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  1. Just sayin. I am so tired of walking around on egg shells for fear of stepping on someone's toes. I'm tired of worrying about getting in trouble for offending someone with something that shouldn't be offensive in the first place. And then when things to start getting into a debate. *LE WILD POWER CRAZED MOD APPEARS.* >.> "Welp this conversation looks like it's going to cause a little trouble. CONVERSATION OVER! NO YOU MAY NOT DEFEND YOURSELF. NO YOU MAY NOT DEBATE IT FURTHER. YOU HAVE TO SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BOTTLE UP ALL THAT YOU FEEL BECAUSE IT MIGHT OFFEND SOMEONE." It's getting to the point where I'm thinking of leaving because it's not fun anymore to be here, when I constantly have to watch every little thing I do because it might piss someone off. I've had to end rps that are not breaking any rules yet it pissed people off and caused drama, so it was done with. It's becoming more like riding a bike. Only you have to put on a helmet, facegaurd, mouth guard, elbow pads, knee pads, shin protectors, sleeves to protect your arrms long pants to protect your legs, shoes with out laces so they don't get stuck in the spokes, then you have to put a layer of bubble wrap around you. In the end, it's not even worth riding the bike. Of course someone's gonna come say no! No! It's all lovey. Staff is just trying to keep it positive by making you bottle it up. But oh you can come to the counseling thread! Until it pisses someone off, then you bottle it up again. Or you can take it to pms unless they don't want to talk to you, then you're screwed. You look like the bad guy because there is nothing you can do and in the end you look petty. Isn't this such a great place? I mean seriously. I used to enjoy role play. Now it's hard for me to even get into the spirit of it.
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  2. I can relate to having to deal with people getting offended over absolutely nothing, it's happened with me on Iwaku a few times myself.

    However, in places like General Chat I really haven't seen you partake in a single debate or argument, which leads me to think all of these occurrences are RP's.
    In which case it might simply be a matter of environment, Debate Threads it's to be expected to express opinions others may not like, but OOC's are meant to organize and host an RP.
    So I can understand Mod Intervention to make sure RP's don't suffer as a result. Though closing RP's over it?
    That seems unnecessary, something I don't think the staff should be doing, but I can understand why they would if an argument got intense enough.

    Basically, yes Iwaku does have some issues with people being overly offended.
    But it honestly isn't *that* bad as long as you mind where you're doing it, and are willing to co-operate with Staff when they do come to you.

    Because from personal experience, Staff do only tend to get involved when the amount of offended people is overwhelming.
    I've been outright told that there have been a ton of reports against me that were never acted on because it was simply people throwing a fit, so if a staff member is acting on a report?
    It means it's more than someone throwing a fit, something serious is going down may it someone showing legitimate hostility, or the reports are coming in from a swarm of people.

    So no, I'm not going to simply go "No the staff are lovely and you need to bottle it up!".
    The site/community has problems, this shouldn't be denied. But the staff aren't simply people on standby waiting to ruin people's fun either, they take their job seriously and legitimately want everyone to have a good time.

    And honestly, I think you'd also find the results be different if these issues were taken to somewhere like a Debate thread (unless if it's basically shit throwing and personal attacks, but that's stuff the staff kind of has to deal with).
    That and there is always the option of removing troublesome players, granted the typical response will be for them is to call the staff. But if you warn the staff of the situation in advance, what's going on, you should be fine when the troublesome member begins to kick and scream.

    And I wouldn't get concerned about this thread getting closed.
    I don't think I've seen a thread here get closed yet (and I post in the vast majority of them).
    This is a section where people getting angry, letting things of their chest is to be expected.
    To close a thread over that? They'd be missing the point of what a Rant is to begin with.
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  3. According to whom or what, exactly? If you're the one deeming something inoffensive, then that in itself becomes offensive to someone who doesn't share your sentiment. That's just life in general, not Iwaku. You are also complaining about yourself; you're offended by other people being too easily offended. Quite the paradox. That being said, I do understand your frustration. However, you cannot just freely spew every detail about a topic that goes through your mind. 'Social filters' exist for a reason, and that reason is for everyone to have a good time at the party. Mind you, these filters apply to people who are 'offended by everything' as well. By being easily offended and crying about everything, they're breaking the social filters just as much.

    If you're having trouble with roleplaying partners, then you just have to keep searching. Nobody said that it was going to be an easy task. Add to that, finding people who aren't firmly rooted in a specific belief and not easily offended by everything. It's almost an impossible combination and requirement. So, at some point, you have to start changing yourself when shoveling sand against the tide.
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  4. I have seen two threads get closed, and my own thread was moved to a different location where it didn't belong by someone who isn't even a staff member anymore. The two threads getting closed were by the request of the person who created the thread, it's against staff policy to shut a thread down with out the consent of it's creator (that's just my assumption though). One of the threads was slightly similar to this one actually. A girl had some break down to Jared's April Fools day prank and said she was going to quit Iwaku because of it. The second one someone was ranting about being called an otaku and the negativity behind the word. It sparked a lot of controversy, and attracted some insensitively rude people to the counseling thread. My thread that was moved was an advice wanted thread asking for help regarding a computer problem. Asmodus moved it claiming it didn't belong there, and was horribly rude to me over it. I found it entirely unnecessary to move my thread because I've seen Lewi create advice wanted threads over computer issues before.

    @Razie Angel
    BASICALLY be prepared if this thread blows up.
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  5. If it's just one or two people getting offended, they're being sensitive and it's no big deal. It happens all the time to everyone and you just shrug it off!

    When you are having a problem with LOTS of different people getting mad at you all the time - it's not them. It's you.

    You have to stop and think about what YOU are doing that is constantly landing you in these situations where people are yelling at you and staff members are having to step in and calm down situations.

    Most of the time it's because:

    - They sound like an asshole without meaning to because of the way they talk to people.

    - They are being really loud and obnoxious and are running around pestering people and getting on nerves.

    - They themselves are pitching hissy fits about things members are doing and starting squabbles.

    - They are behaving like spoiled brats any time something isn't done or handled the way they want.

    - They are refusing to accept responsibility for their own behaviors when someone steps in and tries to tell them what's wrong.

    If Iwaku was trying to force sparkles and rainbows down everyone's throats and didn't allow people to bitch and complain, I can promise you there would be about 20 members I would have banned by now. c___c
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  6. To be honest I think you're overreacting by quitting Iwaku over a few fights. Also not all mods are power hungry, and frankly they have the right to handle their role-play how they want. Generally they shut it down out of fear that the pathetic OOC squabbling will affect their role-play (which is like their baby btw). "I mean seriously. I used to enjoy role-play. Now it's hard for me to even get into the spirit of it." is the exact kind of attitude that they don't want to see. You are letting things that happen OOC affect how you role-play, and it really puts the GM in a bad position. Of course not all GMs are like that. There are plenty of GMs who don't get all over protective puppies and rainbows. xD

    I don't know what world you live in where staff is all sparkle and glitter and happy fun cakes, I've never seen them tell them attempt to cover anything up. Generally they provide reasonable advice or solutions to problems. xD

    When it come to actual legit advice, I think what Diana said above me is perfect. -w-
  7. Why does everyone treat rant threads like advice wanted threads? :no:
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  8. Honestly, I've yet to meet the mod(on iwaku) that is anything short of reasonable. I mean they are human and all, but I've yet to encouter an issue that couldn't be resolved by talking politely.
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  9. Exactly what I was trying to say! Thanks for explaining it better than I could lol
  10. Very good point. I think it's cause we feel compelled to give said ranter advice in order to help them with the problem. Kind of like that saying where you teach a man how to fish so he stops asking you for fish.
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  11. The difference is with rants you should take everything they say at face value. Rants are rants because they are trying to set out their frustrations before thinking about them.
  12. And your point is? I know what a rant is. O.o;
  13. The point being that the advice you present shouldn't take their words as logical statements that they hold true. Rants are emotional, so you have to respond to the idea rather than the point. Examples of fowls include:

  14. Because there is a 'rant your brains out'-thread? Seems like the perfect place to rant without anyone giving you advice. A whole thread on its own screams for too much attention for everyone to ignore and just 'give hugs'.
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  15. Well for starters what I said wasn't even advice, it was an opinion. Also why do you have to refer to it as a fowl? That implies that sway and I did something wrong against another. There's no reason to get all knit-picky, people are going to respond to things in their own way. lol
  16. HI.
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  17. Exactly, I mean yeah in most cases people create rant threads for the soul purpose of just ranting and getting things off their chest, but it's foolish to think that you're not going to get any response from it. It's only natural you're going to get attention from people with their own opinions on the subject. Glad there's someone else here with the same mindset as me. xD

    Also I don't understand why people complain about getting advice in rant threads. People need to be more thankful of the fact that there are still people in this world who care enough about the well being of others. >.>
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    Just kidding.
    Don't ban me please

    There's whiney assholes everywhere. It's all in how you handle those invisible and intangible egg shells. You can either tip toe across them and worry about the people complaining.


    Words to live by. They've gotten me far.

    Edit: Like @Vio has said. There are touchy babies and then there are caring adults and helpful members.

    EDIT EDIT: I've never seen @Razie Angel in any of those locked debate threads, so not really seeing any issue with that particular note.
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  19. Some people just want to rant and see others say "yeah I'm having that issue to" or "I feel ya" It's sometimes about validation of one's feelings. But that's just me.
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  20. *Gasp* Who knew that you had a sense of humor windsong! I'm so proud le stick has been removed from le butt. ; v ;

    Seriously though, I'm glad you and I can finally come to an agreement on something ;P
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