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Iwaku Inspired Musick

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Desaecula, Apr 9, 2012.

    I wrote this on FRUITY LOOPS on a monday about a month ago while posting well past 5 A.M. i was on for about twelve hours STRAIGHt, so here it is.. a LATE NIGHT, inspired by a VErY late night here on iwaku.



    think i should post/do more?
  2. *Head Bobbin'!*

    That's really awesome! You're freakin' talented! More please. I like the simplicity at about 1:00 and then the progression after it! It's like... lonely and complete at the same time. I dig it.
  3. That was tight! :D
  4. Thats what he said.
  5. about an hour ago.. yes. :3
  6. He still said it.
  7. :3 Yaaaay Desa-sans.~
    I like, I like! ^^ Wonderful job.~
  8. Now we have a start on the soundtrack for the motion picture. :D
  9. FL FTW!

    Good stuff, dude. Post more of your creations!