Iwaku Newsletter: December 2011

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This Newsletter is brought to you By:
Diana: Editor
October Knight: Editor & Groups Highlight
Fluffy: Writing & Challenges Reports
Seiji: General Report
Kitti: Iwaku Horoscopes

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]DECEMBER: WINTER GREETINGS
November was a magical month of connections and together, but online Iwaku and offline in the real world. :D We're all so grateful that Iwaku has grown in to the kind of community where members can make real connections with real people beyond just text on a computer screen. In the upcoming month of December, when you're going a little stir crazy from too much indoors time, keep this in mind! We're all real people, gathering together to enjoy the imaginative worlds of roleplay. Stay in good cheer and use this opportunity to strengthen friendships with your long distance pals. Lets get to the news!

Forming Relations is AWESOME - Creeping is NOT!
Please remember that Iwaku isn't a dating website. Flirting and getting together is a natural thing and bound to happen when you're surrounded by cool people. BUT don't cross the lines from flirting to flat out creeping. Check out this Public Service Announcement for more information. We have a zero tolerance policy about creepers, so don't get yourself labled as one by accident!

We've now opened the Volunteer Roleplay Support Group!
Helping to make roleplaying on Iwaku fun for everyone is something ALL members of the community can help us do! If you have the extra time and would like to volunteer as a roleplaying support mentor, check out our Official Group. Here you can see what areas of the site we're needing extra support in, or ask for help if you need it!

Thread descriptions are back!
Finally after ages of waiting, you can now add a short description to your threads again. Something eye catching and informative for luring people in to your roleplays. Sweet!

Members can now Self Delete their accounts.
We never recommend for people to delete their accounts, because you never know when you want to come back... However, we now have a "self delete" option in your Settings. It will ask you for a confirmation, give you a cool down period in case you change your mind, and then finally put your account in to the delete queue. But please don't leave us! D:

Lend your time and suggestions to the Iwaku Radio Show
The Radio Show is still new and always looking for extra voices or volunteers for random segments. Many of these can be recording weeks ahead of time to help lessen the work for the Show Producers. Drop in if you'd like to participate.

Staffing Applications - Developing a Good Team
Our staff is always rotating, making sure that everyone on staff are people that have the extra time to dedicate to Iwaku. Iwaku is growing fast, and in the next few months we might need to increase the size of the staff. We are ALWAYS taking in applications from interested members. So if you think you can the time to make a commitment to Iwaku, send one in and your app will be considered next time we're hiring.

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]FOCUS ON ROLEPLAY
[ Roleplay 101 | Signups & Plot Discussions | Roleplay Talk ]

Our Most Valuable Player this month is Ossochanter; whose interesting characters and writing style is always filled with personality! Roleplay of the Month is The Circle City Chronicles - The Banishing League O.A.T. GMed by Desaecula!

This month's Roleplay Workshop is Creating Great Villains.



Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum.[/dash][/bg]

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]MUCH ADO ABOUT CHATTING
[ View the General Forum ]

Our Member of the Month is Xnijmai; who has been an integral part of community relations for years!

Great Topics This Month:
  • SKYRIM!: Let's face it: Skyrim is the most popular thing since peanut butter and jelly learned how to merge. Come share your Skyrim love and Skyrim stories!
  • Iwaku's Hobbies: We all roleplay, we got that, but what else do you like to do? Exercise, art, reading...
  • What is Iwaku reading?: Being the roleplayers we are, we must be avid readers (and writers!). That said, what are you reading right now?!
  • Your Dream Girl/Guy: We got a love theme going on this month, but hey! When's not a good time for love? Share your thoughts on what makes your girl/guy dreamy! Or... what you'd find dreamy.
  • Let's talk about love.: There are 5 Love Languages. Tell us all how your language stacks up, so we may all better love you~
  • You Must've Been a Beautiful Baby: Not a lot of baby-picture-action here, so c'mon! Share, share, and let us see that bundle of joy that was you as a little one. I shared, so you have to, too!
  • Signature!: Here we have a newcomer Wipeball sharing their custom signature! Now get in here, comment, and let's share your signatures!!
  • So guilty for liking it~!: Alright, we got some guilty pleasures going on here, mainly about music. But why limit yourself? Let's talk about all of our guilty pleasures!
  • Amnesia's Reactions: Okay, so there's this game Amnesia, right? And it's the most terrifying game ever, right? Well, take a look at how people respond to that...
  • WEDDING DAY DRAWINGS FOR MR GIBS AND MRS GIBS...: So... we all remember that Gibs is now Mr. Diana, right? Well, here's a wedding gift from our adorable Stacisaur!

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]ENHANCING YOUR MUSE
[ Try out a Challenge ]

The Challenges are always open for participation! No matter how old the thread may be, you're more than welcome to submit something for us to read. Usually, these challenges are updated weekly, biweekly or monthly. It depends on the availability of the creators and the special occasion, if there is one. Here are the challenges from this month:

Challenge Yourself:

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]TALENT SHOWCASE
[ Browse Member Talent Museum ]

I am pleased to announce that the Museum section of our forum has grown a lot this month! I encourage you all to peek into the new threads of masterpieces, and the old ones that have new content. These are really awesome works of art. Keep on sharing your creative pieces with us and please, viewers, don't be shy! Post a comment once you've looked over these threads. :D



[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]BLOG SPOTLIGHT
[ View the Blogs ]

There is always something interested posted up in the blogs, be it teasers for upcoming roleplays, people's game reviews, or challenges. While browsing the blogs, here are a few other entries from the past month that might catch your eye.

Blog Focus:

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]GROUP GATHERING
[ Join and Visit the Iwaku Groups ]

New Groups:
  • Iwaku Radio show – The Iwaku radio show! You’ve heard about it, now it’s time to get involved. This group is for public planning of upcoming shows. Got an idea for a segment? Maybe you would like to be interviewed? If so, join today and let us know! We love for members to be involved in site wide projects, so don’t hesitate! Join today!!
  • Wolf Pack – Are you into werewolves? Get a funny feeling when the moon is full in the night’s sky? This is the group for you! Firewolf has done an amazing job creating this group. It has everything from RPs to a ‘wolf code’ thread. If you’re into werewolves you’ll be ‘Lycan’ this group.
  • Iwaku horror group – Got a taste for the dark and violent, the sinful and macabre, the horrifying and haunted? Then you’ve come to the right place. From literature to motion picture, if it’s horror it’s here!
  • Yaoi Mansion – More Yaoi? Yes Please! If you are into delicious boy on boy action, look no further than Yaoi mansion. Brought to you by our very own Iwaku member, Maniac, this group is well maintained and has much to offer. Remember 16+ only.
  • Volunteer roleplay support group - OUR MISSION: To help ensure that ALL roleplayers on Iwaku can have a great and fun experience by helping to provide active players with excellent playing habits. If you think you have what it takes to guide other in the direction then join today.

What's HOT:
  • Star Wars – If I need to elaborate on this, then this isn’t the group for you. For discussion on the story that pretty much defined Sci-fi for the current generation.
  • Washington my home – I was browsing -stalking- the forums the other day, when all at once it hit me. OMG we have a lot of members from Washington!! If you were born in, or are currently residing in the evergreen state, this is the group for you.
  • Metal legion Radio – This group needs attention! Metal heads everywhere MUST join this group! If you are looking for a band in a particular genre there are people here that can help, we know our metal. JOIN TODAY!
  • Delicious Delicacies – Pizza, tacos, lasagna and sandwiches…We’ve got it all! One thing we love in this group is pictures of food! If you cook, We want you!!
  • Artists of Iwaku - Want to share your art, be it writing, drawing or music, with others who share your talent? Then come on by and check out the Artists of Iwaku group.

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]IWAKU HOROSCOPES
December 2011


[size=+1]The Herald[/size]
January 2 - February 14
Before you leap after your goals, make sure that your feet are first firmly planted on the ground. Your ambition may be great, but it’s still good to keep yourself grounded, otherwise you might end up stumbling in your goals.


[size=+1]The Soulmate[/size]
February 15 - April 1
Express yourself sometimes, even if it’s not what others want to hear. While your methods of dealing with stress generally get you by, the holiday’s added pressure may affect how you deal with things and could bring up the need to re-evaluate something.


[size=+1]The Guardian[/size]
April 2 - May 15
Dissent among your peers could lead to difficulty in completing the tasks given to you but mediation is not always the best route. Try to nip in the bud the argument lest it become greater than it ought to be.


[size=+1]The Mentor[/size]
May 16 - July 1
This month, you will meet someone who really makes you think. Whether it be good or bad, take the time to think over what they inspired in you. The energy that this gives you might help you to be in control of things in your life with more certainty.


[size=+1]The Trickster[/size]
July 2 - August 15
Now is the time for listening to the ideas and dreams of others, since you’re well-disposed this month to making connections and viewing possibilities that may have been previously overlooked.


[size=+1]The Ally[/size]
August 16 - October 1
The inclination to take risks might be strong this month, but reigning yourself in is an important process. Don’t expect others to come to your aid in this endeavor, since many of them are unused to the idea of you succumbing to recklessness.


[size=+1]The Shadow[/size]
October 2 - November 15
Take a moment to think back on relationships, romantic or not, that did not work from your past and consider their impacts on your life. Try to think of those things that are positive and reconcile yourself with their ending. This clarity of mind will prove invaluable.


[size=+1]The Rebirth[/size]
November 16 - January 1
A change in your routine may cause a chain of events that could not have been expected. In the long run, it will be worth it, but do not attempt to consciously change what you’re doing or something important may end up overlooked.


[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]CURTAIN CALL
That wraps up your community news from the past month. :D Through December, make it a personal challenge to keep on the ball with your commitments, even when the holiday rush starts nipping at your feet. Lets make the end of 2011 an exciting one. May the muse be with you!
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