Iwaku Demon Academy



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Iwaku Demon Academy, Richardson School for Delinquents to the public eye. A private school for special children. Demons, if you didn't catch on from the beginning. The large corridors are somewhat confusing and uninviting, and strange seals the keep humans out are littered around the perimeter. The cafeteria was just a large room, the size of a normal gymnasium or so, and the gymnasium looked, and was, bulletproof. The Student Dorms were located in a large circular tower accessible from the school by a large bridge. Behind the school is a mix of dirt and sand, each sprawling 30 acres in all directions, a large forest outlining the perimeter.
Iwaku Student Expectations

All students are required to be back in their dorm rooms at exactly 10:00pm. Bedtimes will not be enforced.

Students will be assigned one roommate, and are expected to share dorm space equally.

The woodland outlining the outer regions of the campus are strictly OFF LIMITS. Any students found inside of the area will be immediately expelled.

It is strictly against the rules to show your demonic form at ANY time whatsoever, and students may not leave the campus until they receive a LEAVE PASS. Students who leave without one will not be able to re-enter.

Students must follow all rules set by the teacher.​