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Merry December, Iwaku! November started our fall/winter holiday quiet season, but despite members being super busy with real life, we're jumpin' with activity all across the boards! A big shout out to October Knight and Seiji who took up Diana's November Topic Challenge with gusto and managed to post awesome new threads almost every day of the month. We want to welcome our newest flood of newbies to Iwaku, ones like Rayne, Lina and Cotillion who have jumped right in to the community spirit and gotten involved in roleplays across the site!

December might be slow across the roleplay front as many people are going to be involved in school finals or vacations with family during the holidays. Remember; Don't take on more roleplays than you can handle, and always let your partners know when you might be missing for a few days.

Let's get to the news!

Improved Roleplay Therapy and Workshop
Our Roleplay Therapy area has gotten a big make-over. You can now submit an easy form when you need to request help from the RP Support Team. Each month your RP Mods will be posting Workshops about common roleplaying issues to help you improve your fun-times on Iwaku.

The Roleplay Survey
Thanks to our Roleplay Survey, we've already been making adjustments on Iwaku's roleplaying areas. There are some big changes to Iwaku World, new Post Icons for organizing, and even cbox tools for chat rping. Keep those surveys coming in as your comments are important!

Cbox Changes
Because Iwaku is SO active, we've had a lot of problems in finding the right cbox. We really appreciate the feedback and testing people have been giving on the various cbox systems. Fingers crossed that we've finally settled on something that will last for the long term. :D

Public Behavior - Keep it respectful!
Just as a friendly reminder, remember that the people you speak to on the internet are REAL people. You might not be face to face, but you should still be interacting with others using your manners and respect. Even when you don't like another member, keep in mind that other people around you won't appreciate seeing a big fight. And don't forget - when you have a serious issue with another member; report it to the staff! We're here to help!​

[dash=#404040]IWAKU WORLD NEWS
In-Game posts have hit a snag in Iwaku World! Even with our new updates, could it be that members are still fearful to just pop in and play? Well, don't be afraid! A couple people have already started some new storylines, so how about taking a chance and having a little fun.


[dash=#404040]FOCUS ON ROLEPLAY
Congratulations to Soldiers of Misfortune for being our Roleplay of the Month! If you're looking for an epic sci-fi filled with intrigue, war, political battles, and drama - this is the one for you! Special kudos to October Knight for being chosen as Most Valuable Player. His characters are always interesting to interact with, and he steps up to make easy to join roleplays for members!

We want to remind all roleplay Game Masters to be sure they mark their IC and OOC threads with the proper prefixes. These prefixes help players quick search for the kind of RPs they want to join, and help our RP Mods keep everything organized.

Our Workshop this month is all about Hijacking! Try the exercise to see if you can write posts without hijacking and posts that use hijacking properly.

You'll find MANY more roleplays in our OOC Forum, so give it a look! [/dash]

Let's give a shoutout to October Knight our Member of the Month! He's been bringing us awesome new topics everyday and is always available for interesting characters to throw in a roleplay. Congrats! There were tons of great threads in General during the month of November, so here are some highlights of the most interest.


December means the start of our new monthly challenges in the Writing & Artists Corner! We'll be giving awards to people that are chosen as the challenge winners. In the mean time, why not exercise your muse and do some practice by trying some of the past challenges!

Our December Challenge? Write a story based on the first three songs that pop up on shuffle in your playlist. Fun!


[dash=#404040]BLOG BOX
Did you know that our Blogs are a great way for you to store your roleplay material or just get out some of your thoughts? See what other people in Iwaku have been writing about;

Feature In Blogs:
  • Loveless is writing a story and basing characters on some Iwaku personalities. Check out the one for Corvus!
  • Piro is writing an interesting tale based on Iwaku. Read the first installment of Leaders Of Iwaku!
  • You can learn more about Rory's feature plotlines in his explaining post!
  • Seiji posted an interesting concept called Spartan!
  • See what character is King Weavel's favorite!
  • Stilbi posted George Takei's smackdown on homophodia!

[dash=#404040]HAVE A GREAT MONTH!
Being the last month of 2010, lets end the year with a BANG. If you find your muse getting stomp on by the holiday and school final blues, try one of the challenges to reinspire yourself. Or even kidnap a few people out of the cbox to try a short chat-style roleplay! Have a super month, Iwaku![/dash]

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