Iwaku Newsletter: It's Fall and Here Comes Halloween

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    Head Editor: Pirogeth
    Co-writer: Sakura
    Insanity Writer: Miru

    Member of the Month



    Congratulations Vay! Your effort to keep active even through a busy schedule has earned you the Member of the Month. Even though Vay had been bogged down with his own personal agenda he still managed to find time to write and respond to RP’s. All in all Vay has worked tirelessly to stay with us all of September and thus he has earned a high award of the Iwaku Staffies.

    [align=center] Iwaku Comic
    Image by: Pirogeth[/align]

    [align=center]Announcements & Events[/align]

    Iwaku Costume Party

    It is that time of year again, where ghosts and goblins roam free in our imaginations and we all dress up. Well the Iwaku follows its tradition with all of their members dressing up in their costumes. With everyone changing their name and their avatars, and even their signatures, it can be quite confusing. So if you have not already please check out the The Name Changes thread. This will help your fellow Iwakuans as well as your staff.

    Registered changes so far:

    -Xindaris as Asmo Imitator
    -King Weavel as Golbez
    -October Knight as Black Mage
    -Tyler Crane as Vivi
    -Pirogeth as Kefka
    -Diana as Glampire D
    -Pattypixie as Harliquinn
    -Rory as David Isacat
    -Jinx as Owlbear Ninja Fight Force 4
    -Megane as Cloud
    -Kitti as Sephiroth
    -Shiny as Nougami Neuro
    -Torsty as Nunnally
    -Lady Shan as Kuja
    -Ampoule as The Boss
    -Miru as Moe Neko
    -Fluffy as Stitch
    -Field Commander McCarthy as himself
    -Blood Magdelene as I Eat Brains
    -Grumpy as Jack Bauer

    An Iwaku Halloween


    Also with the coming of Halloween is the Event RP created by Chaos, An Iwaku Halloween. Everybody is invited to join in on the festivities. So what happens when a large tainted amount of radioactive candy corn is sent throughout the masses? What possible plans could the dentists be concocting to fight this outbreak? Could this be the last Halloween? All these questions answered and more when you sign up for this wondrous and devilish Event RP.

    A Halloween Skin

    Finally along the lines of Halloween-esque things around the forum is our new Halloween skin. To switch over to the new skin you should find a drop down menu at the bottom of the forum. In that dropdown menu is the selection Halloween. It is as simple as a click to change to and revert back to new and old skins.

    [align=center]New OOC Coverage


    What could this mean? Is it possible that the Iwaku broke again? No no that is not the case, rather it is a call out to everyone. That is right everyone has their own imagination and thus has their own ideas. New RP’s seem to be something that people hesitate about and we at the staff would like you to feel at home. So whatever ideas, concoctions, and stories you have in mind share them with us. Even if they are a silly one it could be a well needed break from the more serious RP’s people get into. Anything is welcome so get out there and broadcast your ideas in OOC form. Who knows, maybe it will enter the hall of fame.

    [align=center]ThE kInGdOM

    Due to an unforeseen incident, the Miru shall temporarily steal this part of the Newsletter! xp
    Now here's the Top 5 picks for the wonderful Kingdom of Insanity!!!!

    Number 1: So I'm fucking classy

    Created by our own Darkness, this chronicles his midnight session of cigarette-smoking, jazz-playing life... for about 5 minutes. ^_^ What starts as a calm statement quickly degenerates into a semi-classy discussion about childhood cheating. Afterward, the thread introduces a dilemma: The need for an ORIGINAL COMEBACK! The Pao-man suggests using Darkness to fill Isabella's spot, but all is forgotten when catastrophe strikes!
    Well, it was apparently ALL RORY'S FAULT! *Fake gasp* And now all hell breaks loose- something the Kingdom of Insanity excels in! Shotguns and robots and ROCKETS-OH MY! Fans of man-boobs and body-building... This thread is for YOU!

    Number 2: oh ho ho
    What it lacks in posts, it makes up for in CONTENT, BABY!
    We've got movie trailers that may never be, but trust me- they'll touch your emotions, and possibly your body. @_@
    Paperboy, NARC, Rampage, MANHUNT, Duckhunt, and.... Mario Paint?! REALLY?! REALLY?! WTF?

    Number 3:Explanation! T_T
    To avoid long arguments, let's fast-forward this thing, shall we?
    *Herm herm*

    EVERYONE: Yes, you are!
    MIRU: NOOOO!!!
    EVERYONE: Insults, insults, insults, insults.... T_T

    Number 4:MANLY WRESTLING!!!!
    How can you lose with this?!... I'm not inclined to say.
    But apparently, it's popular among the boys and girls of Iwaku. Myself, I beg to differ. Bill's wrestling eliteness is the true reason behind the great Iwaku Crash, and Chaos must wash his eyes out with X-rated hentai! (@_@)
    And- WHOA, TK, control your Ampu-urges, jeez! This forum must be hidden, or Asmo shall purify the forums again! Why am I posting it, then?
    Oh, but wait! In a bizarre turn of events, it would appear the Asmo-man has to face a rebeliion!!! How will this turn out?! Who cares?!!!! ^_^

    Number 5: Asmo Posts for Idiots!
    Why is this even here? FOR VARIETY! No, not really! It's a warning! Stay AWAY!
    This WILL BURN YOUR EYES, question your very being, confuse and enrage you simultaneously, commit Sepuku, tremble, suffer from poverty, and FINALLY spaz and twitch on the floor!
  2. Wow.. I've been gone a month and I am still mentioned! Yay! *glows*
  3. Uhhh... Etooo >_<

    Sakura is a pooo-pooo.

    I was reminded to work on my part of the Newsletter on Monday-ish, but then I never got time. And then, like THURSDAY NIGHT AT TEN I WAS LIKE "OH NO PIRO IM SO SORRY TOMORROW FOR SURE"

    And then, Friday, since I had the fluu (nastyoldthingtriedtokillAmpuutoo) I ended up falling asleep at school, creating all this sickkyness drama and rained on Piro-kun's paradeee =_=


    This was totally out of my control, but Piro-kun deserves a patontheback for always putting up with my nuisances x3.
  4. "She does it because she care." He gently patted her head. "It might not seem like it, but mommy is hurt too."
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