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Iwaku Illustrari (open)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Fijoli, May 6, 2014.

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  1. Greetings and welcome to Iwaku Illustrari, where you can see first hand what free art looks like.

    For some time on twitter I took art requests from a large group of friends. During that time I drew for others and myself the same as I am doing today.


    Known then as TheBlueNavi, I created so many drawings and connected with so many people it changed me forever. I lived to express and feel, but even more to strike out with that very expressive nature.


    My art is a testimony of my freedoms and it is how I am sure to never ever take it for granted.


    Since those days I had gotten a bit lost, only to find myself back doing the one thing that makes me happy. I have always given my talents freely because it is what made my art evolve far beyond what it used to be. Other people had helped me transition into the person I would become.


    I needed to be challenged, more and more. After a long and lonely 2 years I stumbled across Iwaku, Henceforward, my days have been filled with a meaning and purpose again.


    As Fijoli, I have gained the power to change my life and help others. I have inspired those that inspired me. I have come so very far to where I am now.

    Illustrari is Latin for "illustrated" and all character portraits requested of me in this shop have only one condition. Under the condition that your character be a character strictly made for role playing here in Iwaku.

    I take my time to work and work on my own time, I dish out some serious fine traditional art.

    I do not color it seems to ruin my art.

    I have a big project I am working on right now so I can only take one request at a time.


    Thank you and be well everybody, long live RP.

    Current client: @GonzoB.

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  2. One of Many @Diana Portraits to come.

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  3. Okay wow that's some seriously nice linework and art. Dammmn oO. Keep it up!
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