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  1. What is the "MYTHOS"?
    The Mythos is a series of roleplays that use Iwaku, its members, and events on the site as inspiration for a world or universe. These roleplays are often of different genres and plot lines, but they always feature major aspects of Iwaku forum culture. They can contain completely different and unrelated settings or stories, yet can feel like they are connected.

    There are two popular theories about the Mythos.

    That A) These are multiple universes and parallel dimensions. Different places, different times, different people.

    Or B) It's one single universe that keeps reinventing itself and retelling it's story. Restarting, recreating and changing itself every time the story is told.

    Both of these options could be correct and it's up to member interpretation!

    What makes a roleplay a "MYTHOS" roleplay?
    - A world, place, item, etc, that is "Iwaku".
    - Characters (Whether they be player-characters or Non Player Characters) based on Iwaku Members.
    - Events that reflect or are inspired by Iwaku's Forum History and its Members.


    In "Dark Reign", Iwaku has been given a dystopian, gritty noir tone; Iwaku City is ruled by an oppressive, authoritarian government that controls its citizens through fear and intimidation. The ISAF return as undead soldiers who police the streets, and many members appear as inhabitants of the city (eg. Torsty and his Vikings control a district and control the Cbox, a bar).

    In "SHATTERED", the world of Iwaku has been broken into literal fragments floating above a vast abyss by an apocalyptic war between the Three Factions that appeared in Iwaku World. It’s now a desolate wasteland, referencing older members and groups (eg. The ‘Shapeshifters Guild’ are now known as ‘Shifter Tribes’, migrant groups of shapeshifters who travel across the fragments).

    In "Iwakutsuki", Iwaku is set in a historical Feudal Japan era where well known members are cast in feuding clans.

    In "Crimson Soul", Iwaku is given a slant toward girl power with a classic magical girl story. Soulmates- women gifted with power by the Cycle- and their Knight protectors must defend their home from the legions of the Crimson Cadre, extradimensional beings of madness and horror who have brought with them a plague of Insanity that infects the populace.

    Can I create my own Iwaku Mythos?
    Yes! ANYONE can create their own version of an Iwaku Mythos. All you have to do is remember the above traits. An Iwaku Mythos must strongly reflect Iwaku. Otherwise, it's not really about Iwaku, is it?

    To be listed as an Iwaku Mythos you must have a well developed roleplay designed!
    Having a basic idea is great, but what makes the Mythos roleplays stand out are the great details that develop their universes. These details also allow other people to use your setting and create characters to add to it.

    View some of the Mythos Universes!

    Where can I go to learn more about Mythos on Iwaku and talk about the many Mythos universes?
    View more of our Mythos guides or check out the Mythos Discussion forum!

    How do I get my own forum for my Mythos?
    Forums are reserved for Mythos Settings that have well developed worlds, an abundance of information and a larger character cast. ANY member can request a Mythos forum, but there are some requirements!

    • You must have a wealth of information for your setting. For example, Iwaku World is filled with legends, setting info and more. Where as the The Vault War contains an elaborate storyline and playing style.
    • You setting must be well designed, clear, and unique. Iwakutsuki and Crimson Soul are a good example of this.
    • Your roleplay must already be established, constructed and ACTIVE with players. We do this because we don't want to give people forums for roleplays that never get finished, get started or die after the first page.

    To request a Mythos Forum, [CLICK HERE] to send in a form.
    The Administrators will review the form and get back to you!

    When does a Mythos Forum get archived?
    Ideally, when the roleplay is FINISHED. But if failing that:

    Mythos threads will be archived after 2 months of no activity in their IC or Signup.

    Mythos forums will be archived after 4 months of no activity in their forum.
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