Iwaku Newsletter: August 2011

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This Newsletter is brought to you By:
Diana: Editor
Fluffy: Writing & General Reports
October Knight: Groups Highlight

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]AUGUST: HEAT IS ON
Greetings Iwaku! The community is in great spirits as we welcome our huge influx of summer newbies. Several roleplays have become instant sensations with their creative potential, and we are so happy to see how members are diving in head first to great games. We'd like to remind all members to get to know our new people! Just because they're new to Iwaku won't mean they are new to roleplay. And just because many people have roleplayed for years, doesn't mean everyone else has too! Be respectful, and Iwaku will remain one of the greatest roleplay communities out there. :D

Iwaku has a New Server!
Our server transfer went over flawlessy and without anything exploding. :D If you experience any weird problems, make sure you report them in the Feedback Forum.

New Features on Iwaku!
After a small update, we a have a few small new features. You'll now get a notification in the notification bar when you get posts in your subscribed threads. This is an excellent way to keep up with your roleplays. There is also a new Download Thread feature! In the "Thread Tools" while viewing a thread, you can download an all text version of your roleplay to keep!

Vote in the Topsites! Make Iwaku mad powerful!
Okay, maybe we won't be powerful, but we WILL gets lots of great new people to play with as we climb higher in the ranks! Make sure you vote for Iwaku everyday so we become the #1 roleplaying community.

Testing the new "Closed App OOC" forum.
We are always looking for ways to help players find new rps faster, so we are currently testing out a "Closed App" forum for OOC threads no longer taking applications. Try it out and next month vote in the poll to tell us how it worked for you!

Iwaku on Facebook
To help advertise Iwaku and keep our addicts up to date, we have an OFFICIAL Facebook being managed by Rory & Co. Make sure to "like" to get random tips and updates about the site that you won't see anywhere else!

Looking for new Staffers!
The Admins are currently on the prowl for new staff members. If you are an active member and looking to do more for Iwaku, check out the Requirements and send in an application.

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]FOCUS ON ROLEPLAY
Our Most Valuable Player this month is Iliana for her enthusiastic participation in roleplays! Roleplay of the Month is To Hate a Dragon!

This month's Roleplay Workshop is Character Sheet Tips.



Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum.[/dash][/bg]

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]MUCH ADO ABOUT CHATTING
Our Member of the Month is BoredAsUsual for stepping out to get to know everyone in Iwaku! How about stopping by General to see what other Iwaku citizens are talking about?

Great Topics This Month:

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]ENHANCING YOUR MUSE
Are you wanting to give your muse a little exercise? Check out some of the current and past challenges in the Corner.

Challenge Yourself:


[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]BLOG SPOTLIGHT
There is always something interested posted up in the blogs, be it teasers for upcoming roleplays, people's game reviews, or challenges. If you need a way to flex your creative muscles, try doing some of the Plot Challenges we post up in the Iwaku Community Blog.

Blog Focus:
While browsing the blogs, here are a few other entries from the past month that might catch your eye.

  • Dawn's blog has great new music features, such as; 2NE1, Galneryus, LM.C and Kagrra!
  • Sho's animanga reviews include series like; Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Nagasarete Airantou, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari and MM!
  • Diana rambles off a bunch of random roleplay tips.
  • Soulless introduces a freeware game called Space Funeral.
  • Piro shares his top 5 reasons youtube sucks.
  • Rory has a buttload of new bios and info from his projects.
  • Aragon shows off what he can do with his new tablet!
  • Chaos reviews a game called Dwarfs?!
  • Spammy tells us to play as he says, not as he does.

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]GROUP GATHERING
Iwaku's Groups area is a fabulous place to join a clan, guild, club, or quiet area for discussion. See what's going on lately in the groups!

New Groups:
  • Iwaku world - The mass Role-play and continuing story of the Iwaku mythos. Come see what its ALL about!
  • How to you say? - Do you have a love for language? Maybe you're multilingual and would like to share your knowledge? If so this is the group for you!
  • Iwaku Socialite - From Wine tasting to the opera, this is the place to go if you have a taste for all the elegance and sophistication of the finer things in life.
  • Graceful creatures - For the role-player who loves mythical creatures with a little sin thrown in the mix. Everything from Demons to cat creatures, it's here!
  • Iwaku Team fortress 2 - Are you looking for a group to talk about Team fortress 2?! Well, Look no further, this is the group for you. From game discussion to tactics and everything in-between.
  • Gundam pilots - For any lover of the Gundam series or Mecha anime in general.

Hottest Groups:
  • Metal legion Radio - Like your music a little heavier? Then this is the place to be! With new topics being posted by people who know their music, if your looking to learn more about the genre or share your own knowledge, check it out.
  • Delicious Delicacies - Post pictures of awesome food, check out the latest recipes, share awesome restaurants. Warning: Viewing this group may result in sudden increase of appetite.
  • Smut club - Looking for a little hot RP action? Everyone is doing it, don't be shy! We all have a little naughty in us from time to time. Check out what all the buzz is about! 16 + only.
  • Artists of Iwaku - Want to share your art, be it writing, drawing or music, with others who share your talent? Then come on by and check out the Artists of Iwaku group.

[bg=#000000][dash=#404040]CURTAIN CALL
That wraps up this month's newsletter. A BIG thank you to all of our members that have provided the great plots, stories, posts, and goodies that you will find all over Iwaku! Take a few minutes to explore areas of the site that you don't normally visit. You may find something really neat. May the Muse be with you!
Good work, guys and gals. The newsletter looks good as always. <3

EDIT: Also congrats to BoredAsUsual for the member of the month get! :D
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