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  1. So @Orochi just posted in the Picture Thread.

    This guy's been on Iwaku about as long as I have. I.e., we've been here since Iwaku first started back under the admin Peridox, when it was a Dot Hack fandom site.

    Holy tits, that's a long-ass time ago. More than 14-15 years, maybe?

    I know I've left, rejoined, left, and rejoined Iwaku a few times in that period.

    Any other Generation One Iwakuans still around?

    What Generation are you???
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  2. I haven't counted the generation numbers. I just know I'm generation great migration.
    What number would that be?
  3. Damn Millenials Migrationals. >:I
  4. @Fluffy linked me here back in around 2007, I think?

    So I'm coming up for the ten year mark, now.
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  5. Jinx and Seiji brought me in, part of the Moonwings Original First Migration/AFTA Assimilation wave

    'Cuz let's be honest folk love to talk about themselves when it's part of a group
  6. Great Guild Migration here~ Though mind you I was a bit late on that >> I don't like knew things. @Rain of the Night and to talk me into it over and over again XD
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  7. Yarp, 2007! I remember because I joined only months before linked you. It's really been that long? Huh...
  8. I came in 2009 right before that big crash where all sorts of posts and threads got destroyed. User Loveless and myself were members of another rp site and she linked up Iwaku and the rest is history.....It sucks that I'm virtually inactive now and totally inactive rp-wise. Some of my best memories are from this site and I met some of the coolest people I've ever known.
  9. I joined in 2014. Not during a migration of any kind. I googled roleplaying sites and found Iwaku.
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  10. I joined the night of the Iwaku Wakeathon, many many years ago. Not entirely sure when exactly that was or what it was for, but I was invited to it by a friend and joined the site after an hour or so. Cause you all seemed like such lovely people~
  11. I am too old to remember all this crap now. =__= I just know Gabe invited me to be a sister site while he was still running it and I would pop in to the chatbox ever so often.
  12. We're not Pokemon, you know, Raz.
    Though come to think of it, I haven't seen WMD and such around in a while...
  13. I'm Gen 2 (Gabe era) since I joined after Peridox left.

    April 2006.

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  14. I've been on here for almost three years now. No idea what generation that is, but eh.
  15. Been here since 2011, but I'm not sure which generation that would count as.
  16. I will have been on Iwaku for two years officially on August 31st.
    I think I just googled for roleplaying websites and Iwaku came up. :)
  17. I arrived in the land of Iwaku about half a year ago, during my ascension from roleplaying on Facebook.
  18. YOU'RE ALL SO OOOOLD! I'm only five! :D ... I've been here for five years already? o_o I thought I was up in my 4th year... Gosh time flies by. :D What gen am I? Pff, as if I know. o_o
  20. I joined Iwaku a little over two years ago, and I'm still a fucking newb.

    But yeah, I just looked up roleplaying sites. I didn't come from anywhere else.

    Best decision I ever made. <3
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