Iwaku Facebook swap!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. In my attempt to clean out old app people I don't know, since I no longer play the games, I accidentally deleted a bunch of my Iwaku peeps from my facebooks in a mass delete. t_____t

    BTW, if you got "Diana added IWAKU as your Job" notice, that also was an accident. c_____c I didn't know. You can delete/ignore that... Facebook needs to stop changing stuff around and confusing the piss out of me.

    So what better way to fix than to name swap facebooks! :D

    THIS is my facebook page, and THIS HERE is the official Iwaku page, upkept by Rory!
  2. derp, thanks for the notification, Diana.
  3. ;D
    -never had a facebook and never will.-
  4. Don't be scared! I'd only learn a liiiil bit about your entire life for stalking purposes! :D
  5. Iwaku might as well be.
    I'd keep that addition.
  6. Oh is that why I got that request? xD Funny cause I clicked confirmed thinking you were trying to join all of us up on Le crackbook.

    Ooooh well! xP