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Joining in?

  1. OMG Yes

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  2. Maybe see what kinda of attention this gets

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  3. No but I will watch and enjoy

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  4. Yes, I want to be a judge

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  5. Yes but I wanted to be a judge, thanks though

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  1. So you think you can sing I will be making a thread and be setting up genre's. Come join see if you got what it takes to be the best singer on iwaku. I will see if I can get the staff to put something on your name as a prize if not I have a few other prizes for this. please sign up below. I will need two other judges beside myself. I have done this on other sites and it was really really fun.

    So do you have what it takes? Who will be number one? Find out on Iwaku Idol.

    Scorpio Queen

    Prize Designers
    Gwazi Magnum

    1. Grothnor
    2. Thingtastic
    3. Kaga-kun
    4. Indabayou
    5. Mahariel
    6. Hyanna
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  2. I'll judge ... I'd participate in contest, but I think my voice sucks X3
  3. sweet I would participate but gotta be the judge since it tis my thread
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  4. cool .. oh, and my cat forms are almost finished... I have 4 left I think
  5. sweet
  6. My own voice is awful for singing (unless if the purpose is to be bad. In which case I have the best voice ever) and I'd feel like a dick criticizing anyone else's singing.

    So I'll sit back as an observer for this.
    Please give us the link to wherever you end up hosting this. :)
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  7. of course
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  8. *Peaks in* Singing contest you say? Weeell, as someone who took the music program in high school and had the main instrument song there and knows a bit about the topic at hand, I would certainly be able to borrow you my expertise as a judge. *Might be more excited than she lets show*

    As for that prize, that is completely up to Diana, but from how busy staff are atm and how busy we are going to be in the near future and how Diana has responded to staff members wanting to do prized competitions during the last year, I am fairly certain that will be a no. In the future I would suggest speaking to Diana before posting your competition so you can be certain beforehand what prizes there are for people (no matter if you tell them or not). You can also try to find other people beforehand that can help with prizes if staff aren't available for it. For example, you can try finding someone who can make banners and ask if they can help with one of the prizes. It is always good to prepare as much as possible before posting up a competition notice so you can be sure that nothing is missing in the middle of it. ^^
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  9. I'm kind of good with making photoshopped rewards. :3

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  10. My voice is complete shit, and I don't think I could ever judge... But I could maybe make some photoshopped prizes if not Gwaz.
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  11. I have it all planned but thank you dear this was just to see who join. the real thread be way more detailed, but yes I will have you as my last judge yay
  12. maybe you two could work together that be awesome
  13. I'm up for that.
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  14. If there is any part of this competition that needs memes, not that they have a tight enough grip of my mind already, but it's pretty much all I can, then I'm right here! *sob*
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  15. *Can sing*
    *Just got a microphone*
    I dunno, maybe I should-
    *Horrible memories of voice lessons*
  16. I'm down, as well.

    Prepare for trouble!
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  17. And make it double!

    While I technically can sing, that is preferrably in a crowd. I was made for choirs, mate.
    Plus I'm not too comfortable singing in a public of which I know far too few, far too distantly.
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  18. if you join you can send me it via pm I always did in the others. And I always ask after ratings if you would like to share or not
  19. can count you in?
    in for singing?

    edit: nvm brain was being stupid
  20. ...I would prefer not joining, thank you. No offense, I just... Don't sing alone, but rather drowned out by at least five other, consecutive voices.
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