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  1. AUGUST, darkorange
    This Newsletter is
    brought to you By:

    Ocha: Editor
    Cammy: General Spotlight
    Cerulean: Blog Highlight
    Lstorm: Recent Challenges
    Ossochanter: Quotable & Notables
    Diana: Special Donation Report

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    As roleplayers we use the written word to communicate the thoughts and feelings of our characters. It is through this medium that we create a rich tapestry of personal growth, challenges and drama for the characters we play either externally or internally. Be it a short paragraph or a page, when we post we are not just writing words we are conveying meaning. Step back, look at what you written. You know how you want your readers, be it one partner or the whole community, to see and experience, but have you given them the tools, your words, to do that?

    Good communication skills go beyond roleplay. Practice them in your post and in your daily life and be surprised by the bounty you get in return in the form of how people respond.


    Do you have a finished roleplay? Did you know we have a special place in the archives that actually have a conclusion and not merely stopped? Contact a staff member if you want your roleplay in the Hall of Fame

    The Newsletter is hoping to expand it's content. Head on over to this thread if you are interested in volunteering.

    Last month Diana started a thread to ask you, Iwaku, What's missing in the FAQs. Your input will help current and new members navigate our site better.

    Did you know every month there is a staff sponsored chat roleplay? They're referred to as Masquerades and they are always in need of new themes.

    Iwaku Generators Are Here! Thanks to Vay's coding the first series of Iwaku generators are out. Give them a spin and then go and help for the next generation of generators.

    Have you had to stop in awe over what someone posted? Well then give them their due with Quotable and Notable Nominations

    SPECIAL REPORT, purple
    Why you should donate to Iwaku!

    Hello boys and girls! <3 I have been contracted by the Editor, Madam Ocha, to write up a blurb of our dream list of things we'd do if every active member donated regularly. Our monthly hosting costs are about 80$ a month. Imagine if every active member donated 1$ a month. We have hundreds of active members! If we had more money than we needed for the bills, we could use that change for fun things. It may never happen, but it IS entertaining to think about. So here is a list of some of the things we've always wanted to do if we have the extra cash!

    Iwaku would never have to worry about space, bandwidth, or speed, because we would have a MONSTER for a server! Jared, on the other hand, would probably cry having to take care of it every day. ;D

    We could bribe pay our code dragon Kehvarl to design custom modifications for Iwaku like we have for the Cbox. Things like; The ability to mark a roleplay as "Joined" and have the list in your profile! Or a character profile database where you can store your character sheets, list what roleplays they are in and if they are available.

    We could contract some of our amazing Iwaku artists for site graphics and artwork to help support their dreams and careers! It would be super sweet getting to help members develop their career portfolios while also having badass things for Iwaku.

    Can you say super awesome free Iwaku merchandise give aways? Who DOESN'T want cool stickers, magnets, glittery mousepads?

    Many of these are just dreams of the future. In the meantime, though, it's just nice to pay the bills. When you can, donate! <3 Even the tiniest amounts make a huge difference.

    GENERAL SPOTLIGHT, orangered


    This month, the challenge section has not seen as much activity as the months before and a lot of challenges were created without responses. For example, Diana’s excellent Roleplay p Post Challenges have received little attention from members, not to mention her A Mattres and Peas plot challenge. Malkuthe’s Creature Creation Challenges have been neglected as well to say nothing about individual challenges like Kitti’s Create a Character #73 much to my surprise, or Lady Sabine’s Explain This Offspring which honestly looks like a start to an interesting series. Let us not forget about Ashalia’s The Living City which provides opportunities for one to explore a rather interesting concept, not to mention Thomas McTavish’s PRove Tom Clancy Wrong While Proving Him Right which could yield some hilarious results! Last, but not least, Lstorm’s Myth-take Challenges also feel lonely. Now go out there, make some good replies and remember: Challenges are always about the challangee, not the challenger! May the muse be with you.

    Now, without further ado, let us take a look at this month’s most popular challenges:
    Woo These Princesses Character Challenge
    Create A Character #74
    Interview With A Character #3

    Our top challenge responders this month are:
    Lady Sabine
    Thomas McTavish

    Finally, because of the recent drop in activity, I would like to ask the members of Iwaku a question: What kind of challenge would you like to see? Please PM the answer to this question to me or write it on my profile as a Visitor Message.

    • Kitti took it upon herself to chibi Iwaku people....twice! =D
    • Tribs remembered some doll things.
    • A writing exercise with Zen!
    • Benny101 is trying to lose weight.
    • A first blog by Lord Canti.
    • Celticroze is surprised by Iwaku's awesomeness!
    • Shiny finds an old comic, from high school!
    • Redwolf has some roleplay ideas!
    • A bounty of galactic proportions, brought to you by Chaos!

    The Roleplay of the Month is Pax Vampira, GMed by Asmodeus and JustJen. This collaborative work by two of Iwaku's great creative minds has been the buzz of the Cbox. Check it out for an intriguing spin on supernatural warfare.

    The Member of the Month is JustJen! Since she's joined the site, Jen has been a friendly face and active poster around the forum, whether it be working with one of Iwaku's most notoriously difficult GMs, goofing off in chat, or getting involved in special events. We're glad to have you around, Jen!

    The Most Valuable Player is Grumpy NotaIrish. Grumpy's posts are always a pleasure to read, and he is an active player and GM with plenty of fresh and original ideas to bring to the table.

    The Institute Student of the Month is LuluRS, for her awesome responses to numerous Exercises!

    CURTAIN CALL, darkorange

    Whether you're a chat bum or a serial RPer, Iwaku is what it is because of you. Communicate what you want to see in the future with each other, in your roleplays, in your life. Communication though is a two way street. To be an effective communicator you must also be a good listener.

    Thank You July Donors:
    Lusterless Nova
    R A I N

    So if you can, donate! And to all the members that make Iwaku a great place, thank you.

    May the Muse be with you!

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