Iwaku Halloween TF2 and L4D2 Servers

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  1. I just set up a Halloween map rotation TF2 server for Iwaku.

    Connect to tf2.iwakuroleplay.com:27050 to play.

    Anyone is welcome, not just Iwaku members. TF2 is free on Steam.


    Continuing with the Halloween theme there is a Left4Dead2 server running as well. It should show up on the list of steam group servers if you are a member of the Iwaku group.
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  2. Pfft...Who plays TF2?

    -Begins to copy down the server so he can get on tomorrow-
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  3. I'm on there right now... It's so quiet.
  4. Yea tf2 is for nerds! Even bigger nerds stream it!

    Could I uhh, get a copy of that?
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  5. I'll check it out :D
  6. Woo, awesome.
  7. Sounds like fun! Haven't played TF2 in a while, this would be a good excuse to get back on. I kinda stopped playing because everyone was so much better than me, FPS games aren't really my strong suit.
  8. ...Iwaku TF2?! O_O
    So much yes!
  9. I plan on setting up a couple random servers eventually but I figured this was fitting for now
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  10. @Hatsune Candy nice pic and I am just not that much good at tf2 either, but give me assassin's creed and it'll be finished the next day lol
  11. Is there an Iwaku Steam group?
  12. I WILL play with you. I love it.
  13. Likewise here.
  14. Edit: Nevermind, seems like it has been deleted or something.
  15. The server was empty when I finally got to check it out...

    We needses friendses to protects with our body, acts as decoys for, or go kamikazes on, not just random peoples who'll make fun of us or rage about our playstyle that we'll never sees again...v.v...
    If you read that in Gollum/Smeagol's voice, I have some news for you...
  16. Awesome, just joined, thanks!
    Up for some CS:GO or TF2 any time, drop me a message on steam
    or on here!
  17. How about we meet up at a specific time? An appointment to kick each others behinds.
    But be warned. I am not as nice on tf2 as i am here.
  18. i will try to get my steam to work