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[dash=#404040]FEBRUARY HELLO!
Friendship and romantic greetings to our Iwaku Community! :3 We are pleased to announce the dead-season lull is over and activity is picking up fast all across the site. Everyday we have new people registering, so why not stop by the Member Central to say hello! New roleplays are popping up and posting habits are getting back to normal after our holiday snooze. All in all, February is looking to be an exciting month. <3 Lets get on to the local news!

We added a Partner Request Thread for all of you players seeking partners for one on one or private roleplays! All you need to do is fill out the form and post. Or browse the list of names and contact whomever you'd like to start a roleplay with.

Iwaku Roleplay Awards - Voting Phase 01 Coming up!
Thank you to everyone that took the time to submit nominations for the roleplay awards! Stay tuned for the coming week to see the PHASE ONE voting polls!

Belated Christmas Present!
Awhile back we said Iwaku was getting a Christmas present! Well, we HAVE it but we're having some problems with installation. So you'll have to wait a little longer for the big secret to be revealed. D:

Report Bugs in the FEEDBACK forum!
If you ever stumble over a weird error on the site, make sure you report it in the Feedback forum. If you don't report it, it may never get fixed! And if you bring it up in IMs or PMs, it might be forgotten about.​

[dash=#404040]IWAKU WORLD NEWS
We've come to a consensus that Iwaku World has lived long past it's expiration date. Everything we have tried in the past year has not been enough. So with mild regret, we will no longer be hosting an Iwaku World Mass RP forum.

However, all logs and Mythos will be saved in the Roleplay archives. We encourage members to keep building Mythos, or even create your OWN version of Iwaku Mythos by hosting themed roleplays in the regular forums. A perfect example is Asmodeus' Dark Reign, or with Zypher's Moonwings Spire. Both of these are great examples of making mythos your own.[/dash]

[dash=#404040]FOCUS ON ROLEPLAY
Our Most Valuable Player this month is LadyHarpy, who has surprised us all with great characters and amusing plotlines! Roleplay of the Month is, without surprise, Iwaku: Dark Reign. The most talked about roleplay the past month!

Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum. [/dash]

Congrats to Trance Kitsune for Member of the Month! Always going out of her way to post in roleplays and participate across the community. How about stopping by General to see what other Iwaku citizens are talking about?


This month we honor October Knight for his entry in the "Cliffhanger" writing challenge! Are you wanting to give your muse a little exercise? Check out some of the current and past challenges in the Corner.


[dash=#404040]BLOG BOX
Did you know the blogs are an ideal way to store information, ideas, or just ramble out nonsense to get your brain flowing? See what other members have been posting.

Blog Focus:

[dash=#404040]IWAKU PEOPLE
Hello and welcome to a very special "Iwaku People". I'm your host Ocha and with the Iwaku Role Play Awards coming closer I thought it was time to talk to a few members about role playing here on the site.

The first interview was with Rory, Admin for Iwaku for several years now.

So Rory, you've been involved in a lot of RPs here on Iwaku over the years. If there was one you could snatch from the past and replay, even with members no longer active, what do you think it might be?

Hard to say, since I have a habit of bringing plots that I've done in the past back for newer generations of Iwakuians to try out. If I had to say one, definitely would be being able to finish the Night of Aeon.

What was Night of Aeon about for those that were not around at the time.

It's a disealpunk plotline set in an alternative 1940s Italy, about members of the Church trying to deal with an increase of demonic acitivy in Rome due to the War.
And if you don't know what disealpunk is, it is Steampunk that goes in the era of the Second World War.

I imagine you enjoyed being able to know some history and then twisting it?

Of course~But it wasn't just history that got twisted, so did a lot of European folk tales.
For example the Golem of Prauge was present in one of the chapters.

That is a fun classic to play around with. If you had to describe Iwaku as it is now in one word, what would it be?

That requires too much thinking. D:
My prepared remarks were "It's a rather silly place."

I suppose we can live with that. What do you see for Iwaku in the near future?

Well this season we have many plot twists in store. For example we finally learn why Diana chose Gibs over Asmodeus...Oh, and Orochi and Kitti's children will be coming back into the plotline because of popular demand. We'll also introduce new characters like Boxerhead Man and he'll become Xnijmai's newest rival!

And thus we learn not to rely on Rory for forecasting the future. Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed.

Dammit Ocha, I'm a historian, not a fortune teller!

But if you don't learn from history you're doomed to repeat it, right?

Yes. Unless you're some sort of magical user or something.

Later I got to interview Alarice, a more recent, but very familiar face in Iwaku.

So Alarice, we know you've been on the site for a while now and are known for your interesting romantic roles as the gritty, take no shit from no one man, what would you say is your inspiration for those type of roles?
Hehe, everything! *lol softly* Although I guess that's what happens when you're sexist. XD
Are you saying you have a narrow view on how male and female characters work for you, or is this a life philosophy?
XD Life philosophy. On the other hand, a part of me *is* hoping no one gets offended. The other part is willing to shrug off offending people.
I see. And what about your female characters. Could you classify them as easily as I tried to classify your male characters?
*sheepish grin* Yep. The badass Amazon and the meek bookworm. I tried other types but apparently they don't stick so well ... and I think the badass Amazons just beat the crap out of slutty characters I try to play.
That can be a problem at times. You're in a few RPs at the moment, but if you had the time and the right collection of members, what style of RP would you really enjoy doing right now?
Oh, that's a great question! *thoughtful* Hrm, probably a sci-fi horror RP. I played a chat game with the genre and I thought it was awesome, even if the chances of my character dying was higher than usual. *lol softly* To be honest, she probably wouldn't have minded, so long as she took down a bunch of enemies with her.
A sort of "If I'm going down, you're all coming with me" sort of attitude?
You betcha. She certainly wasn't the type who was going to die in a bed of old age. I guess that's part of the fun of it all. In real life, what are your chances of doing all the things RP characters get to do?
This is very true. If you had to choose just one thing, what is your favorite part about RPing on Iwaku?
Definitely the people/players. I tried writing stories of my RP characters then realized it isn't as much fun without people to play with. It's just hard to believe that there was a time I didn't know what RPing was. XD
I think it's hard for most of us to believe. Well thank you for taking the time to let me interview you.
Hehe, you're welcome, Ocha! Hopefully one day we'll get the Feudal Goth RP going. Or did we give it a name.
I thought that was the name? Ah well, maybe this summer we'll give it another go.
In the meantime, you and Diana have Elswen: Trapped Island and then there's The Seven and perhaps a couple more I'm not thinking of. Should be fun!
It's going to be a busy season for RPs this winter.

And Finally, she's known by many names but adored by all. Trance Kitsune shares a few thoughts with me.

So beyond being the Murrstress and hence having all sorts of wacky adventures with your MurrZombies, what is your current favorite Role Play that you're in?

Shit, that's a hard one
I love all the RPs I'm in
I mean, I wouldn't join an RP unless I love it
and I love a lot of things about them all
So... I guess...
All the RPs I'm in.... are my favorites ^.^

Can you tell me a little about your most recent character?

....Hmmm, which one? The one I created in Technology of the Future?

If you'd like to speak about that one.

Alright. Sugar Cube was a character I made seeing as I haven't really played out those attitudes in a while, it's a little closer to what I used to do when I was very much at the start of my roleplaying history, 11 years ago

And what sort of character type was your early characters?

Pretty much overly-sweet and caring characters. they had a knack for ending up insane or in a bad way by the end of RPs, I suppose that's why I like darker RPs

That is a bit twisted, but I can see the appeal. What sort of characters have you been involved in lately?

More or less, klutzes, sweethearts, idiots.... innocents. It really depends on what each roleplay calls for

So you've tried to branch out over the years.
Oh hell yes
when I was first RPing, I was kinda ridged
I went by one character
Ice, a girl who who turn into a fox, controlled metal and storms. I held onto her for so long because my first rp was what I used her for. that RP was the only one I've ever been in that was completed
so for a long time I clung to her

So you kept putting her in different RPs?
And what made it worse? I was a pretty bad RPer at the begining
<.< that was pisspoor spelling right there
anyways, I'd put what she said, and then the action after it
I wouldn't use adjectives at all, thinking they weren't important

Did you have any mentors that helped you pass that here on Iwaku?

Nah, by the time Gabe scooped me up, I had already learned to get past that
I was taught by three people, Orangecow and Kale, who were gay lovers on Gaia. and also by Dante, who, for a time was an online boyfriend

Gabe is the one that brought you to Iwaku?

Yes, Gabe brought me on Iwaku ^.^
He sent me a generic message, but I was curious enough to check it out
If there was a game that you could go back and finish, what would it be?
Hmmm, I'd have to say..... The7
It was one of the best Private RPs I've ever been in
I think everyone was well meshed together, and Grumpy's a great GM

So it wasn't a 1 to 1 game?
Nah, it had seven people

That's an impressive number of people in an RP, but I suppose that's part of where the name came from.
Yup ^.^
Grumpy is probably one of the best GMs I know of
But that's also Iwaku... I mean. Everyone is able to mesh there ideas together, and rarely do things clash

Aye, it is one of the wonderful things about Iwaku. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview.
No problem! I enjoyed it ^.^

Join us next time as we try to balance multiple genres on the head of a nettle. I'm Ocha Hou-ou for "Iwaku People"

[dash=#404040]HAVE A GREAT MONTH!
There you have it, your February newsletter! :D We hope everyone gets in to something amazing this month, and we look forward to roleplaying! Salute, Iwaku!

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