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  1. [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQtfM_LIp90&feature=related"]YouTube- Crazy Dog With Rabies[/nomedia]
  2. *brain explodes from sheer confusion*
  3. OH YEAH! ONE DOWN! 500 TO GO!
  4. *corpse flails about before the apothecary attaches a new head*

    Sorry about that....it happens sometimes
  5. ".....and now for something completely different"

    That just got to me. I can write about rape orgies in a three foot deep pool of gore, but I can't stomach a sick dog. D: I'm a bad person. *road trip to Silent Hill*
  6. <-- has already called an exterminatus on silent hill, that the inquisition may better punish those who defy the emperor
  7. >.> Uh, Serpent Lodge.

    *cheeky face*
  8. the inquisition shall deal out your punishment soon enough Krom.
  9. *Wanders over and breaks the dog's neck*

    Problem solved.
  10. well....when you're and undead scottsman i guess there's not much that can fuck with you there is there?
  11. "I think he have eaten Donald Duck!"

    That quote is for some reason funnier than the whole video...
  12. I love the sounds though, it made me so happy!
  14. *in Tim Allen's voice*

    "You mean that happy child?"
  15. I love this video....