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  1. Atabyte is now offering @iwaku.org email addresses (YourUsername@iwaku.org) and hosting on subdomains of iwaku.org. (YourUsername.iwaku.org)

    Hosting + Email:
    For $4.99/month you receive the following:
    • 1GB Storage
    • 20GB Bandwidth
    • Hosted email
    • YourUsername.iwaku.org subdomain
    • YourUsername@iwaku.org forwarded email.
    • Donator privileges on Iwaku

    This is meant for hosting a small site/blog/wiki with more flexibility than the forum's built in tools at a lower cost than a full hosting plan plus domain name. You may also use it for hosting images and other files.

    To sign up, please click here and choose the "I want to use a free subdomain" option. This account is only to be used with a subdomain. If you sign up with a regular domain the hosting order will be rejected/refunded but a refund will not be provided for the domain purchase.

    Please choose a subdomain/email that you are willing to stick with. A maximum of one change per year will be allowed.

    Email Only:
    Any Iwaku member who has a recurring account upgrade of at least $1/month, Iwaku hosting account or regular Atabyte hosting may request an @iwaku.org address to be forwarded to your regular email account. Please contact me by private message to set this up.

    This way, if you need someone to email you something you do not have to give out personal contact information.

    All applicable policies at Atabyte - Legal apply to this service. Additionally, all Iwaku behavioral and content rules do apply. Sites that violate Iwaku behavioral and content rules must be hosted on an independent domain with a regular hosting account.

    You must be a member of Iwaku in good standing to use either service. If for any reason you leave the site or are banned you will be asked to either upgrade to a regular hosting account on an independent domain or your account will be terminated. If you chose to terminate your account, a copy of your files/database will be provided if requested within 30 days.
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  2. I do recommend not following this person's example and avoid posting it completely publically. While it makes it harder for people to figure out who you are, it doesn't stop spammers from trying to harass you.
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  3. Yeah, don't do what I did, I just don't mind being spammed. XD
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  4. That's one way to test the servers Jared. :P
  5. So, I just stumbled upon this.

    If I donate $5 regularly per month (to Iwaku), does that give me the snazzy hosting extras? I know you said it was specifically for Atabyte, but I figured I'd ask.
  6. For now it is just the email. I don't really have a good way to handle hosting accounts that don't go through the billing system.
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