Iwaku is NUMBER ONE!

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    Good news everybody! Iwaku is number one!

    When using the keywords "roleplay forum" and "roleplay forums" IwakuRoleplay.com is now the #1 ranking spot on Google! And on many other keywords we are #2! HOW COOL IS THAT?

    Where we know it won't be long before some other hot and bigger roleplay site bumps us off the top billing, right this moment it's time to preeeeeeeeeeen, shine and sparkle for this very difficult accomplishment. Most websites never even make it close to ranking on the popular keywords. But here we are. NUMBER ONE!

    First, the Administration would like to thank all of our Staff Members PAST AND PRESENT for how hard they have worked over the years in building content for the site, taking care of the members, and promoting Iwaku. Without our staff team, there would be chaos in the streets and Iwaku never would have lived as long, or prospered so well.

    Second, WE HAVE THE BEST MEMBERS EVER! Thank you for being a part of Iwaku. For roleplaying with us and creating so many plots and characters. For trying and sharing exercises to help each other, as well as being friendly and help to newer roleplayers. For being creative and inspiring in challenges, showcases, and topics! For all of your donations that have helped us cover server costs, pay for software, and keep Iwaku online. For being cool people, best friends, and super fun!

    Iwaku is number one because of YOU GUYS and your participation in our community. Thanks for being a part of it! <3 By all means, help us stay number one by continuing to be such badasses.

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  2. Fuck Diana, I can feel the preening from here.
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  3. I take full responsibility.
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    WE are DAH BESSSST!!!!

    I think we should thank EVERYONE cause I think everyone had a part in it X)
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  5. Well, im happy now :D
  6. Woot! We should hold a party or event to celebrate!
  7. *sets off gianormous confetti bomb* PARTAAAAAY :bananaman::champagne::cake:
  8. Ok this is damned cool.

    Also if you type in 'roleplay art shop' my Iwaku art shop thread is 7th result. *claws at prospective buyers*

    So yeah AWESOME.
  9. I'm impressed. I didn't know we were so popular. The Staff should be patting themselves on the back because if it wasn't for the order they brought we wouldn't have as many members as we do now. And because of the sites popularity we got top mark on Google. Congratulations Iwaku, my support for this site has always been positive and will continue to be so due to the friendly members and helpful Staff. =)
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  10. I've said this before, but this seems more apt now.


  11. Regarding Iwaku rather than myself, though :bsmile:
  12. Just checked, we're still on the first page, so technically, we're still number one, even if we have the second slot. XD
    well, y'all're number one, anyway...
    so...yeah. just thought I'd break the news. Mizuhar is a slot above us, but I still think you guys have a better staff and community. It's very open and friendly. It's easy to find what you're looking for. It may not have as many bells and whistles as some other sites, but it doesn't really need them. Because you guys have what's most important: a sense of family.
  13. next goal: 1,000,000 messages?

    we arent #1 anymore, sadly, let's get there again!
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