Iwaku is really a good roleplaying site!

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  1. I am really impress with this website. I joined this site..maybe 3 or 4 months ago, and i did a few roleplays. I used Rpnation.com before this, and i have to say, it was awful! The only good thing was that it was pretty active. The members were rude. I felt like i was really bad at roleplaying because they would say that i'm a "noob." But on this website, the members are really nice, and pretty active. Thank you, for making this website AWESOME!!!!!
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  2. I blame Diana. It's her fault we're nice because she has owls stalking us ready to attack if we try anything.

    Glad you enjoy the site.
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  3. Ssshh. Dun be mean to our sister. She's had some rough things to go through with admin changes and site merges. It's hard to wrangle a community through all that!

    I am happy we're a nice site, though. >:3 A lot of work is put in to bullying people to be nice against their will and natural instincts.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Heh.... Haha.... RP Nation... you mean Myspace?
    Sorry, sorry.
    But yeah Iwaku, is pretty great.

    Anyways, glad you enjoy the site noob. Jk, let's get a a mug of milk and apple juice to wash our woes away matey!... I don't know, I'm sleepy, leave me be.
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  6. YOUR FERRETS. Give this man a medal.
  7. [​IMG]

    Why thank you.
  8. My god...I want one.

  10. The kind that says "thank you for making a really good website that brought me and my entire clan of idiots compatriots over."
  11. Iwaku is a role playing site?