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    I hear the rattling of my cell mate's chains; the emptiness in here makes the sound echo painfully. He walks over to the hole in the wall and out of the corner of my eyes I see him wrap his thin fingers around the bars and his lips move.

    "Today is a special day. Today is your execution day, and you only get one of these. Funny how it works isn't it? Most people have several birthdays, sometimes decades worth but everyone only gets one death day. Yours unfortunately has been changed into an execution."

    I agree with him and nod feebly.

    "Although some would say that death would be a better option than what you're going through. What was your sentence again? Oh yes that's it...

    Exile into Misera by the Ban Hammer.

    "You must have done something scathing to get that ruling. What did you do? Murder? Rape? Sell slaves? Kill a nobleman? My, you must have a track record. Then again if you do, I doubt there's much pity for you. Probably why you got such a harsh sentence."

    I growl and pull hard at my chains.

    "What, you think there's hope for you? Oh please, you've heard the stories. Once you're bopped with the Hammer it's lights out. There's no way for you to come back. I don't even know what happens to your brain. Your body still works, but they put you in your coffin till your body gives out. Mind still works, but you never wake up. Once your heart stops beating they close the casket and set you alight. I've seen it happen in the square before. "

    I fall silent, and my hands fall to the floor.

    "What's that?

    "Oh yes... It is rather cruel of Queen Diana but you can't complain. You got yourself into this mess. Me, all I did was steal some money. I'll be out of here soon. But you... I don't feel one lick of sympathy for you. Our Queen's a forgiving sort, so whatever you've done you must've unleashed the demons within her."

    My hair hides my smile.

    "I'll get out. You'll see."
  2. How This Game Works:
    This game takes place in the Iwaku verse, which means you play a character that is a spinoff of your username. In this particular universe, you are a criminal, or someone who is innocent and convicted as guilty. Your crimes must be highly severe because you've been given the highest sentence of all - the Ban Hammer. If you are innocent, you must give me a convincing tale as how to you were found guilty. This character must also be sturdy enough to handle being around some hardened criminals. It is rumored that the Ban Hammer takes you to a place called Misera, where your mind exists until your body gives out. As far as what exists in this realm, no one in the living world knows.

    Game wise, I will be referring to your character's memories to set up settings, conflicts, and plot lines. Here are two big things I require to be in your history:

    - Rivals to your character, family, friends, and lovers. I will also accept pets if that is your fancy. Basically I want anyone of significant importance to your character.

    - Significant places and locations in your character's life. If your character was a soldier of some sort, I expect to see their barracks or mess hall being one of those significant places. The same can be said for sailors who are used to seeing the ocean. Some other examples could be schools, a hang out place, perhaps the place where you were arrested, the palace, anything that you feel could make for a good setting or an interesting twist.

    This game is NOT sandbox style, meaning your characters won't be able to do what they want. This is an Adventure style game that relies on the player's input and suggestions to keep going.

    The World:
    The Kingdom of Iwaku is a place that most people in the world admire. Queen Diana rules with a just hand and her Staffers ensure that the kingdom runs smoothly. The Kingdom is known for its Community Hub, a helpful center for the tourists, the Cbox, a busy and wealthy tavern who sees some of the oddest patrons come through their doors, and a diverse society filled with humans, vampires, demons, angels, and nekos. You name it, and Iwaku probably has it. The Kingdom has an Insane Asylum that hosts the mentally ill and insane. If you walk through here, you'll hear the Spam and Nonsense these patients spew out. The currency in this world is Reputation, which are coins made out of various metals. Iwaku also has a Mature District, similar to the Red Light District.

    1. Your characters do possess powers and magic. However I will not allow telekinesis, mind reading of both the thoughts and emotions, teleporting, running at the speed of light, or anything that I feel will break the game. (I know it's broad, but you guys are the creative sort so I'd rather be safe than sorry.)

    2. If you play a loner character I will take a freshly sharpened katana and lob off your head. This game relies on everyone working together, developing relationships and possibly changing their outlook on life. You are all evil - and perhaps innocent - people but you have one common goal, and that is to get out of Misera.

    3. Profiles must be stamped with ACCEPTED before you can post in the IC.

    4. I'll place some sort of cap on players. I don't have an idea just yet, but I'll probably have 10 or so players.

    5. Give me your best writing. Proof read your post. I don't mind if there are mistakes, but I will not tolerate one liners, nor will I tolerate posts that look like you didn't proof read. In return, I promise to make this the best possible game for everyone to enjoy.

    Character Sheets:

    Race: (I'll take mostly anything except for God or demi-God characters)
    Your Crime: (Elaborate on what you did, and if you are innocent, elaborate on how you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.)
    Are you truly guilty or innocent:
    History: (Please be sure to include Significant People and Locations. I don't mind if you put all of this into one giant paragraph or section it into bullets. So long as it's there, I am happy.)
    Misc: (optional)
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  3. Done. I'm so in this. Hehehe, man I can't wait to play this!
  4. Name: Shadow Wyvern

    Age: 16

    Race: Spirit/Demon (Ah, basically, japanese demons are different than the basic ones, they have morals, feelings, emotions and stuff like that. They're like spirits. I can explain in more detail if you need me to, but that's kind of what she is.)

    Show Spoiler

    Occupation: Worked in a Tavern to keep her, uh.., urges to a minimum. Kept bar fights from getting out of hand and served food.

    Personality: When she is calm she has a friendly, open nature, often accepting anyone as they are. She's a little insensitive towards especially annoying qualities, but she never used her strength against them unneccesarily. However, after the 'incident', she is known to be a little more.....reactant to people. She could be considered borderline insane, jumping between calm and murderous like she's playing hopscotch.

    Your Crime: Murder. Yes, she is a murderer of the highest degree, though maybe she fancies herself a conqueror. She mercilessly killed aroound one hundred innocents along with one murderer in a freak loss of control. Not that she regrets it one bit. She was found as the only survivor of the entire town, covered from head to toe in blood while grinning like someone who'd just been told a funny joke. When asked about the details, she replied without hesitation that she had 'slaughtered everyone like the helpless weaklings they were. Wasn't it obvious?' In her eventual audience with the queen, she had joyfully and willingly given every bit of detail to the horrified woman, except the real reason why she did it.

    Are you truly guilty or innocent: Guilty, boasted about it, too.

    History: (I'm going to bolden and hightlight the important people and places)

    The town of Fydren recieved weary travelers and adventurers often, meaning that there was good business for the old, well-respected Wyvern tavern. It offered clean rooms, good food, and good drink, not to mention generous and friendly staff. Seri Wyvern is the proud owner of this establishment, happily taking up her family's business like many of the Wyverns before her. After a few chance encounters with a dirty, homeless, but kind girl, she took in said girl and welcomed her into her family. Taverns could be rough places, especially someone has had a bit too much to drink to combine with their short temper, but the girl that had joyously taken up the Wyvern name easily dispatched them all with a smile, a few choice words, and perhaps another pint. It was a happy time and though the other staff went through many changes, for three years, the girl remained and grew ever closer to her new big sister. However, she did not just work in the tavern. Very rarely, she would shop for it, too. It was one such day when she went to buy some supplies at the Fydren market in the Sun Square that the 'incident' happened. Taverns truly were dangerous when people have to much to drink, but even more so when the barkeep refuses to give a cocky, drunk knight even a drop more of strong, Wyvern Ale. However, they are even more so dangerous when a young girl enters to find her sister at the bloodied end of a steel sword, who seems to be shocked to find it there. And, if you can even imagine it, they reach their danger limit when that knight, by the name of Derven Cross, laughed as the girl was forced to listen to her sister's last words, mocking the weak woman as his companions joined in his jesting. Fortunately, though, a tavern isn't very dangerous to anyone when no one inside it is alive.

    • Fydren Town- A medium sized town that has good trade and little crime. Recieves a good bit of tourism by both adventurers, merchants, and mercenaries.
    • Wyvern Tavern- An old, respected tavern that makes it's own ale and dishes. Owned by the Wyvern family who have lived in Fydern for many generations.
    • Seri Wyvern- With light brown hair and emerald green eyes, her personality matches that of someone who must treat their customers kindly, but deal with troublemakers harshly. She is a strong woman in both a physical and mental sense. Being the owner of a tavern is hard life, but it has it's many joys. She was the only living member of the Wyvern family. She introduced Shadow as her sister, insisting she take the Wyvern name. She had no lovers or anything of that nature.
    • Fydren Market- A busy, bountiful place filled with merchants from near and far. It is centered in Sun square and branches out from there.
    • Sun Square- the very center of Fydren that is decorated with a large mosaic of the sun. Home to the Fydren market and the place where Shadow was 'detained'.
    • Incident- The murder of Seri Wyvern and the following death of the town's inhabitants.
    • Derven Cross- a rather green Knight out on another 'conquest' who has a short temper and enough pride to fill an ocean. He is also prone to fits of rage. Especially when drunk.
    • Qeen Diana- The woman who personally sentenced Shadow for the killing of innocents.
    Powers:Usually triggered by anger, sorrow, or a sense of danger, she's a bit like a beast. With sharpened ivory teeth and claws of shadow, her red eyes see on the darkest of nights and her senses and reactions are like that of a powerful predator of the night.

    Weapons: None. She's more of an instinctive fighter and uses her body as a weapon.

    Misc: She doesn't really hate people or anything, she's just a bit shaken up about the sudden death of Seri Wyvern. It sort of pushed her to the edge, but she'll recover. Eventually.
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  5. Name: Zen
    Age: 22
    Race: Human Monk
    Appearance: Zen has a shaved head although it is not hard to make out her feminine features. She has almond shaped eyes and light skin that burns easily in the sun. She wears prayer beads around her neck and dresses in an orange monk robe, baring one shoulder. If she is able to, she will travel bare foot but if she can't she wears leather shoes.
    Occupation: Traveling Monk
    Personality: Helpful and compassionate, Zen was tasked with spreading this and balance throughout the world. She is a highly intelligent person who loves to read and write. She dislikes violence but does have the ability to fight back if it is necessary. She truly believes that there is good in all people, sometimes being branded as naive. This is her and worst and best trait, something that Zen struggles to deal with as her trial date comes closer and closer.
    Your Crime: Assisting in the theft of the Ban Hammer. Zen is a naive woman, which is sad considering how many places and worlds she has seen. Melody Silencio approached Zen one day at the docks, enlisting the help of a monk because of Zen's healing powers and chi blocking abilities. Melody lied to both Zen and her crew, building upon an elaborate ruse to trick them into retrieving the hammer.

    Their final confrontation happened in the throne room of the Gaian Empire, a nation that Melody tried to pin the theft on. Zen, Melody and the rest of the crew found the Hammer tucked away into a tomb when the door suddenly burst open by guards. They easily brought them down, and that was when Melody revealed her betrayal. She slaughtered everyone and was about to do the same to Zen when both Iwaku and Gaian soliders appeared. They incapacitated Zen and Melody, who were shipped off in magical shackles.

    Both Melody and Zen were convicted of stealing the Ban Hammer, although Melody's trial was by far faster than Zen's. With the entire crew gone, Zen didn't have witnesses to prove her innocence and citizens from both nations swore they saw the two of them together. Even though Melody's blood was soaked with the crew, the prosecutors stated that Melody probably killed them all off to have the hammer for themselves. The trial grew to a mad frenzy and thanks to the public's demand, Zen was found guilty.
    Are you truly guilty or innocent: Innocent
    History: Zen was told by the elder monks that she was placed upon the grounds of the Jade Arch Temple when she was a baby. She doesn't know her parents and has no reason to. However that doesn't meant her life was empty, Zen made a great deal of friends in the monastery and soon befriended the villagers she grew up with. Lee Phoc Ngo was a villager and Zen's best friend. Before she left, he proposed to her, but she declined. She still thinks of him in her travels, but also knows that in the time she's been gone, he would have married. Her Master and Mentor in the martial arts, Lee Jun-fan has always been a constant presence in Zen's life and she considers him almost like a father.

    As she grew up she was told about the pilgrimage the monks take when they turn eighteen. They are to travel around the world spreading one of several traits to the people: Compassion, Consideration, Patience, Tolerance, and Balance. They would do this for four years and then return to the temple as a fully realized monk. Zen visited various places but misfortune found her in the Iwaku Kingdom. There, tricked by her naive thoughts that all people were good, she was dragged into one of the biggest crimes of the century - the theft of the Ban Hammer.

    She awaits for her execution date in shame, knowing that the monks in her monastery would be there.
    Powers: Chi Blocker - Zen targets sensitive nerve endings with focused jabs, causing the limbs to go weak. Feeling will return to the area in several painful hours.
    From The Heavens - Channeling energy through the Heavens and relying on her resilence, Zen can heal minor to major wounds. She must be meditating and be in constant contact with her patient for the process to complete. The more severe the injury, the longer it takes for the wound to close. For minor wounds, Zen can recover in a few days. If it is a major wound, it takes her a few weeks.
    Martial Arts/Swordfighter - Thanks to her Master, Zen has learned advanced martial arts. She is able to break wooden planks, bricks and can play a game of table tennis with nunchucks. Not focusing her chi or being distracted will cause broken fingers, hands and a shattered skull.
    Weapons: A long sword that Zen keeps tucked outside of her monk robes. It hangs by a leather chord.
    Misc: (optional) N/A
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  6. Name: Neohmi, a.k.a the Doll Maker or the Witch of Souls
    Age: 21
    Race: Witch
    The brunette witch has intense blue or green eyes depending on the time of day. Despite being somewhat shorter than most, her slim figure and elegant ways give people the illusion of height (or maybe it's the laced up boots?). She never leaves home without her sewing box tied to a leather belt hanging over her hips as well as countless of bracelets that pile up on her left arm. Smoke clings to her at night when its the best time for a cigarette. Her allure has captivated many men much to her advantage.
    Occupation: Doll Maker
    Neohmi exudes pride and confidence in everything she does. If unsure, she fakes it. She is also thought to have some degree of maturity for she is often seen giving sound advice to strangers in and out of the inns and taverns she visited. She has a very systematic way of doing things and doesn't care how many lives she tramples (or kills) in her pursuits. Beware: she is easily envious. This, coupled by her fierce determination to get what she wants, makes her a dreadful foe.
    Your Crime:
    It all began with a man Neohmi loved two years ago. Almeric Nells, heir to the Duke of Red Abbot, fell deeply in love with the smoke-clouded woman he met in the Wooden Apple Inn. The witch grew to love the foolish highborn who wouldn't leave her side. As luck would have it, Almeric was to be wed with another highborn heir named April Dwayne of Long Nest.

    In passionate desparation, Neohmi agreed to slip a part of her soul to Almeric so they could be together forever. Unfortunately, the witch had never done a Soul Splitting to another human before. With Almeric, it produced cataclysmic results. Either he was too weak to house two souls in his body or Neohmi's soul bound to him consumed his own. Now, Almeric lies deep in the Insane Asylum where he Spams about the Smoke Woman.

    This incident sparked an obsession in Neohmi to figure out what went wrong with Almeric's Soul Binding. She started conducting Soul Binding experiments on drunken strangers she lures at night. Always careful, she moved from town to town when the number of citizens turned mad overnight attracted attention. A year after the start of these experiments, the Iwaku authorities finally believed that the Sudden Crazies were turned by unnatural causes and sought to find what or who was responsible. It didn't take long for the investigators to deduce Almeric as Patient Zero. His rambles of the Smoke Woman inevitably lead them to Neohmi.
    Are you truly guilty or innocent: Guilty
    She was born inside a cocoon plant which grew on top of a grave where seven people were buried. The Half-Wicked Witch of the Southeast Victoria found the baby and raised her as her own. Neohmi's early childhood in the Oriental Woods is a quiet one. At a very young age, she was slipping her Soul Fragments in her paper dolls. Victoria often worried that her little Neohmi was spreading her soul too thin and losing her Existence but couldn't do anything about it for the craft was beyond her.

    However, by the time Neohmi was ten, the girl has learned to keep her Soul Splitting to a minimum, binding only with dolls which then form a life of their own, at least until she calls them back. At thirteen, she was tasked to get supplies in Aeshen Town where she learned to envy things absent in her life in the woods such as friends, beauty, dresses, and the thingamagig which is absolutely useless but looks awesome. The Half-Wicked Witch of the Southeast didn't take kindly to Neohmi's new found past time and had to perform exorcisms on her daughter twice a week. To her, a witch's life is devoted to magic good or otherwise, and not on material pursuits.

    Fed up with her mother's traditional ways, Neohmi left Oriental Woods and pursued her own path as a Doll Maker rather than a Witch of Souls. At eighteen, she has already established a fine doll shop in Aeshen Town. Ironically, the business with Almeric's Madness diverted her back to practicing witchcraft and laid her doll making dreams to rest (at least for the moment). During her Character Masking experiments, she continued to sell a few of her creations in the streets to keep her fed.

    Important Locations
    Oriental Woods | located in the Southeastern outskirts of the Kingdom of Iwaku. Few dare enter this territory of dragons, djinn, and other monsters. Victoria's tower lies on neutral grounds at the heart of the woods. Famous for its spices.
    Aeshen Town | a small but busy town nearest Oriental woods.
    Le Doll Maker | Neohmi's doll shop in Aeshen Town, once reputed for its intricate dolls now long out of business.
    Wooden Apple Inn | located in the west of Aeshen Town.

    Important People
    Victoria | Almeric Nells | April Dwayne | as mentioned above.
    Alvyn Chant | lead investigator of the Sudden Crazies case and responsible for Neohmi's capture.

    Character Creation | the ability to slip one of her Soul Fragments in a doll which then develops a mind of its own.
    Soul Binding | an imperfect ability to bind one of her Soul Fragments in a living thing, chewing off chunks of the host's soul which can lead to madness.
    Character Masking | a skill in its early stages, it allows her Soul Fragment to envelope the host's soul and use the vessel as her own. The ability requires a great deal of Soul Fragment and precision, leaving Neohmi's body vulnerable to attacks.
    Soul Splitting | the general term used for Neohmi's ability to split her soul into fragments.
    Neohmi currently has three dolls at her disposal. Two are empty; the other is Grimmerly Grimm, a redheaded banshee girl with sharp claws and disorienting screams.
    A needle in her sewing box expands as a staff her size. Also very handy in stabbing people at the back.
    Misc: Much like her mother, Neohmi has an affinity to little girls.
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  7. I hope everything's to your fancy, Zen. If you find something wrong, please let me know and I'll do what I can.
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  9. Name: Captain Jakob “The Dead” Sterling

    Age: 28

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Jakob has a tall wiry build, standing at over 6 feet tall. A diet of primarily fish has left him with very little fat on his body. Though human, his curse has begun to take a toll on his body. His skin is so fare that it looks grey and his eyes are a milky white. His gaunt visage, shrouded in a deep hood, resembles that of the grim specter of death. Shin high boots adorn his feet, a set of slim fitting pants tucked into the top of each. From his hips hang a set of flintlock pistols and a set of clip-point daggers.

    Occupation: Pirate

    Personality: The words emotionally bankrupt come to mind when one thinks of the pirate Captain Jakob Sterling. Regardless of his mood his expression and tone change little. His interactions with the criminal the criminal element made him cautious of everyone he meets. As a matter of survival, he has done his best to cultivate a strong, imposing demeanor which deters others from crossing him. He views relationships with others and purely functional and unnecessary disclosure as a liability. His pact with the necromancer Phaonis has left him a man without conscience in life, thus his actions can be extreme and appear unprovoked.

    Your Crime:

    Jakob was rumoured to frequent the waters just outside of Iwaku’s territory, plundering merchant ships from the Directory Republic. However he didn’t receive much attention until a smouldering vessel was spotted sailing along the coastline that he received any much attention. The ship was eventually identified as the Pride of Eden, a migrant vessel which had been carrying no cargo at all. Those aboard had been poor Noobites, refugees of all ages from fallen nations seeking to start a new life in Iwaku. It is believed that whenThe Dead found they had nothing of value he was so angry that he’d ordered his crew to lock the passengers below decks and burn the lot.

    Admiral Jaeger managed to apprehend The Dead during a night time ambush, the Admiral was disfigured during the pirate’s interrogation when Jakob managed to throw a hidden vial of acid in his face. Due to the cruel nature of his crimes, Jakob has spent the last 6 months in The Tower of Traitors, a high security prison for enemies of the realm.

    Guilty or innocent: Guilty


    Jakob is not a native of Iwaku, he is originally from Necropolis, an ancient state under the rule of the White Wolf Empire.

    For many years White Wolf had been in a period of steady decline. Jakob’s father Archibald Sterling, had been a member of The Moderator Council, a group of mages who had forged White Wolf. However many of their passions for sustaining what they had created had begun to wane, many had moved to new lands or passed on, taking their life sustaining power with them. The continent had steadily become more and more unstable, earthquakes fractured the landscape, lush forests became deserts and floods wiped away coastal towns.

    Despite the times he was born into, Jakob paid little attention to the decaying state of the world around him, for he was a dreamer. In his mind he could only see the barren landscape as a blank canvas upon which a beautiful new world could be created. He would spend countless hours with his dearest friend Trinity dabbling in the use of creative conjuring outside of the city. They would experiment on small patches of land, attempting to give it new life.
    The two had a sort of chemistry which seemed to amplify their creative ability and it was clear to Archibald that the two would make fine Mods themselves one day.

    However, it was not meant to be before they could even begin their formal apprentice the city was struck by an earthquake of Cataclysmic proportions.The City of Necropolis began to sink into the Sea of Apathy taking Jakob’s father along with it. Jakob and Trinity barely escaped aboard a small ship with afew other refugees. As they watched their home disappear beneath the wave Jakob felt as if his dreams had been crushed, they were too late, they would never revitalize Necropolis, the canvas was gone.

    They sailed for what felt like months aboard that ship under a grey sky in a lifeless ocean. Trinity did her best to keep Jakob’s spirits up. But something had changed in him, that sparkle in his eyes was gone and cheering him up was becoming more challenging by the day.

    One night during a storm, the two began to quarrel below decks. Trinity had become fed up with Jakob’s increasingly morbid outlook. At the height of their confrontation, a rogue wave caused the ship to capsize and break apart.

    Jakob was picked up by a group of pirates a few days later while adrift on a piece of wreckage. The crew informed him that he had been the sole survivor.

    Jakob was devastated, his world had become a dark an ugly place.

    The ship’s captain Santiago Motzlan, demanded he become an indentured member of his crew, a 10 year debt for saving Jakob’s life. Once his years of service were complete, he would be free to do as he please.

    During his time aboard the Serpeant of The West Jakob studied the arts of navigating a ship, sailing, knife fighting and marksmanship. The crew was a living library of unsavory knowledge, and Jakob took every opportunity to soak up as much knowledge as he could. While he was never about his affection for Jakob, Motzlan became like a second father to him, constantly pushing him to take on bigger challenges such as leading raiding parties and gathering intelligence on new marks.

    By the time he was 20 years old he’d become a competent first mate, but his past was catching up with him at times he would become overwhelmed with guilt. He had once prized creation and rebirth, now his every act served to strip people of everything in some feeble attempt to fill an emptiness in himself. He yearned to find some way to relieve himself of these feelings. All they did was hinder his ability to excel.

    It was in the Port of Sherway that Jakob would meet a woman that would provide him with the relief he so desperately sought. A mysterious necromancer by the name of Phaonis Bhaal sold him a potion that would remove those limitations for a pint of his blood.
    And the potion acted as promise,its unique properties eliminated his feelings of guilt altogether. Jakob became faster, stronger, quieter, more focused, he no longer troubled himself with concerns over his past. All seemed well.

    But Jakob would soon realize that he had purchased more than he’d bargained for. His ability to feel remorse eventually evaporated altogether. He became progressively more violent and unpredictable, and with every evil act his body began to change, skin paled and his facial features became more corpselike.

    The crew began to call him The Dead on account of his haunting visage. In time this new moniker became a name he wore with pride. His reputation only grew as he stole his own ship and assembled a crew.

    Longshoremen would come to call him “the reaper of the seas”, boarding ships late at night and murdering every man on board before disappearing into the night along with the ships cargo.


    Wings of The Reaper- Years of manning the sails of heaving and yawing ships has given Jakob the ability to move with swiftness and silence while climbing. His experience is such that he is even agile enough to fight from unconventional positions such as rafters and closed spaces with little risk of stumbling or losing his balance.

    Dead Eye- Excellent hand eye coordination allows Jakob to accurately small or difficult targets at a great distance.

    Sense Danger- When crawling from pub to pub while on shore leave, its important for a man to have his wits about him. Thus Jakob has learned to rely on his gut in sketchy situations. Danger sense allows him a chance to react instinctively to potential dangers, be that looking for traps, pulling his weapon first or dodging a first hit.

    Never Shall We Die- In situations where he and his companions are greatly outnumbered or wounded Captain Sterling has the ability to enter a frenzied state where he shouts to his fellows and taunts the enemy while fighting. Friends within earshot, have their morale restored and receive a supernatural buff which increases their own speed and strength.

    Important Locations
    Necropolis – The city of his birth
    The Sea of Apathy - A black sea under grey skies where he drifted for weeks
    The Serpent of The West - The pirate ship on which Jakob served.
    Port of Sherway - A small island port where Jakob made his bargain with Phaonis Bhaal.
    The Pride of Eden - The ship on which Jakob commited his greatest atrocity.
    Tower of Traitors - Jakob's prison where he awaited to learn of his fate.

    Important People
    Trinity Muse - Jakob's childhood friend
    Archibald Sterling - His father
    Santiago Motzlan - His master/foster father.
    Phaonis Bhaal - A necromancer who stole his conscience.
    Admiral Edmond Jaeger - His captor
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  10. First D&D style anything really alright if I join?
  11. *peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers through the window*
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  12. Name: Chronos
    Age: 26
    Race: Human
    Appearance: like_trying_to_catch_smoke_by_xxneon_zombiexx-d3c7gxu.jpg
    Occupation: Merchant
    Personality: Chronos is a schemer not a day goes by that he isn't trying to trick or rip someone off, he's arrogant and conceited. Still despite these negative tendencies he's still able to commit at least one good deed every once in a while...if he feels like it. He's not known for being polite either his crude humor and vulgar language has made him plenty enemies over the years. Other than that there's not much else he's your typical degenerate conman.
    Your Crime: Several accounts of selling illegal items on the black market, fencing stolen property and the real kicker is two accounts of murder in the first degree. Since he'd gotten into the merchant game he'd been selling illegal products, there's hardly a thing he hasn't sold that would get him a good couple of years locked away. He didn't care if it was weapons or drugs so long as he kept getting paid the merchandise kept coming. He'd gotten into fencing items when a friend of his stole an artifact from one of the royal manors after that he'd take what ever item his friend or some other thief brought him and flipped it for a profit. The cue de gras was him murdering two people; they were competing merchants both were dirty as well and had committed their fair share of crimes. But seeing as they were always muscling in on Chronos's profits he decided to put an end to the annoyances so he took one of the illegal weapons he'd been trying to sell and got rid of them unfortunately there had been a witness. Some dumb kid had been out late playing and saw him butcher the two men, the next day he was being hauled off in chains.
    Are you truly guilty or innocent: Guilty
    History: Merchant Square - the only really significant place to Chronos it was where he made all his money where he was arrested after killing the two merchants. Rabbit's Foot Inn - he owned a room there and was the main place he'd go to when he was in the mood for scheming people out of their hard earned money. Was also the place where most of his black market items were found during the investigation. Black Market A constantly moving bazaar for people who wanted to buy, sell or trade illegal goods that had been banned by the Queen. Jonathon and Marcus - the two merchants Chronos killed and competed against, Jonathon and Chronos had actually been good friends until a couple of years ago when they had a falling out over some merchandise that had been brought in from out of town, both wanted to buy and sell the goods but neither was willing to back down.
    Powers: Silver Tongue - can compel people to do things they normally wouldn't do but have secretly contemplated. So long as it's something they've wanted to do and put a lot of thought into Chronos can make them do whatever he wants. However there are complications, first the person must be either weak willed or emotionally compromised, he must stay within three feet of the person for the ability to take effect. If he uses the ability too often it can drain his stamina and leave him in a vulnerable state. However there are complications, first the person has to be either intoxicated weak willed or emotionally compromised, secondly he has to be within six feet of the person for it to work. Continued use can cause a rapid drain in stamina, also the more absurd the deed hew ants committed the more energy is required to make the person do it. Illusion - he can also make people see things that aren't really there but only with smaller objects like changing the face of a card during poker or rearranging the numbers on a pair of dice. Only things that can be held in one hand and of similar weight and shape of the object he is changing. Terror - Induces a persons fear and can distort their sense of reality into something more ominous makes them see Chronos as if he were some dark foreboding figure. This can cause the person to become frightened and irrational losing most if not all composure. Conditions for this power are similar to his silver tongue powers must be close to said person and they must be weak willed or emotionally compromised.
    Weapons: two daggers and a short sword, he's become especially skillful with bladed weapons over the years he's learned to defend himself just incase he gets ambushed or attacked by muggers or rivals.
    Misc: (optional)
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  13. *Breaks the window and drags Grumps inside* One of us! One of us! One of us!
  14. [MENTION=3293]Shadowheart26[/MENTION] ACCEPTED

    [MENTION=4031]Neohmi[/MENTION] Couple of things I'd like be to tweaked or elaborated on. I'd like to know what would happen to Neohmi if one of the dolls who possess a fragment of her soul gets destroyed? Would that part of her soul be forever lost or returned to her? (If you want this to be a secret between you and me for story and surprise purposes, PM me this. I can definitely see this as a good plot twist.) For the Character Creation power, how long does it take for a doll to develop a sense of self? For the ability Character Mask, I'm assuming she just can't move while she's using the host body? Also could you tell me how long Neohmi is able to use this ability before she faints/collapses from exhaustion?

    [MENTION=2221]Chronos[/MENTION] I can allow the Forked Tongue ability only if the person he's targeting is weak willed at the time, ie. they are drunk, depressed, someone who doesn't like standing up for themselves, mentally ill, etc. Would he need to say a phase to keep the spell going, remain close to the person or is there a trinket when dropped into someone's pocket that does all the work? Also since it's a powerful ability - I'm not ruling out player versus player scenarios in this game - there has to be a huge draw back. It could be something as simple as he's out of the fight for a while, or maybe it makes him compelled to do things when others ask him.

    I think you also meant to say Definitely Guilty in your profile. =P
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  15. yeah was in the middle of editing the powers and saying he was guilty added another power and to sum it up its like having scarecrows gas from batman
  16. If doll with Soul Fragment is destroyed...
    Logically, the soul will remain intact if the doll is destroyed. It's simply a vessel the Fragments use to attain a physical form. When a doll is killed, Neohmi has the option to call it back or leave it be (usually the former). The Fragment will have to recuperate from the shock of death for a while. It may take about a week or a whole month depending on the Fragment's strength. Please check my PM for more info.

    A doll's sense of self...
    It develops immediately. The Soul Fragments are without a doubt parts of Neohmi's own soul. If unmixed with the other Fragments, they form their own state of mind with one personality of Neohmi's dominant. It is also important to note that Character Creation is unpredictable; it's difficult for her to call out the exact same mix of personalities whenever she wants. Grimm is the easiest Fragment to call out. At a time, Neohmi can call out three Soul Fragments easy. Five, and it's a doozy. Seven, and Neohmi loses her Existence for spreading her souls too thin.

    Character Masking...
    Yes, she can't focus on her own body movement without losing control of the person she's possessing. After all, she needs to shape the Fragment just right or else it will eat up the host's soul. With what little practice she had before getting caught, I say half an hour before she loses it. A full hour if the world depended on it.
  17. *skims* This looks sooo fun, but I'm not 100% sure I'll have the time to keep up with posts once school starts up again. About how often will players be expected to post?
  18. [MENTION=2221]Chronos[/MENTION] [MENTION=4031]Neohmi[/MENTION] Both profiles look good.

    [MENTION=2744]Cicatrix[/MENTION] At most I'll probably be asking for a post once a week. It won't be an extremely fast roleplay. As with most Iwaku based rps, the post tend to be of decent length. At most they are about 2 paragraphs.
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