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  1. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Iwaku members. Beta here with a new thing I'm going to start doing.


    Each month, I'll take one or two members or staffers aside, ask a few questions, and post the results in a thread like this one. Why? Simple. To help everyone get to know these individuals better. They're people just like you and I, so why not get to know them?

    Our first interview is with everyone's favorite NOT-Diana... DAWN!!!​

    Beta: So let's get the big one out of the way. What is your favorite thing about the Iwaku community? With so many members and so many things going on all the time, surely SOMETHING is your go-to when you're bored.

    Dawn: Well that one is easy. I love the cbox. The roleplay chats and the forums are great and all, but the cbox is this neat place where old fart members hang out with the young'uns with inarguably less bickering than, say, General Chatting. In addition to that, I like meeting Iwaku's members and chatting with them just as much as I like roleplaying with them. I believe it helps a roleplay last longer if you're better acquainted with your partner or group and sometimes PM or OOC conversations feel a bit slow or too calculated.

    Beta: Yeah, if there's one place I can count on seeing you on any given day it is definitely the Cbox. I like it there as well. Good place to just hang out, shoot the breeze, and relax.

    You've been here for years, as most probably know. What was your favorite RP that you ever took place in here at Iwaku and what was it about?

    Dawn: Oh damn. That one is tough to answer.

    I've been on Iwaku for I think around 7 or 8 years and there has been SO many awesome roleplays just in that timeframe. Iwaku has some really talented writers, some more obvious than others, and I've had the pleasure of joining some of their roleplays. It really is hard to choose a favorite, because each roleplay is different, unique, and so are our reasons for enjoying them, right?

    Beta: That's a fair answer, I suppose. Especially when you take part in so many things over the years. Next on the list... If you could see one series/setting/etc become an RP that went from concept to completion, what would it be?

    Dawn: By series, I'm assuming you mean in the Fandom sense? If so, then absolutely without a doubt the world of Spira from Final Fantasy X. I love everything about it from the races to the religion to the dark history to the land itself. Spira is fascinating. It's funny because I actually attempted to run a roleplay with this setting. I'd like to see it actually run its full course, though.

    Beta: You... never told me of that. I'd join it in a heartbeat. FFX is my favorite of the series.

    Ok. Time for an easy one. Favorite movie?

    Dawn: Probably because it was a private RP. I'm a bit of a skittish GM so most of my roleplays are invite only and filled with people I've been RPing with for years. This is a habit I want to break because I know there are tons of fantastic roleplayers on the site.

    As for my favorite movie... I like campy movies? Movies like Army of Darkness and The Fifth Element. Of course I love horror but I tend to enjoy movies with some kind of comedy in it a bit more than others.

    Beta: That's fair. I'm not a horror fan, but they ARE pretty good movies for the most part.

    Alright, a couple more and we'll wrap this up. were suddenly a millionaire one morning... what would be the first completely frivolous thing you bought?

    Dawn: Video games. Soooo many video games.

    Beta: Yessssssss... Video games are so awesome.

    Last one. Cats or dogs?

    Dawn: I've always had both growing up so it's tough for me to choose! Maybe cats? I got along better with the cats in the family so we'll go with them. :P

    So there you have it, folks. Dawn likes video games, horror movies, and cats. She might be staff, but she's just like any of us. So when you get a chance, swing by the General Chatbox and say hello sometime. Dawn and many others are there fairly often.​
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  2. Is there a place we can sign up to be interviewed for this thing?
  3. I suppose you could PM me at a later date and I could make a list of people that want to be interviewed. I was going to kinda choose at random, but if people WANT to be interviewed, I can do that as well.
  4. Cool! :)

    Can you define 'later date'?
  5. Whenever, really. But I won't do another interview for at least a couple weeks.
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  6. Alright, thanks. :)
  7. So tell me Gwazi, outside of Iwaku what are your interests?
  8. This is really neat!! I wish I had thought of it -w-
  9. Oh one of these again? Well, here's to hoping it lasts beyond two or three.
  10. Video Games, Board Games, Card Games, RPG's (Tabletop, LARP when I can etc.), TV/Anime (Especially Marathoning), The Occasional Friendly Debate, Science Lectures from people like Neil deGrasse Tyson & Richard Dawkins.
  11. yeah. i recall something like this happening a couple of times.
  12. The bonfire is almost out. Keep straining, guys. And try not to shit yourselves.
  13. Such pessimism.
  14. @Dawn I am still waiting to play a chocobo in that FFX RP. :3

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