on the weekends. We'll even put up a little form for all members we want to post in a plug during the weekly/bi-weekly update.

    Make sure you are posting your topics in the right forums!
    If you read the forum descriptions you'll know where to post things. Posting your topics in the right areas will ensure that your roleplays are SEEN and help you get the players and partners you need.

    We're not one of those CYBERING websites, and we WILL ban fiends with extreme prejudice.
    Iwaku feels freedom of expression is very important and that includes the ability to write sex scenes and run mature roleplays. However, to DO this we must be very strict about some of the restriction rules. And we WILL automatically ban any members that behave like they are just here for masturbation fuel or here to creep on members. Remember: Do not lie about your age. Do not solicit random members for mature things via Conversations. The SAFEST place to request mature roleplay is directly in your Mature forum. That way you know you're contacting the right people.

    Developing the WORLDBUILDING section is our goal of the month. Please participate!
    Iwaku loves helping members develop things for their roleplays, and worldbuilding is the perfect place to help design SETTINGS and UNIVERSES! If you're a member with lots of information to share, we'd love to see your workshops or exercises. We're seeking lots of new content!


    The JumpIn section is one of Iwaku's most popular and fast-paced roleplay subforums. Unlike the genre sections, there's no need to post a character sheet or wait for Game Master approval; you can simply find a thread that looks interesting and post right away! JumpIns span all genres, so there is a wide variety to choose from. High school, fanbased, and modern fantasy are common favorites, but did you know that right now there are more RPs in JumpIns with the Apocalyptic prefix than any other specific genre? Horror and post-apocalyptic games (especially zombies) seem to end up here quite a bit!

    Let's check out some of the threads currently floating around in this section.


    2035 by @Thomas McTavish
    See OOC

    Thomas McTavish launched 2035 on April 14, 2013. Today, eight and a half months later, it's still running! This earns it special recognition for being the oldest active RP in the JumpIn forum. We all know how hard it can be to keep a roleplay alive, so kudos go to the players for beating the odds (including a disappearing GM; Thomas himself hasn't posted since early October). What's more, the setting is kickass, being a genre-blend of post-apocalyptic sci-fan. In New Hell, survivors both human and magical must weather a world ravaged by zombie outbreak and nuclear winter. The story has spanned more than 40 pages at this point and while the group of remaining players is small, four out of five have been playing since the very beginning (@Akuma has been playing since the very first page, in fact). It would be a shame to see this one die now, so if you don't mind being a lot late to the party and 2035 is up your alley, go drop a word in the OOC and ask if you can be caught up to speed!

    Kylen's Interdimensional Bar by @Kylen
    See OOC

    Only having just started rolling around mid-December, Kylen's Interdimensional Bar is already one of the most active roleplays in the JumpIn section and features posts from sixteen different players. Kylen keeps having to tell people to slow down! The premise is a classic: an interdimensional bar where characters wander in from various universes. What results is a cast list comprised of an anthro bartender, a Holocaust-victim-turned-Duke-of-Hell, a cartoon pony, a catgirl, a flamboyantly foreign fruit bat, an old alchemist, a steampunk scientist, a Jokaero a la Warhammer 40K (named Bob), and other such colorful characters (LITERALLY colorful, in more than one case). If you're looking for a lighthearted multiverse game with a bit of schmoozing, boozing, and the occasional brawl, this might be the RP for you.


    The Psychosis of a City by @RiverNotch

    RiverNotch's brainchild here is an interesting little experiment in unconventional roleplaying. Rather than being driven by individual human characters, The Psychosis of a City is about adding character to the city itself. Each post gives the players the opportunity to write a mini story and use their characters to tell more about the setting. Unfortunately this particular abstract bent doesn't seem to be going over well with the regular JumpIns players- or else it somehow has escaped notice- and poor RiverNotch has been RPing with himself for a month! Any world-builders and storytellers should head over to the JumpIn section and give it a second glance.

    This Wasn't What I Wanted! by @EquinoxSol
    See OOC

    I'm a big fan of cyberpunk, so I might be biased, but it is a huge shame to see great writing and great ideas go unnoticed like they are in This Wasn't What I Wanted! Currently, the roleplay is being carried in entirety by EquinoxSol and @DoS, who are playing a wanted (notorious) hacker and an innocent bystander that get caught up in the chaos when a public protest by Fawkes-mask-wearing Anon turns into bloodshed. I highly recommend that anyone jonesing for something cyberpunk should go hit the pair of them up in the OOC and start plotting.


    A New Future by @zenith

    This roleplay explores the potential future of the Mars One project. Zenith is looking for potential applicants to be part of the colonization of Mars. A New Future is fresh out of the oven and in need of players, so if you are looking for a bit of futuristic adventure, check this one out.

    Oh My Mafia! by @ScarletNova

    In a city ruled by two rival mafia families, there is a bit of real family drama when a cop's daughter runs away from home. This roleplay looks to be headed straight into the war zone! Action and crime drama seem to be the order of the day (and judging from the thread prefix, a little bit of romance), so go jump right in and help ScarletNova get Oh My Mafia! going.

    This has been the latest from Ozzie Chanter, your friendly neighborhood thingummy. GO JUMP IN SOME GODDAMN ROLEPLAYS!


    Do you belong in the real world? No? Do you believe in the impossible? Then you are welcome here!

    Here are some of the hottest new and upcoming RPs in this section...

    The Game
    Enter a game in which there is no escape, no option but to play, and hope you survive. The upside? You are part of a royal household. Be a prince, be a servant, a guard, a confidant. Be whatever you'd like, just as long as you can be alive. But what does this sinister game have in store? Only the Game knows...

    One Piece: The Black Moon Pirates
    You've probably seen the ad for this roleplay floating around, but have you read it? Enter the world of One Piece in this prologue-era fanbased RP. You are in the time of Captain Emrick and the Black Moon pirates as they journey to chart the Grand Line, and escape the bounty on their heads. Will you help them, or hinder them? The choice is yours! This roleplay is always accepting new members, so don't be shy to sign up!

    Clockwork Thief
    In a gritty clockpunk city, the denizens of the underworld are rising up against the Watch Duke, led by a shadowy leader, the Clockwork Thief. Fighting Sentinels, upper classes, and strict precision through a network of controlled chaos, they seek to pull themselves up from the grimy bottom. This is a gritty, dark world, not for the delicate. Will you join the band?

    Land of Fey: Introducing Twyx Court
    We usually see Fae from the side of the human world, but this roleplay takes us into the Fae's world. A world mostly without rules, both beautiful and dangerous, where humans exist but are not exactly at home, or always welcome. That is, until Twyx Court. A safe place for humans, fae, and half-breeds alike to reside in peace. You may choose your court and your race. You may choose your own adventure. This is an open-ended story for you to live in and enjoy.

    FateGuard: Darker Nights (OOC)
    As a sequel to its recently completed namesake, Darker Nights continues the story of the FateGuard, now vigilante protectors of Gothenheim, a pilgrim city. This is a challenging and complex roleplay, mixing vigilanteism with domestic city life as well as political struggle. If you are looking for a well-rounded and dedicated adventure, FateGuard may be what you're looking for!


    The Realistic section does not get enough love. And why IS that? You can do anything from Victorian Mystery, to High School Drama, to Spy Action! Here are a few open roleplays that you might be interested in.

    Scions of Fairfax: Set in 1923 London, this has a wonderful historical flair with plenty of room for drama and plot twists.

    Hidden Identities: You've been invited to a masquerade, and then suddenly people end up dead. Figure out what happens!

    Secrets In our School: Is set in Preston High, where everyone has a deep dark secret they don't want to get out.

    Honor Thy Familiy: You are a hitman representing one of the many mafia families.

    SCI-FI ROLEPLAYS, dodgerblue

    Merry holidays and happy new year to all! This time, I am happy to report that the science-fiction section has had plenty of new roleplays that sprung up, so without further ado, let us delve into them!

    First of all, we have Radioactive which seems to be a fun game that is centred around people with powers that hail from radioactivity. The roleplay is just starting out, the character sheets are brief and simple, but they also give tremendous room for creativity. Though there is no IC thread yet, it looks like a promising, action-rich setting which gets some of its themes from the “NUCLEAR POWER IS AWESOME” idea of old.

    Secondly, there is Equilibrium: Rise of All which is worth mentioning for the particularly interesting setting. In this roleplay, players can play not only a single character, but rather, an entire nation that is on the verge of exploring the interstellar spaces. There are no player spots filled yet, but for those who are looking for a long-term, strategic roleplay with diplomacy, strategy, intrigue and all that good stuff, it should be perfect.

    Next is All That Remains which not only grabs the attention of the reader by its interesting, cyberpunk-esque hyper-advanced premise and the promise of interesting player interactions, but also an open world, a plot that seems to be malleable, as in, dictated by player ideas, not to mention that even though the IC has barely opened, the posts provide a good read too. Sign-ups should still be open, and if you are looking for an interesting moral struggle as well as something new, this is a definite must-play.

    If you are a fan of the Megaman franchise, then this next roleplay is going to be a large piece of candy that you can munch on. Namely, I am talking about R.O.C.K. ON which is heavily rooted in the Megaman universe, especially Megaman Zero. The roleplay is still open and it seems to go at quite a fast pace, so be sure you have the time to take part in it before you apply!

    Last but not least, there is Ocean of Stars: No Time Left a promising roleplay which is about a simple ship that is out to save the galaxy… And maybe make a quick buck in the process. The setting of this roleplay is quite detailed from weaponry to personal shields. The gamemaster is also looking for someone who can help them direct the plot, not just players, and the roleplay is still in early stages, so grab your spots while you can!


    Here lies some of the roleplays currently taking place in the Misc. section. They are listed for a couple of reason. Either because they are new, need players, concept, or even just because they might be a good read. Enjoy!


    The World
    This first rp looks to be an interesting one. According to the GM, Silver, the “Basic gist” goes like this: “You play as a comatose person transported to a mash up world made by the minds of yours and other comatose peoples. You’re stuck in the world until you can find your way back to your body. If your body dies, you’re stuck. If your die while you’re in the world, your mind dies and your body becomes a vegetable. The Basic storyline is a traveling quest like adventure to get those who can go back, back to their bodies.” Sounds like a winner to me!

    OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-world.37190/

    The Prides

    Get your nostalgia ready, because it is time to dive into some old-school, Disney magic. It is more or less the The Lion King universe, but you can’t be any of the canon characters. You must make your own, whether it be a lion, hyena, or some other critter! Hakuna Matata!

    OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threa...-sign-ups-ooc-feel-free-to-share-ideas.37590/

    The Syndicate of Global Malice

    This first roleplay is one half of the same story, from Mr. Majestic. This side of the fence is centered around the bad guys aka The Syndicate of Global Malice. These guys seek to bring the whole world to fear this evil organization! And they looked poised for victory. So you heroes better step up your games, because you are going to need it.

    OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-syndicate-of-global-malice.37447/

    The Mega Club of America

    This brings me to the other side of the fence. The Mega Club of America aka The Good Guys seek adventure and to stop the vile forces of the Syndicate of global malice. You have been drafted to protect your world from anything that may threaten it! I think this will be an interesting rp to get into, and would be worth your time!

    OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-mega-club-of-america-mca.37420/

    The Talented

    From the mind of GM Alyssa, comes an rp about people getting put into slavery and having science experiments performed on them! You are going to play one of the test subjects and try and combat the harsh environment! Thankfully, you won’t be alone….and you won’t be defenseless. Your powers will be there to help remedy the situation. Survival depends on you.

    OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-talented.36634/

    NOTABLE CONTENT, skyblue

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    The holidays are drawing to a close at last! Here are some threads from General Chatting that helped carry us through those hectic times.

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    • What inspires you? Where do you find your inspiration? What inspired your greatest work?
    • New year resolutions It wouldn't be a new year without some resolutions! Even if you resolve NOT to resolve anything, let us know!

    CURTAIN CALL, skyblue

    And with that, dearest members, the newsletter bids you adeiu. Make those roleplays ROCK SUPER AWESOME and may the muse be with you! <3

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  3. Interesting setting? I'm flattered. But yeah, so far only 2 players, and the more the merrier! Come on in!

    Such a shame I didn't find these earlier though. Oh well. Maybe someday and sometime someone will bring this back.

    At least this website is thriving! :D
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  10. Initially, we stopped accepting volunteers yesterday, but I'll make an exception since it's still pretty early ^^ Just visit this group here and if you have any questions feel free to ask :D