Iwaku: Kitti's Banishing Militia

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Kitti had stood, overcome with indecision, for too long. It was impossible for her to withstand the sounds of the townspeople who were still fleeing from the Flamers' torments or the shrieking of the Artys as they swept over the once peaceful grounds. Resolve began to solidify in the pit of her stomach, strengthening her and giving her the impetus she needed to break free of the mesmerizing effect that Rory had held over her. For now, she was free of the bonds she had allowed herself to be chained by through loyalty and affection, thus she was able to spread her wings.

With a powerful sweep of the glossy feathers, Kitti was borne aloft on the smoky air, choking a little as the specks of ash still alight burnt the back of her throat. The town had seemingly gone straight to hell, she realized, her heart plummeting. Kitti's eyes welled up with tears from the hazy air and the enormity of the destruction. She was almost overcome with helplessness when she saw a young girl being dragged down the road by a Pimprat who was cackling maniacally.

Anger coursed through Kitti instantly, searing her veins with the rush of adrenaline. In a single fluid movement, she plummeted from her vantage point in the skies and drew her sword. The gentle 'whoosh' of wings alerted the Pimprat too late and he was knocked unconscious by the blade of the sword when Kitti struck him in the back of the head. Tenderly, she helped the girl to her feet.

A small group of people had gathered around in awe, some recognizing the queen they once believed lost to them forever, others simply dumbstruck at the image of a wrathful winged woman plunging from the sky to save one of them. The group circled around her and the cacophony began: pleas to salvage burning homes, desperate tears over a lost family member, and more than anything, an entreaty to stop these invading horrors.

Kitti spun helplessly, examining each soot stained face and feeling the inescapable need to nurture them as she had the Shifters when Lycan had disappeared and the town had been in need of rebuilding all those years ago. She knew that there was no way to walk away from them, her fool's head would not allow her to follow that course of action. Instead, she did all that she could, "I will do my best to stop them" she vowed to the group.

With great effort, she resisted killing the Pimprat, instead drawing on her bending powers to transport the Pimprat into the still standing dungeons beneath the palace. She would need to think of another alternative, this dungeon could not hold every n00b but it was a start on the problem. The next question was where she could find help to her cause in salvaging the city. She could not perform this seeming miracle alone and these innocent civilians needed the protection of their gifted ones.

Distraught, Kitti scanned the burning rubble in hopes of locating a friendly face who might join in her effort. The city was far from permanently ruined and the inhabitants were in need of protection. Kitti was at a loss for who to call, however, and considered her options carefully. The land was in chaos, yet she did not know how to locate Reiz who seemed to have faded from the face of Iwaku, Jack who had died so long ago, or the precious Fluffy sacrificed to create Engel. It was all Kitti could do to keep from falling to her knees with the oppressing feeling of being entirely alone.
Re: Kitti's Banishing Militia

The flames roared as the noobs pillaged and razed the town. Celcius stood atop a nearby embankment, assessing the situation with narrowed eyes. Flamers, trolls, and noobs combined their power to pillage and raze whatever they could touch. Long, long, ago, Celcius herself had once been like this. But back then, she was but one noob in a land where there were few others, and three powers rose up and restrained her, binding her movements so as to prevent her from creating destruction. And it was this way that those three turned her, from a wild, destructive noob, into a gleaming Knight of the Dragon's Tears. With much guidance and aid, Celcius utilized the skills the three had taught her and helped to usher in the golden age of that land. As a druid, she had sacrificed herself to bring about the end of the Shadow Lord, Idol, then rose again as does a phoenix from the flame.

It was then that she heard the call of King Gabriel.

Her spirit, it seemed, was inextricably bound to the land of the Dragon's Tears, but King Gabriel called great heroes from all different lands to join hands in bringing Iwaku to a golden age. Indeed, the Knight of the Dragon's Tears, Kris, one of Celcius' great mentors, had been called just before Celcius herself had been as well. Iwaku enjoyed a time of prosperity during the rule of King Gabriel, and Celcius' body began to change according to the times. But unbeknownst to her, a madness had risen within the old king of Iwaku. When King Gabriel left and the Admin Wars began, Celcius was caught completely unaware and, now but a Neko-jin with little power, her body was slain in the Admin Wars.

But only her body was slain. Her soul remained whole and untouched, still tethered to the spirit left behind in the ancient land of the Dragon's Tears. She still ached for that land sometimes, the great days she had spent in that small castle, but her mission wasn't done on Iwaku. Noobs still rampaged the land, attempting to destroy all that they could touch. The injustice and helplessness she had felt during the Admin Wars when she had cowered in one of the rooms of the Shifter's Guild had to be satiated. She would have her vengeance.

This form, itself, was a result of the destruction during the Admin Wars; she became an Ice Apparition, resembling the cold demeanor of the Justice. No, she wasn't Justice incarnate, but she surely was one of her warriors.

A winged figure snapped her out of her memories, as she watched a familiar winged figure dive steeply out of the sky and strike one of the offenders, saving a little girl from a sure fate like Celcius' own, back in the Admin Wars. It was Lady Kitti, the one she had become attached to just after her body reformed a long time after the Admin Wars. But that body, too unstable to maintain itself, had crumbled, giving way to her current body. Celcius still maintained a friendship with the saviour of the Shifter's Guild, but Celcius on her own now, independent of any factions, maintaining a neutral look on the world. Celcius saw, with her keen eyes, that Kitti looked distraught now, as if pleading for help to come.

Help is here Celcius thought as she called upon her abilities. She felt the vapor in the air that resulted from all the flames. She felt the water flow through the underwater aquifers. She felt the lazy streams trickle through the trees in the forest behind her. She was one with the waters.

She was now in command.

Celcius closed her eyes and summoned forth the waters, turning it into a fine vapor to carry over the town. Darkness covered the ruined forms of the houses, still burning, as the wisps of vapor clouds formed into a giant storm shepherd. When the shepherd formed, she opened her eyes, now glowing white, and unleashed a deluge of rain onto only the burning houses, taming and dousing the flames that threatened to consume all. All in all, it had taken less than thirty seconds to kill the flames, with the power she had.

Celcius summoned underneath her a small disc of permafrost to stand on and, utilizing vapor, lifted it into the air. She rode the disc towards her friend, taking note of the noobs closest, especially of the ones who had seen her float through the sky. She may be a warrior of Justice, but she still loved a grand entrance.

A noob charged at her, flailing its arms and screaming in wild fury as it stampeded unknowingly towards the end of its run. Celcius took a single side glance and threw two icicles at it, piercing both its hands with through and through wounds. The noob stopped dead in its tracks and fell to the ground, writhing in pain and cradling both hands to its chest. She lifted it with vapor, then flash froze it, keeping it alive, but unconscious.

"Ask and you shall receive," Celcius said as she landed in front of Kitti. She put a hand on her friend's shoulder. "You're not alone in this fight. I'm here for you, like you were for me."

(RECAP: The pillaging reminds Celcius of her past. She sees Kitti and decides to help, putting out the flames in the houses and rendering one of the noobs immobile.)
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