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  1. The theme of today seems to be Iwaku around the world! O___O We are a community made up of members from many many many different countries, lots of which that don't learn english as a native language.

    For this topic, tell us what country (or state/county/region if if you live in one of the giant countries) and tell us a little bit about the culture where you live! :D
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  2. Midwest, USA

    We're laid back. We don't have a funky accent.

    We call it soda.
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  3. I'm a patriotic citizen of the best country on Judeo-Chrisian God's green Earth: United States of sumbitchin' America. And these colors don't run! *waves an American flag with one hand, shoots a gun with the other, and scream-chugs a chili dog*
  4. I live in England.

    I'm inherently miserable and I don't like foreigners. I also don't like other English people, so go figure on that one. My native dance involves raising my middle finger and little else, whilst my country's native animal is the pigeon, known for shitting on everything; good, bad and indifferent.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Swedish. My people, as much as I have one, is known to be naturally polite and introverted, Refusing human contact. Swedes do not help you, but will not hassle you. We will avoid eyecontact.

    Unless we get drunk. Then all bets are off.

    And by bet, I mean clothes. See "Sauna culture" and "Mating call of my people; Ey cunt, wanna fuck"
    written by Bork Bork Sexson.
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  7. I live in Canada, the land of 6 month winters, roof collapsing snow, and a population of about 37 million that has 90% of our population living within 200km of the US border.

    Our two national sports are lacrosse and hockey, and the vast majority of the world's maple syrup comes from Quebec. arguably our most famous dish is poutine.

    Canada is bordered by 3 oceans and has the majority of the world's entire freshwater, somewhere around 60% of all the lakes in the world. Our national symbol, the maple leaf, was chosen because at least one species of maple tree grows in all ten provinces and is a symbol of unity. The vast majority of Canada is untouched wilderness and many Canadians associate this rich natural heritage as part of our cultural identity, as the wilderness is seen as our playground with something to offer for everyone.

    Our elected leader is a prime minister and our head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. Our Parliament Buildings, which you may have seen on TV recently due to the Ottawa shooter, is our equivalent of the White House, but it is not fenced in and the entire property is accessible to the Canadian public.

    This November 11 is known as Remembrance Day, a holiday we mark to remember the sacrifices and contributions Canadian military members made over the years as it is a nation's promise to never forget. It isn't a day to celebrate war or triumphs, but rather one of sombre reflection for those who gave everything for not only our freedoms, but for those in countries that needed help. We wear a poppy over our hearts because of a poem written by an officer in WWI about the poppies that grew over the graves of the Canadian soldiers. It has become our symbol of remembrance and respect.

    Our national police, the RCMP, does not wear the iconic red surge for day to day wear. They look like normal cops when they aren't doing ceremonial functions. To make up for this crushing truth, they do shave maple leaves on the flank of their horses. It's fantastic.

    And there's a billion other little factoids about the Great White North we could talk about, but a lot of that is basically the FAQ I hear from foreigners all the time. My cousin didn't even know our nation had a prime minister.
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  8. Canada! :D

    I live on the Ontario/Quebec boarder, so you can imagine the goofy, lumberjack, huntin', four-wheelin', don't cha know?in' sort of people who live around here. Most DO have the stereotypical Canadian accent. I do not. I blame it on talking to all of you.

    Joking aside, the community I live in is quite the collection. People come from all over the world to this tiny, tiny two-town area because of work, so it's kind of like Iwaku in a way. The original families, however, come mostly from Irish and French origins. The French love cheese. The Irish love potatoes. We took those two, threw some gravy on it--

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  9. Northeast USA

    We're uptight. we speak oddly.

    We call it pop.
  10. Florida.

    Fuck the illegals and the elderly.

    Edit: fuck the crazy weather too. 40s for 2 days then back up to 85 for the week. Hurricanes and humidity too.
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  11. Laugh Out Loud that was good.

    Diana is an international superspy and you're all falling into her trap so she can know your states. Hide yo kids hide yo video games
  12. I live in southern Sweden. Here, we're all about that farming life, mixed together with some cultural hubs. There's a lot of open-mindedness here, but also the opposite. We have kind of a funny accent, or so the people up north say. But that's alright, we laugh at them, too.
  13. If Diana's a spy then she's gonna have to seduce me if she wants the secret to my fresh squeezed orange juice.

    I welcome the challenge.
  14. I was born in Boston - the original one.... it's horrible. I understand why you all left.

    Notes for @scribz - I'm not actually being racist against Pilgrims and I don't hate my hometown.
  15. Rural Kansas here. Land of tornados, Wyatt Earp and The Wizard of Oz. We've got sunflowers and wheat... And, actually, let me be serious, the closest city from me is about a 30 miles from me... Not too far from Dodge City either, which... Isn't as glorious as you'd think. The old wild west mythos is cool I guess, but it pretty much just smells of feed lots for the beef factory... Uhhh... I guess something that might be pretty cool is all the wide open land. You can pretty much see the horizon in every direction. And its amazing seeing some of the wheat fields sometimes cuz its just like a golden ocean at times under that great blue expanse? But overall... Rural Kansas... Its a lot of everybody knows everybody... And not just in the town... Quite often in the whole county... And even in entire districts and regions. You just get to knowing people. And there's a heavy christian tone that just sort of impacts everything. Makes it hard if you don't fit the mold exactly. You have to be the athletic gender-role fitting whatever christian stereotype or you pretty much start getting to be an outcast. And if one person finds out in the small community, word spreads fast, ya know? Ha, just the way it is.
  16. Florida. We eat meat.
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  17. Argentina. I don't like my country too much. Since the typical argentinian person stereotype is a man with the ego the size of a mountain, who has a giant nose and is obsessed with football, you can guess I don't like my people too much... Plus there is lots of insecurity and sexism, and people look weird at me when I say I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't really like meat that much >_>
  18. People's Republic of Wisconsin.

    -Our culture is a rich combination of German, Polish, and Native american, with our town names becoming nearly impossible to say out loud.

    -Our entire way of life is built on dairy, particularly cheese.

    -Cows are not animals, simply lower-class citizens.

    -Every citizen knows how to operate a variety of weapons and owns a personal arsenal.

    -Whoever you are, we WILL out-drink you.

    -Our landscape is beautiful, varied, and exotic (as long as you like hills and rivers).

    -No really, we are the best drinkers in the US.

    -One day we shall regain control of the UP by force, stealing it from the cold grip of those dirty Michiganers.

    -Seriously kid, you don't stand a chance drinking with us.
  19. Challenge fucking accepted tollner. Bring your worst. I am brining the absinthe and pure vodka. Blindness or bust.
  20. Stereotypical Canadian accent is best accent.

    Except for Newfie. Nothing is better than Newfie.

    Out here in Central Alberta (I'm originally Ontarian) it seems like the vast majority of people are from out of province, all here for the riches. It's kind of like a lame version of 1700s Nassau, to be honest.

    Wyatt Earp was a badass.

    Also, just because you don't fit in there doesn't mean you don't fit in over here. Come, Tempy! Become Canadian and my neighbour and we'll go on moose riding and bear wrestling adventures while hunting for Sasquatch!

    Ontario is also filled with a shitload of names nobody knows how to pronounce unless you're from there.

    For example, Penetanguishene and Etobicoke.

    Also, as a Canadian, I feel that it's my responsibility to warn you that we're all superior drinkers because we need to get our blood alcohol level up for winter so our blood doesn't freeze in our veins. You just may be a long lost cousin on the wrong side of the border.
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