Iwaku Nation Risk!

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Original poster
  • The basic idea of Iwaku Risk would be like the original board game, but with a twist: People use Iwaku Micronations.
  • Once there is a sufficient amount of Micronations, a virtual map will be created. The virtual map can easily changed to mark the changes in game play.
  • People can then nominate/vote for Leaders of the different nations.
Scarlett already posted up a thead with a couple of Iwaku Nations already, so there is an example of what you can do there.

The idea is just in its plotting stages, but is welcoming any and all ideas, tweaks, and suggestions to make this work. The idea is that it can be run once a month, or twice a month depending on what people decide.

The idea in itself can also be used as a role play and not just a game, too.

Volunteers for this project will be needed! So please do not hesitate to volunteer once the ball gets rolling. It will be greatly appreciated.