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Lead Editor: Pirogeth
Co-writer: Sakura
Authors: Tyler Crane, Patty Pixie
Article Writer: Corvus Corax
Graphics Designer: Tuxedo Mask

First of 2010[/align]

The first month of 2010 is already over can you believe it? For sure it has been filled with different posts, threads, and other candies we can pull out of this mess. Also with a new year comes a new set of articles. Things from a short story to a new top ten brought to you by our own Corvus Corax. Now let us begin this letter with one of the new additions, the short stories.


[align=center]Short Stories[/align]

[align=center]The Pantheon: Odysseus

By: Tyler Crane[/align]

Footsteps rang out in the hallway. A man in a duster and a broad rimed hat was being chased through the new empty office building. The group that was chasing him was lead by a man in his mid twenties.

The man being chased banked a sharp turn in the middle of the hallway, busting through a locked door. As the group behind him turned to follow, they skidded to a halt. The door leads to a stairwell. The leader of the group gave two signals. With several nods the group split up into three parts.

The group that stayed with the leader began to ascend the stairwell. As they did this they pulled out weapons. The leader had a Glock.

Reaching the landing to the next floor he noticed the door was slightly ajar. Giving another signal, the man at the rear turned around and aimed his M16 up the stairs. The two that were left moved in through the door.

The two men started searching the rooms. None of them were locked anymore. The leader reached the cross section of the rooms when he signaled for the other man to stop. The leader pulled out what looked like a black light.

"He's sweating" the leader said under his breath as several spots showed up. Motioning the other man to follow, he moved forward. Following the trail came to a corner office.

The second man pushed open the door as the leader stepped into the room. He saw the man in the duster trying to open another door in the room.

The leader leveled his gun at the man. "Put your hands up!" he shouted. The man in the duster put his hands up. "What did you do with my uncle?" the leader asked.

The man in the duster turned around and gave him a shark toothed smile. "I didn't do anything to him." he said.

The leader snarled "That's bullshit! I know he contacted you Odysseus, now where is he?" the leader demanded.

Odysseus's grin broadened "Why should I say Gabriel? I know how it works, I tell, I die." He said before he sprinted for the window.

Gabriel's gun fired three times, but the bullets passed through Odysseus and smashed into glass and metal. Odysseus's grin grew even bigger. When he saw the other man he stopped smiling.

The second man held an iron baton in his hand; he swung it at Odysseus's chest. Odysseus rolled his shoulder backwards. The baton clipped his shoulder, throwing him off balance. Odysseus tried to get up only to get put in a choke hold.

Gabriel put the barrel of his gun in Odysseus's face. "Now, what did you do with my uncle?"

Odysseus's shark toothed smile returned. "Midas," he said, "I sent him to see Midas." Odysseus teeth then became sharp and he bit into the second man's arm, at the same time he kicked Gabriel. With blood dripping from his mouth Odysseus ran to the window and threw it open. He jumped out the window by the time Gabriel recovered from the kick.

Gabriel ran over to the other man and pulled out his radio. "Medic to fifth floor, North West corner office, all men, converge on fifth floor North West corner office." He then began applying pressure above the man's wound.

Gabriel smelled a sea breeze from the open window. Looking up he no longer saw the city. All that was there was an expanse of water. Staring out Gabriel muttered, "What on earth are we getting into here?"


[align=center]Romantic Comedy

By: Pattie Pixie[/align]

You could tell, just by looking at him, that he hadn't slept in at least two days. The bags under his eyes were a dark bluish-purple and he was twitching slightly from the excess of caffeine in his system. I giggled a bit, remembering why he was doing this to himself. He was the spitting image of L Lawliet, the greatest detective of the century. His black hair was disheveled in a way that looked like he just got out of bed, contrary to his eyes that looked like he hadn't slept in a week. His white, long-sleeve shirt and jeans hung loosely on his frame as he innocently sucked on a pink lollypop, held between his thumb and forefinger. He looked nothing like a detective. That's why I loved him, the character and the cosplayer.
I met him like this, at a con in October, two years ago. I was Misa Amane, like I was now, and he was L Lawliet. I knew I wanted him the first time I saw him. However, after two years of wanting and loving, I never got anything back. To be completely honest, I always got who I wanted. I had bleach blonde hair that came down to my mid-back, and bright blue eyes. I had both T and A. In the words of many a boy toy, I was a total doll. I was used to picking out a guy anywhere I was, and having his number before I left. The point is, I wanted James and never got him. That's why he's so attractive to me. He never gave in. Most of his friends did, but never James. Now, as I stood next to him in the gigantic line, I wanted him more than ever. It was only the two of us. The rest of our group had gone for coffee, but we stayed back to keep our spot. The fact that there was a couple in front of us, making out, didn't help my mind from wandering.
"Dani," I heard him say.
"How long 'till they come back, do you think?" James asked, still looking forward.
"I don't know. The nearest Starbucks is pretty far away."
Shit. I knew it. He was probably feeling awkward that it was just the two of us.
"Yeah...And Maddie won't drink anything but that," James smiled. GOD, he looked cute. His smile got me every time. He went silent for a while so, I took out a map of the convention. Maybe we could go to an anime viewing room and sit in the back...
"How are you and Aaron getting along?"
I looked up at him. He was looking over at me pretty seriously. "Uh...not very good. I was planning on ending it with him on Monday, actually."
"Oh," James said, looking away again. "Are you planning on seeing someone else, then?"
"I don't know. Depends on who wants to date me," I replied, going back to the map. What was he trying to get at?
"What if it was me?" He asked. I looked up and his blue eyes bore into me. Was he really asking me this? Was he serious? He could be joking...but he looked serious...but he was a great actor. I closed my eyes and winced.
"I would accept..."
Really? REALLY?
"I-I think I love you?" I opened my eyes a bit and saw a smile appear on James's face. I smiled too, and suddenly felt his arms around me.
"Good. I don't know what I would do if you had said no," he said, kissing the top of my head. The sensation of it traveled all the way to the tips of my toes. Was this for real?
"You're serious?" I asked, still worried this was all just a joke.
"Yes!" James laughed a bit and held me closer. "You are what I want, Dani." I felt a finger lift my chin up and found myself looking into his eyes. "Kiss me?" I nodded and closed my eyes as our lips connected. My knees gave way and I almost collapsed. James pulled me back up and smiled.
"Never leave me, okay?" He said, looking directly into my eyes.
"Of course," I replied, kissing him again, sealing the promise. This was the best con ever.


[align=center]Meet the Staff


This month we shall see to it that Diana gets her time in the spotlight. Her constant efforts, although most are behind the scenes, have helped Iwaku be what it is today. Diana is one of the three admins as many seem to be aware.

On a social level Diana is very easy to get along with. She likes to have chats in the cbox but loves it when people make RP posts. Nothing can please productivity like a few new threads. Her efforts even extend to the chat role players as she makes schedules for them every month.

Recently she has contracted a disease and will be out the following weeks. However, when she does get back you can have the courage to talk with her and get to know Di.


[align=center]Roleplay Therapy Update[/align]

So far there have been four submissions and three out of four have been answered and answered well. The information is exceedingly helpful and that is just tossing things back between two of the therapists. When more submissions get in the collective can work together and give you a variety of expert opinions that can really help you. So stop on by and check in for an appointment. Nothing is too small of a case and the other therapists need work hours too.

The Roleplay Therapy Guys


Corvus is back, yet again!
((Stop groaning.))

So, I had people toss names into a thread earlier...not telling you what context they would be used in but just that they would be used in my top ten list.* I used them in the archives to find the top ten moments where you may be glad YOUR name wasn't used!

**ANYWHOOOOO! ==> Sit back, don't stab that Sho, grab a Isabella cause its time to
((TC will provide glow pills in case of a Isabella disappearance.))

Top ten moments you may be glad that your name wasn't used!

Ten- Kaze needs to be shot down.. *grabs her shotgun*

Nine- *locks self in dawn 's yaoi prison*

Eight- *grabs Slyen before tossing him into the air and whacking him with the Infinity Bat sending him spiraling out of the stadium and through the moon.

Seven- *molests sol in last week*

Six- Last I checked this was Ric 's baby.

Five-I only do the rape glow to Sho...

Four-but me and TK already impregnated each other O__O

Three-*shoves megane * EXPLAIN TSUNDERE TO ASMO

Two- *starts diana summoning sequence* auhmmmmm.... sex sex sex sex sex sex sex auhmmmmmmmm.... *brings out some thick, whitish liquid and uses it to draw something on the ground*

One-oh... so.... vay had had a huge calamari removed from his ass?

*Private messages with suggestions for the next top ten list will not be over looked. They will be appreciated! I have a idea or two, but I'd love input!
**So far Corvus Corax retains her right to make cheesy and/or possibly rage inducing comments.


Pirogeth's Lounge

Man doing this makes me seem so uniformed. I never have any kind of color difference. So to change things up this time I'm going to make this thing unreadable as plain text with code.

Yeah that's better, a new color a new day. Now let's get started with some of the more active threads in the General Section!

[align=right]The Seven Deadly Iwakuans[/align]

[align=center]So good ol' Jack Shade has imposed a question upon us. What Iwakuans would be what kind of sins. And as a bonus we could also name the people who stand for the seven virtues. And finally we find out who are the four horseman of the Apocalypse. Here are a few entries given to us.[/align]

Faith: Xindaris
Hope: Sakura
Charity: Kitti
Prudence: Coffee
Justice: Palonis
Temperance: Woodrat
Courage: Tegan

Lust: Katsugi
Sloth: Orochi
Wrath: WMD
Pride: Ricarten
Envy: Porg
Gluttony: Jinx
Greed: Mabushii

Death: Rory (lol, RPs)
War: Ryker
Famine: Asmodeus (lol, hijacks)
Pestilence: Megane

And from Vay…

Faith: Diana (How many server crashes has she sorted through?)
Hope: Shakura (Had to go to one of the Moeblobs)
Charity: Nino
Prudence: um.... meg?
Justice: Jinx (hes always shouting about his very violent form of justice)
Temperance: Pirogeth (don;t ask me why... I don't know)
Courage: Corvus

Lust: Sol (He was iHor)
Sloth: Darkness
Wrath: Paorou
Pride: Frost
Envy: Rory (he all know hes after Asmos throne)
Gluttony: Sho..... (hes the cupcake man)
Greed: Colc (we all know you want to rule the multiverce... we know)

Death: Asmodeus (hes trying to kill everyone in IW with his elders)
War: you know who... Carl >_>
Famine: Jack (moths destroy crops)
Pestilence: Mara (spreads the preggers)

And how about from a member we don't see too often, Clover.

I picked "Envy" as my sin. Everytime I got out anywhere, I judge EVERYONE & envy everything they have... Then I get jealous & it throws my whole night off.

Anyways, I don't know many member here, but I'll join in the fun:

Lust: Kura (XD)
Sloth: Slyen (From the "Would you date ____'s avatar?" thread... Hehe!)
Wrath: Zinnon (From AFTA)
Pride: Pan (I don't really have a reason, just get a prideful vibe from you.)
Envy: Jinx (Envious of ROBOTS!)
Gluttony: ??? (I can't think of anyone.)
Greed: Sho (ALWAYS stealing people)

[align=right]HAIRo, what are you UPDO[/align]

[align=center]Katsugi shows off her fun hairstyles and such. Go and show off some of yours. Let's take a look at two of them.[/align]

The Katsugi Hairstache.


Clover and 'er Short Hair


[align=right]The Font Addiction[/align]

[align=center]Look at all the pretty fonts. Everyone seems to find one they like. Go and check it out to see one you like. Here is one that Viral Fiend liked.[/align]


[align=center]HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED IT!

And I hope I was a good Sakura fill in.
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Wee! Good job everyone!!

One more thing guys!!

Starting next month, I will be starting a "Dear Patty..." Section!
So, send me your questions (Via PM) about love, life, or something completely random, if you want! I'll pick out my favorite questions to answer each month. ^_^
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Awesome! Clover listed me as Pride!

*spins and glows* I did the rape glow to Sho!
Awesome job this Month guys.
Heheheh...This is one time I'm fairly glad I wasn't mentioned by current name...
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