Iwaku Newletter January 2011

  • IT'S IWAKU'S FEAR FESTIVAL TIME! Join us all month long for all kinds of spooky content across the site! But if you REALLY want to put the fear of Iwaku into the bones of the roleplay world, fight hard this month to vote EVERY DAY in the top sites!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR IWAKU! The holiday season is finally over and we should see members shaking off the seasonal melancholy and over scheduled busy lives to return to good old fashioned goofing off. :D Everyone is excited about what the new year is bringing for Iwaku, and it's sure to be our best year yet.

Asmodeus Retires! D:
Alas, despite our begging, Asmodeus has decided to retire from Administration so he can focus on real life things. Don't worry, he's not leaving Iwaku, he's just going to be enjoying a normal citizenship. As is Iwaku Tradition, he has chosen his admin successor. Jack Shade is currently undergoing admin training. As someone who has been a member of Iwaku for a very long time and has a level head, we feel he can fill Asmo's shoes and keep the dream of Iwaku on the right track.

Iwaku Roleplay Awards!
It's time for our first ROLEPLAY AWARDS! We are currently taking nominations in a number of categories all through the month of January. So get in your ballets!

Closed Thread Bug
There is a very annoying bug where some threads are getting closed by accident. If you find your thread closed and there was not a note left by a staff member - it was most likely a mistake. Just message the nearest online Staffer and they'll fix it for you.

Seasonal Staff Rotations
Like we do every season, we've rotated the staff line up! You can welcome Fluffy and Weavel back to staff, Seiji and Frost as staff newbies! We're saying goodbye to Darkness, and have switched a few people's positions. If YOU would like to be a future or returning staff member, send in an application. With every hiring session ALL applications are considered, and when we need new staffers we pick the people that are most active across Iwaku and have good relations with members.​

[dash=#404040]IWAKU WORLD NEWS
Explore the world of Iwaku in some of these fun settings!


[dash=#404040]FOCUS ON ROLEPLAY
We're giving a huge shout out this month to newbies! Our Most Valuable Player of December is Kyra, who slid in to Iwaku starting up several great roleplays! For roleplay of the month, we're honoring Inky Cells. A modern day social setting at a Tattoo parlor, it has an eclectic group of characters and fun interactions!

Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum. [/dash]

This month we're honoring Uniiquea as our Member of the Month! Despite being new, she's quickly become an Iwaku regular! How about stopping by General to see what other Iwaku citizens are talking about?


For our first monthly writing challenge, Trance Kitsune takes the prize for her three-song piece! Are you wanting to give your muse a little exercise? Check out some of the current and past challenges in the Corner.


[dash=#404040]BLOG BOX
Did you know the blogs are an ideal way to store information, ideas, or just ramble out nonsense to get your brain flowing? See what other members have been posting.

Blog Focus:

[dash=#404040]HAVE A GREAT MONTH!
We say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011! Let's begin this near year remembering the DREAM of Iwaku! Writing, Playing, and making connections with like-minded people! :D Salute, Iwaku![/dash]

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