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  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
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All hail to the Viking and his awesome recruitment strategy. With his knowledge of the foreign seas he has raped and pillaged some foreign members onto our site, some of which have stuck around. So congratulations to Torsty and his Norwegian Pirating endeavors as it has earned him the well needed respect a mass recruiter deserves.

[align=center]Announcements & News[/align]

Diana's Community News

  • The Cbox has been updated this week with a fresh version. If you're having loading troubles, make sure you refresh the page or try clearing out your browser cache.
  • At the bottom of the forum index, you'll see a "Top 5 Stats" box. It's not new, but it's new on the index, to give you a quick browse of the latest posts, new & top members.
  • We're planning some Chat Roleplay nights. So vote in the topic with your available times.
  • Piro needs volunteers for the Iwaku News Crew. Support Iwaku and get involved.
  • There's been several new roleplays this week! Check them out!
  • Occasionally there is fun Stalking Toys. Are you an active member of Iwaku?
  • Added some new smilies too. c__c :king:

New This Week:

Upcoming Updates:
  • The Chat Roleplay Schedule should be posted up in time for November! Vote on the schedule in the Feedback forum!
  • Staff are currently discussing minor changes to the forum structures and getting rid of extra subforums.
  • The forum system will be getting an update in a few weeks. It'll include an area for people to store their character bios and roleplay content!

  • We always need fresh blood in the roleplays. Don't hesitate to go out and kidnap us some newbies! <3 We're loving some of our latest new people!
  • The Iwaku Newsletter always wants content! Stop by the Group to submit ideas or articles.
  • Remember that the General forum is not Insanity! You're allow to be silly, but please don't go off-topic of the thread!
  • If you are a Roleplay GM, please submit a quick paragraph about your plot to the Tavern. It will help players find your roleplays better. :D

New This Week:
  • New in the OOC; The Staff includes a secret organization trying to take over, Not Another School Roleplay follows the recent school setting trend with a open plot and a magical twist, and Second Chances featuring what happens when you give people that failed at a life a second chance to do something great.
  • In the Social Groups there is now a group dedicated to the Iwaku Show! Participate in the special voice chat events!
  • Some additional smilies have been added, including some oldschool favorites and some handy tools for roleplays! Like buttons for :fantasy: or directing people to :fantasyc: cbox channels!

Upcoming Updates:
  • There's still time to VOTE on the Chat Roleplay Schedule for November!
  • A reminder that there will be a forum update in a couple weeks, giving a handy new area for people to store character and roleplay content! Staff are also still discussing forum structure changes!

  • KIDNAPPING NEWBIES. We wants their bloods.
  • The Iwaku Newsletter always needs content! Stop by the Group to submit ideas or articles.
  • If you are a Roleplay GM, please submit a quick paragraph about your plot to the Tavern. It will help players find your roleplays better. :D

[align=center]Roleplay Central[/align]

Project Genesis

Previously on Project Genesis…

The Tesla tried to transport Sahar, the Messiah, to a new location. Shortly after taking off ground forces from the Rebels took over a small air ship base that was supposed to rendezvous with the Tesla. After taking on the guise of the lead officer there, the Tesla was instructed to land leaving it wide open for attack. The assault upon it was brutal killing many in the first few minutes. It was not long before Setem, Rhiannon, Altair, and even 02 had boarded the downed Tesla all in search of securing The Messiah.

It was not long before a 00 met another as Rhiannon and Setem faced down each other. They were interrupted by 02's appearance, but, Setem dragged his fight with Rhiannon away from the others knowing it could potentially kill those nearby. 02 was free to meet with Sahar but Amy Sherridan tried to stop such a strange and pleasant meeting with a gun. He overpowered her rather quickly but did not kill her as he took orders from Sahar.

While the 00's were in the midst of their own confrontation, the new group lead by Altair, 01, took the Tesla and the command deck which was trying to be destroyed with explosives. The Rebels never got the chance to destroy the command deck as Altair had his own plans for the Tesla. Before it could take off, Setem finished his battle as well as everyone else's. A quick rush of water through the ship and everyone was flooded out besides those on the sealed off command deck. He fainted, using up too much power leaving Rhiannon to do what she was ordered to do with Sahar.

Begin Episode 3…

Sahar is bound and blinded along with Dr. Amy Sherridan, Altair is taking off in the Tesla, and things seem to be working out for Dayne. What is to come of these recent events and what will happen to Sahar? Could this be the beginning of the end for Crusade, or do they have something up their sleeve which could destroy the Rebels once and for all? Only time will tell.

[align=center]The Iwaku Show: Halloween Madness Coming Soon[/align]

That is right the next Iwaku show is on its way. Within the next 48 hours the show will be done editing and will be uploaded to the Youtube account Iwakugeth. Be sure not to miss it as it was fun to do and more than likely really fun to hear. Our cast list is nice and large this time including our very own Sakura taking part. Enjoy the madness as it unfolds. A notification will be posted when it is uploaded.

[align=center] THE KINGDOM OF INSANITY!!!![/align]

Heh heh.... It's almost time for Halloween, everybody!!! And you all know what that means! COSTUMES! NAME CHANGES! AND, of course, INCREDIBLY AWKWARD/MISINTERPRETED MANGA SCENES!!!!! Soooooooo....why don't we just DROP right in and take a look at the swirling cesspool of random? BECAUSE I SAID SO.

The Daily Rage
No, this is NOT a trick! Believe it or not, there's actually a site out there for all your RAGING needs! *Cough cough* *Insert not-so-subtle reference to Asmo and Orochi here* Whether it's about emails, pets, Mario, World of Warcraft, or loads of other stuff that I'm way too lazy to look for....Chances are you can find it on this simplistic, primitive site! ^_^ Heck, the very RAAAAAAAAAAAGE comic made to mock the Daily Rage (Made by our very own Zero!) was included as an issue of the Daily Rage! EPIC WIN!!!!! >u<

Iwaku is CURSED
Indeed, Danana, indeed.
In this detective-style Insanity thread, Danana begins pointing fingers at (innocent???) Iwaku members. Through this, it's quite obvious that she's DESPERATE for SOMEONE to blame! (Please don't kill me, Danana. >n<)
The suspects?
Ampoule, the deadly double-trap
Paorou, the "totally lame" ruler of Insanity
Isabella, the spiteful trap
DANANA! The grief-stricken lover of Moonwings!
Asmo, the ever-hateful target-dummy.
Piro, my very own newspaper boss? NUH-UH! >:(
Saki-chan? The moe-err....NOT MOE girl currently burdened with SKEWL?

Or perchance it was someone else? Someone not on this list! Maybe it was..... ME! >.>
Following this little detective story is the attempted rape of WMD.
Darkness is accused of a fascination with GAY MEN.
Harley points out that Rory isn't a suspect... HE IS NOW!!!! *Points to the above accusation...KIND OF HARD TO MISS!!!!!-_-'* The Boogey man begins his horrible plot ot make money of the accusations, but the ORANGE BOY shred his dreams (and body, apparently) with a barrage of bullets! Cloud points a not-so-subtle finger at Jinx...and gets ignored COMPLETELY! ^_^ And then SHO gets accused! Wait...who's Sho dressed as.... This Halloween name changing stuff is confuzzling me! >n< WMD brings back the root of the words "faggot" and "gay". They weren't always insults, kiddies! XP I get beat senseless several times by Jack Bauer... THAT FIEND!!!! Ughh... This thread has become a COMMUNIST PARTEH! COMMUNISTS!!! ATTACK, JACK!

What does Paorou use to thin the paint on his walls?

No...Just.....Oh, god, no.....THAT JOKE SUCKED! Right now, I'm gonna be a douche and agree with Izzy... Do it, Izzy, do it. Oh, but what's this? The LULZ meter gets normalized due to Danana's quick thinking! And the ORANGE BOY adds insult to the injury caused by Izzy's joke! LULZ! The overly-logical C.C. simply agrees with Orange Boy...Meh. Izzy needs to STOP GOING ON 4CHAN! Bad IZZY!!!!! WMD UBER FISH-SMACKS IZZY in retaliation! LUlZ! Izzy cries.... No LULZ. Paorou explains the exact-alikeness (YES, I MADE A WORD! WHAT OF IT?)
of original content and lame content. And Orange Boy (or Archetype? They confuse the hell out of me...) sodomize Izzy with WMD's armor... Talk about damaged pride, ouch... I guess that makes Izzy a dinosaur? What kind? A MEGA-SOREASS!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAA!!! LULZ! *Horrible joke from RC* Oh, wait.... The recent sodomy has forced Izzy to become a hippy? I don't think Archetype cared about peace, Izzy...And I was right. <.< NOW EVERYONE LAUGH AT IZZY!!!! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! XD

Okay, what's wrong, Amp-AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!~ IT'S ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Err...seriously? A dog? Genius. Look at the ambiguous cat/dog thing!! Name it BOSS! IT'S TOTALLY MANLY! Right, Ampoule? MANLY MAN CAT! Snack? Coffee, are you gonna eat the poor thing? >.> What....the....... ALL THESE NAMES SUCK! EXCEPT! "Boss, Artemis, Pao" Those are decent. HEY CAT, STOP DRINKING THE PEOPLE DRINKS, BECAUSE YOU'RE A CAT! Oh, wait, it'll kill us all with it's kawaii cuteness? Huh...HEY, WAIT... THIS ISN'T SAILOR MOON, YOU DERPS!!!!!!!!Let's see.... Aki, stop giving a CAT PEOPLE names! Remember, cat-owners.... A well-reminded CAT is an obedient/slightly emo CAT.

Grumps, who's that in your avatar?
Yeah, here's an early spoiler.... SHE IS A HE! Mr(s). Bauer breaks C.C.'s neck, giving ORANGE BOY(>.>) a chance to answer. Is it "Popadich"? *Buzzer sounds* Sorry, you FAIL! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Darkness needs to stop staring at guy's arses! It's creepy! *Shudders* C.C. belongs in the gay pride parade, but now until AFTER she finishes beating Jack with a chair. REVENGE, JACK!!!!! Butt-chins aside, Golbez makes an EPIC picture post! It goes from: HOMOS to BROS to BRO HOS to a beautiful BROMANCE before evolving into a BROMANCE thread! IS TK a girl? Who cares, really? XP Voldemort becomes the victim of a (verbal) sex-change operation, and.... OMG I'M FALLING THROUGH A TRAP-DOOR, WHYYYYYYY?????!!!!! Torsty gets an open relationship with a German chick...I think.... -_-' Amp gets kicked down the CLIFF OF INFINITE FALLING-ISH-NESS! But soulless catches her? DAMNIT, DAMNIT, DAMNIT!!!! Oh, but now they're both falling? YAYS! And another one... and another one... and another.... Who the HELL IS DORIAN GREY? AND WHY ARE THERE MALE STRIPPERS?!?!?!?!?! I DON'T LIKE THIS!!!!!! >n<

And that's it!!!! So I leave with these parting words....

Good night and have a happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!

*Floats off*
*Runs off with his trophy*

WOOH suckers! haha! skeet skeet!

And eh...like it says several times in the letter, we love newbies! If you feel you might need some help with that, give me a PM.
Our Insanity report apparently went insane from going through insanity! XD

Great newsletter! <3 Made me laugh!
Heh, I think I did better than my last Insanity section... ^_^;
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