Following a cou.... regular day in the office the staff have decided they're in charge.... YES MORE IN CHARGE THAN WE ALREADY WERE. DON'T ASK ME HOW THATS POSSIBLE!

And remember the number on rule:

Fun is mandatory.

- Public service announcements are brought to you by:

Bored staff members
I willingly accept our fun-having and good time encouraging overlords.
We particularly enjoy suppressing the opinions of anyone directly or remotely associated with TK.

It's called the TK Tickle. The first staff member to abuse their power to censor more than 10 TK-related dramathons gets a handjob from Diana.

Remember. Cyber-bullying is for winners.
THEN I SHOULD BE GETTING ONE! GIMME MAH CUPCAKE! (Cause handjobs are for chumps)
The handjob is non-redeemable. Its take it or leave it or you'll make Diana cry.
What if I wanna give HER a handjob? 0.o
Of course of course, but can I find people to crash the wedding?

...... *Sniffs the Staff Punch suspiciously.*
If I must have fun, I require a flamethrower.

For...flamethrower things.
Eh, so I can't give Diana a handjob OR crash her party? T.T This party suuuux.
Oh well, so, Vay, can I be your and Corvus' priest if I'm good?
"Goooooin to the chapel and we're goooooonna get maaaaaried...."