Iwaku Holiday Card Exchange!

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    Allo, Allo! And Happy Holidays Iwaku!

    It's time for the semi-annual HOLIDAY CARD EXCHANGE!

    You can put yourself on the list to send or receive cards IN THE MAIL from your fellow members of Iwaku!

    On December 1st we will send out the mailing list to everyone that submitted.​

    The rules are simple. Want to send a card? Want to receive a card? Submit your name or address. You will be able to choose if you only want to send, only want to receive or can do both! If you need to update your address or any information, just resend in the form at any time.

    NOTE: Your address can potentially be sent to people you don't know! There IS a section you can add names of people you -don't- want getting your address, however, please make sure you have permission to give out your address or are comfortable doing so. Be smart, be safe!

    Otherwise you can always just exchange addresses with your friends!

    [deadline ended!!]
  3. Yes! Count me as always :)
  5. Maybe I'll get cards and not be forever alone!
  6. I love to send cards.
  7. So I just realized I left the street out on my info....


    Also, feel free to yell at me if I forgot anything on my Address! :D I'm kinda dumb when it comes to mail stuffs >.>''''

    :D YAY!
  9. I wonder if this is a weird way of saying I'm trying to come back? ^^ But I'd love to get a kitteh card! >< and i'm good for sending a couple too XD.....
  10. I support this wholeheartedly, I wont add my address though in order to save all you Americans on international postage =P
  11. I'd like some if anyone wants to pay some international postage! It'll be nice to receive some cards since I'll be recovering from surgery around then! :3
  12. I just bought cards today! :D
  13. Wait.. What if I'm at Job Corps and I want to Receive? It only asks for username on the submit form and I don't think people here at Job Corps would know who to give the card to if it were just addressed to 'luvable-lil-monster'...
  14. You put your real name, or at least your first initial and last name in the address box.
  15. Prepare to get some Swedish style holiday cards everyone, if there even is a difference in how the cards look across countries:D
  16. Thankies :D
  17. I've decided that you all are going to get handmade Mitten cards! :D YAY! Now only if there was a way to be able to draw the postage and have it count as actual money... >.> -plots evilness- :D I'm REALLY excited about this guys! :D
  18. If I get a kitty card Mittens will get a wolf card... some how.
  19. I know there's still some days left before the list goes out, but can I get at least a general idea of how many people are on the 'receive' list? I'm going to a special craft market ON the first and I'm afraid I won't buy enough cards!