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  1. *hugs iwaku*

    I'm in a particularly good mood, so free hugs for everyone!

    School is starting for me soon, and I just feel like I had a particularly fulfilling break. But since I was out so much, it just feels like I haven't been on Iwaku that much for things other than a single RP. A shame too, since I like this place.

    So before school starts, I just wanted to invite everyone for a little conversation. I want to know what is going on in everyone's life. What has been exciting? What has been stressful? What have you been looking forward to? Broken new year's resolutions yet? I just want to hear it all. But only if I get to hug you... I won't listen otherwise :p.
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  2. I've been really sick again. D:< Which sucks, cause I was doing really, really good all year health wise and then right before thanksgiving it all started going downhill real quick. O___O So fighting with that again.

    The past two months I have been preparing for major life changes. >> Parents will be moving town eventually. Thinking about whether or not I wanna expand the family. Setting up new website projects. Creating a foundation for my future long-term vacation and/or retirement from things. Fixing a better "If Diana Suddenly Drops Dead" instruction manual cause I realized if I died suddenly, no one would have a clue what to do about ANYTHING. @____@

    Looking forward to tax season, because I want a BRAND NEW goddamned couch. D:< No more cheap hand-me-down couches from yard sales that are already 20 years old! A new, fluffy, wonderful, attractive, GIANT COUCH. Our very first new couch. 8D
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  3. Sorry to hear about your health. Maybe it has something to do with all those fires you've caused. But still, I'll be rooting for you. That instruction manual is one I'd rather not need for a long while. Plus, I'll be invading your couch, but I promise I'll share.
  4. In 3 D&D Campaigns now, other than that I'm basically just still in limbo about what to do next with college.

    Several ideas keep popping up, but after further reflection there's always some element or factor that makes me decide no.
    Would just jump straight into it... But college tends to cost money, and I don't like the idea of throwing money at every little thing I have can think of, need to decide on something more concrete first.
    It's always a good thing to have. I made one just a few week ago in case something similar happens with me.

    Though admittedly in my case if I suddenly dropped no one would be lost on anything, there'd just be a PC, Games and a variety of Geek items to be handing out. XD
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  5. I wish you luck with college. I know that it can be rough deciding which direction you want to take your life in, but I'll be wishing you the best of luck. There are plenty of basic classes which every class requires, so until you run out of those, maybe something like an internship would be a good way of learning what you like. I myself am going to have one over the summer. *giggles*, though maybe that isn't a good example since I haven't set it up yet. I will probably be doing that in the next two weeks though. I'll probably give an update once I've picked.
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  6. Moving this to PM's to avoid de-railing the thread.
  7. I spent most of my holidays procrastinating, which means I'll be finishing a semi-big school assignment that'll determine my grade for one course almost entirely in frantic last minute panic during the next two days. Yay me, I never learn.

    My mom kind of heavily restocked my fridge now that I had to leave her fridge alone and return to my apartment. I guess that's kinda neat.

    And I ordered myself a late Christmas present. Now I just gotta wait for the mailperson to do their job.

    Oh wait, crap, scratch all that positivity. I have two exams coming up soon and I'm gonna screw them up so badly. I swear I'll never learn how to start studying on time. *Whimpers*
  8. *giggles*, sounds like the story of a procrastinator trying to avoid getting what is coming to him. *sticks out her tongue* But just kidding. I know that we all have our bad habits. The pressure is on, so don't spend too much time on places like this. If you get some studying in now, you might be able to scrape by, so fight hard :).
  9. I'm not procrastinating right now, I swear. This is... This is research! And very important research at that. The Iwaku GC is a gold mine of cold hard facts and professional people who always know what they're talking about and always manage civil discussions. A shitposter like me can only stare in awe at these respectful rational people of infinite knowledge.
  10. *just continues to listen while nodding with a cold, judging smile*
  11. I've been having a super rough go because of work, and from mid-October to the end of December, I had a total of 10 days off. I have lost so much weight none of my pants fit anymore and I had to punch holes in my belt, and eating is still something that's extremely hard to do for me right now; if I eat anything at all in a day, I consider it a great victory. It just hurts too much most of the time.

    I have a 4 day weekend coming up and we have a new person at work who is helping spread out our stupid and insane workload, so I am a lot more relaxed and I think I am on the road to recovery. If I am still not able to eat after this upcoming weekend, I think I have to go to the hospital.

    Unfortunately, this has kind of taken over my life at the moment and regaining my sense of self had been very, very hard.
  12. When you have time, I think these two things might help you get a better grasp on Procrastination (I usually hate just throwing links around, but I found these just amazing).

    Part 1 Part 2.
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  13. Oh God that's awful... :/

    Does your work not allow you to eat while there?
  14. *gives an extra dose of internet hug*. I can't even imagine. That sounds really scary. And to have to worry about work on top of it... I don't really understand any of the specifics, but I just wanted to say that you seem really cool, being able to deal with being overworked while on an empty stomach. I enjoy your presence here, so make sure you take care of yourself. I don't think I'd really be any help at all, but thank you for sharing with me.
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  15. They do, but I suffer from Crohns, and it has been aggravated to the point of me being concerned I have intestinal damage right now. It physically is just too hard to digest food some days.
  16. Thanks, I honestly need an outlet from time to time. I am a lot better than I was, but where I am is still kinda scary.

    On the plus side, I own a pair of nice swim trunks that now fit after 5 years!
  17. *giggles*, I'll try to contain my jealousy.
  18. I don't recommend the "autoimmune disorder and 10 days off in 70 days" diet, unless your goal is to cosplay Skeletor.
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  19. I have to take a maths test again...

    I've been really lazy this holiday and the routine was eat-computer-eat-computer-violin/eat-sleep, repeat. Even though it was a relaxing period of time, I'm still feeling stressed out about lots of stuff happening at home... And still struggling with creativity! But hey, at least I drew.
  20. Well, the good news about tests is that it kinda marks a soft end to material you need to be on top of, which is why I generally enjoy them. But yeah, it definitely seems like we need to tell teachers to stop testing us immidiately after the break. But, despite that, it sounds like you had a wonderful lazy break. It is nice to have those every once in a while, though the adjustment back tends to be less fun.
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