INTEREST CHECK Iwaku Host Club Jump Ins- male and female groups

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  1. Just like the popular Anime : Ouran Host Club I'm looking for people to play the roles of "Host Club" members and entertain people who Jump into the thread.

    This means I would need people willing to play a variety of character types- both male and female.
    There will be two threads for each gender (though either gender are allowed to jump in. It's only the host members that vary between genders)

    Here is a list of Character types I'm looking for (if I miss any, please let me know)
    -Bold (honest and sometimes rude)
    -Shy (careful and gentle)
    -Smart (calculating, knowledgeable, and scheming)
    -Childish (selfish, stubborn, and immature)
    -Prince type (flamboyant and narcissistic)
    -Mature (serious and selfless)
    -Silent (loyal and wise)
    -Badass (loud and daring)

    The point to the rp is simple conversation and flirty fan service (essentially). Those who come into the thread would choose their favorite character type and "rent" them for conversation.
  2. This sounds amazing! I'd love to be a part of this! :D
  3. As you know im gonna be in both as male and female hosts ;D

    As the female host i am thinking of being a princess type host

    Im not too sure on the male yet.
  4. I'd probably be a male and female host, too.

    Shy female host, and smart male host, maybe probably :D
  5. Are you still interested in doing this roleplay?

    If so, could I do a shy female? Or even the quiet one. I tend to play the more passive characters best
  6. I'm interested~!!! :3 I'd hope to be the female bad ass. Male... Hmm.. Not so sure yet. ^^; guess that one I'd wait a bit.
  7. I'd be interested, mostly in the childish type, either or both genders. I can also do smart, shy, princess, twins or geek.

    Also is this purely a entertain guests RP or are there background shenanigans like in the anime?
  8. Is this still going to happen? Because I wouldn't mind playing a bold girl... and possibly a badass guy....
  9. Looks Fun~

    I call Smart Female Host. :D