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  1. So, with it being 2016 now I figured now's a good time to prepare for the next round of Iwaku games.

    Originally I was auto-adding all volunteers from last time (unless if they asked otherwise).
    But I figured that might be unfair for two reasons:

    1. They might wish no but not be so active
    2. It leaves limited slots for new people

    So once again, sign ups are open and make sure to state your Gender.
    48 Slots available, any not filled will be drafted from those who didn't already voice against it.

    Tagging all the last contestants to make sure they see this in case they intended to sign up again.

    @Finhawk @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @TK (shlav) @Hana @The Silver Paladin @Atomyk @IceQueen @Dervish @Deuce @Arcadia Lumina @Thuro 116 Pendragon @CookieMonster @Cosmos @Gonzo @Grumpy @C.T. @Drakel @Rain of the Night @Cpt Toellner @Sen @Archmage Jeremiah @Icystorm @Diana @Razilin @Cromartie Sarkissian @Scintilla @Brovo @Uncle Legens Legentis @Seba @Yata @DapperDogman @Bomb @Kaykay @The Great Detective @Inzane620 @The Returner @Seiji @redblood @Shan @Savannah-Clause @Alan @Yan Yan @Asmodeus @Wedge Antilles @CCC Kouhai @Mari @Lea

    I'm a dude.
  3. I shall join and uh... I'm also a guy >.< *quietly bueries self in sand*
  5. NO ME.
  6. I can try and fail miserably.

    Put me as male if you can, thank.
  7. Time to try once again.
  8. Sign me up
  9. I-I was not tagged ;w;? I did participate in two or three rounds! And while CaH was shit because it was just circlejerking between a few individuals I had fun with the other game...s? Boardgame Online?!
  10. Oh! Me please!

    Edit: Also kinda figured you know I'm a woman, but just to make suuure. Yes I am a women XD
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  11. Let's hope I don't expire faster than a loaf of bread this time!
  12. Ready again, captain!
  13. Me too, please.
  15. I'm ready to be a pretty princess again.

    I'm still female.

    EDIT: The promiscuous pretty princess
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  16. Add me.
  17. I'mma take you out >D
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. I think you wanted to join last time if I'm correct @WhisperingWillows

    Also, count me in you guys :) I know I made it pretty far last time around but let's see where the games will take me today.
  20. I'z gonna win! You know 'ow?
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