Iwaku, I need some help :)

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  1. To whoever did not read my blog, I'm leaving my house with my family, getting an RV and traveling wherever the wind blows us! And while we're on the road I'm going to be starting a blog, and that's where I need help.

    I need this thing to look legit, and I have no skills what-so-ever involving blogging.
    So help me, I need to know which site to use. I was thinking about using Blogger, because it's pretty much the only one I know about.
    I need A LOT of help with the design >_<;; I've got bare minimum when it comes to html knowledge, basically I know how to change the background and that's about it! I have no idea how to make banners and borders and whatever else! I'm going to need something easy to adjust. I'd like to put images on the side, text on the side with addition sites of mine, and a donation box with a paypal thingy in it. Yeah I have no idea how to do any of this..

    ALSO, THE NAME. I have three possible choices, let me know what you all think!

    Destination Wherever
    Outcome Unknown or
    Unknown Outcome

    Thanks again and I really appreciate anything anyone can help me with! Because if I tried to tackle this by myself I think it would end up looking really really really crappy. Thanks, Iwaku! :D
  2. Blogger and Wordpress are my two favorites. 8D I prefer wordpress myself. It has a lot of easily installed and edited plugins that you just upload and click a button to do. So you dun have to know a lot about webpage stuff.

    You can always use a pre-made skin until you've practiced your html/graphics skills or talked someone in to making stuff for you!

    And I like Destination Wherever. 8D
  3. I'm thinking of using Tumblr for my travel blog, this Summer. I chose it because of it's simple layout and handy picture organization. Though, Wordpress/Blogger has some cool new layout stuff, too... I'm not helping. But to me, you could do well with either, as they are both similar and optimized.

    Go with Destination Whatever. ^.^
  4. From what I've seen because I read many blogs, Tumblr seems to be the easiest to give you fun layouts and let you do whatever you wish.~ c: But it depends on what you feel works the bestest. I'd say give a few blogging sites a try, get a feel for them, and decide. -nodnod.

    THE TITLE HAS BEEN AGREED ON. -fist on desk.-
  5. Tumblr is definitely the easiest when it comes to themes and what not. I'm not sure why, but I just don't feel like Tumblr is very... serious? when it comes to blogs. I mean, I want it to look and feel legit. Tumblr is what I would use as more of a picture blog. I feel that most people on Tumblr don't want to read so much, you know? :/ I'm not sure. Blogger is probably what I'll end up with.

    And I'm not sure how I'm going to make any graphics xD;; I no longer have photoshop and I'm terrible at it anyway.

    Okayyyy so Destination Wherever it is! I suppose I'll get started on it tonight. :)
  7. ;n;

    I found this program and I worked so so so hard on this thing. Hours and when I finally felt it was okay I applied it.

    But the program wrote 'trial' ALL OVER MY BLOG. ;;;;;; ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh