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  1. Iwaku High, a demon run school for demons who, for one reason or another, want to move into human society. The reasons for such a move differ from demon to demon, but the demand was so high, the Underworld opened the Academy in the human world to teach demon-kind to act and behave like humans.

    There, demons are taught to live normal lives disguised as "Humans", how to act, how to get jobs, and how to interact with humans on a daily basis without revealing their true identities. That is where this story takes place, and where your characters stand. For some reason or another, all of your characters wish to have access to the human world.

    The story starts on the first day of class. All of the new arrivals are coming in from the demon world. Everyone must adopt a human form, and follow the school rules.

    1: Do NOT attack humans while enrolled in the Academy. Meals will be supplied by the school until graduation.

    2: Do NOT reveal your true form outside of the school grounds. Also, during all classes and activities, all demons must stay in human form.

    Those are the only regularly enforced rules, and any misconduct can and will result in expulsion from the Academy, and immediate deportation back to the Underworld.

    At the start of the plot, the general idea will be character development. Express your character's stance on the human world, and how they feel about becoming part of human society. At some point in the plot, an event will occur, and your character will have some choices to make regarding their new life, and what they want to happen. Other than that, I'll leave the choices and decision making up to the individual, and the outcome of this RP will be up to those decisions. Get to know each other, how you feel about your other classmates, and why you are choosing to essentially become a human.

    That's all I really want to reveal about the overall plot idea I have so far. The RP will have actual classes in it, which everyone will be in the same class at the same time, unless you so choose to skip. Just remember, this IS a school, and classes are mandatory. Skipping and being caught can lead to punishment.

    Also, students will all be living on campus, but will be aloud to go into the human world on their days off during the day time. All demons are to return to school grounds by nightfall, no exceptions.

    As for characters, Throw up a basic character sheet with the type of demon, any powers it may possess, a name, and preferably a description of their demon and human forms. All characters should be between 14 and 25 years of age. One last note: this is a story of "Coming of Age", so your character should have room to grow as a demon, and not start off as a full fledged demon.
  2. ---------------------------

    Name- Proffesor Rath
    Role-Teacher of Mystical Disguise/world history
    Demonic class-Iron Demon

    Personality- Cold exterior, contemplative and Mild mannered.

    Description- Proffesor Rath has never told a student his first name, nore will he Ever disclose such a thing. He goes through life at the academy day in and day out seeking no comforts or distractions, teaching The students the all-too important skills of effectively useing only as much force as needed, such as hiding the useage of useful magics when teh need arises, and World History. Rath is a solitary man with a hidden past as a frontlines man in The underworld army. Once an important General, Rath for unknown reasons dedicates the rest of his life to Aiding those wishing for something More than the halls of the Hells.

    "Maintaining your persona comes first... Everything else comes with time, and practice... lets get to work shall we?"

    Powers, abilities, and Skills- Creates and bends metal to his will, Iron stamina, Unshakeable will, and melding with metals.

    Name- Mordakai Beck
    Role- Student
    Demonic class-Grand Imp

    Personality-mischeivious and a goodtimer.

    REASON FOR LEAVING- Mordekai is sick of all the doom and gloom, and wants to see the world above, And see The bright lights and craziness of LAS VEGAS!

    Description-A stark black and red haired young man with a lithe frame and not much muscle to speak of, Mordakai, or Mord his friends, is a bout as brave as a dead fish, and useful as a doorknob on a hot summer day, but alasy ends up at the rigth place at the right time. Lucky, Rather intellectual, and a bit edgy, He keeps his teachers on their toes, while somehow manageing to pass his classes with respectable grades.

    Powers, abilities, and Skills-
    minor teleportation, Levitation, telekenisis, and prestididgitation.

  3. Name: Rin Shinwa

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Race: Kirin


    As a woman Rin stands at only 5'4", with a quite strong physique yet wiry slender with layered waist long ash blonde hair depending on if the sun or moon shines her hair gains a golden or silvery sheen, her eyes are a clear ice blue and shaded by side parted bangs and her skin is quite pale with a rosy hint against dark eye lashes. She prefers to wear trousers before skirts and dresses, her wardrobe is quite simple yet effective with jeans and t-shirts, though nothing pink gets inside her room or on her body.

    kirin_girl_by_yangqi-d3hcet7.jpg Her true form, except that she has cloven hooves instead of two toes, and no flowers around her neck:)

    Personality: Rin is kind, open, friendly and honest yet she has a fiery side that emerges when angry, she never falls into rage or screams when angry, instead she turns quiet and cold but that is a rare occasion. Loyalty and justice is important to her, she's punctual, hard working and a bad liar. She has very good grades and studies hard but is also a fun lover, less serious than the rest of her family.

    History: Rin's race had been travelling a lot in the human realm a few hundred years ago when humans still believed in other worldly creatures but now even the peaceful Kirins were confined to the demon realm as the humans were a lot more logical and non believers now a days. She grew up with her parents in a relatively happy childhood, her race's peaceful and honourable nature gave them a bit off trouble with more aggressive demons but generally the Kirins strong powers kept fighters away.

    As Rin grew up she started to wish she would see the human realm again like her forefathers had done, she wanted to see how the human realm looked compared to the demon realm, and she was tired of the fighting, to always be alert for a stronger creature that could be closing in, she wants a chance to lead the peaceful life kirins were meant to do, even if she ahs to hide her true form. When she heard of the academy she talked her parents into allowing her to go there and she trained her magic to allow her the shape of a human. Taking on her human name to hint at her true identity, Shinwa meaning myth or legend.

    Elemental control, healing, shift her form to human and an ability to see the true nature of others. [Rin is only a beginner with her powers yet, most skilled in the usage of healing and control of plant life as of yet.]
  4. Name: Leo
    Role: Student
    Age: 19
    Demonic class: Manticore
    This is his original form
    Human Appeance:
    Personality: Calm, Passive, Aloof, Observant, Judge-mental, Mysterious, Cold and Vindictive. Leo isn't a friendly guy, he doesn't like getting involved with other people and is quite happy getting along with his life. However, if pissed off he will hurt the person who has ticked him off.
    Powers, abilities, and Skills:
    Control of Darkness & Fire: He is able to control Darkness at his will, making himself disappear etc. Is able to control fire.
    Heightened Senses and Reflexes: Leo is stronger, more agile, has better vision, hearing, smell and reflexes than most demons.
    Flight: Is able to fly using wings.
    Deadly Poison: Use of Tail.
  5. Just curious, do they have school uniforms or just a general dress code, or can they wear what they want?
  6. Name: Kayo Rei
    Role: Student
    Demon type: Kitsune
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18

    tumblr_lkw3mmnBtu1qij5pwo1_500.jpg 54.jpg

    -Spirit: Invisibility and flight,
    -Ability to create fox-fire and produce minor magicks.
    Note: It is believed kitsunes gain tails and powers the longer they live and the wiser they become. It is believed a tail is gained every 100 years, making my character almost powerless compared to the rest of her kind. Also, once nine tails is reached, the kitsune's fur is said to change color.


    Name: Adelinda Tanith
    Role: Teacher of ____ (Preferably Cosmotology.)
    Species: Gorgon
    Age: 28

    Powers and Abilities:
    -Shift: She has the power to shift into a human state, or to simply change her face from it's horrifying state to that of a lovely young woman's.
    -Petrefy: May turn any living creature to stone, but may also reverse it.
    -Constrict: Her powerful lower half tail could easily squeeze the life out of someone.
  7. No dress code guys, be creative!

    Name- Kohaku Ryuu
    Role- Student
    Demonic class- Royal Dragon

    Appearance-(coming soon)

    Personality- Kohaku is an easy going, and sometimes shy guy. He is about as different from a dragon as you can imagine, at least until you get him mad over something.

    Description- Kohaku moved from the demon world for one simple reason. His race is Dying, only a hand full remaining in all of the demon realm. He came to earth to look for ancient dragon eggs, and bring them back to the demon world to revive them to continue his race.

    Powers, abilities, and Skills-
    Flight, Can breath Fire, extreme strength, Magic Scale Armor-His scales have magic qualities to them, allowing them to repel basic attacks like punches and kicks. Intimidation- Ryuu is able to put off a POWERFUL aura, making him seem much more powerful than he actually is. Usually accompanied by a loud Roar.
  8. I have a suggestion: Maybe the dress code should be 'modern human style' to help them learn blending in? So, in other words, don't show up in an 18th century victorian dress in the human world if you wish to look normal.
  9. Besides don't mean to break it to ya churchy ure a little topless on ure pic =P
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    Maybe she's just wearing a tube top? :P
  11. Will a child of a fallen angel be allowed?
  12. Hmmm, depends...u mean an angel banished to hell? Or an angel fallen to earth? If banished, sure, if earth, no.
  13. [WIP]

    Age- 15
    Demonic class-
    Ice Demon




    Powers, abilities, and Skills-

    Professor Malik
    Gender- Male
    Age- 143
    English Teacher/School Nurse
    Demonic class-
    Powers, abilities, and Skills-
  14. @Kid
    =O 3 O= I love your second character's picture. -drool-

    Hey, I'm thinking of making my teachers subject be Human Dissection & Anatomy/Health or just the school nurse -cough-
    I'm kinda thinking about being the nurse more, if anyone decides to do health or some kinda human biology I guess I could act as a sub or the teachers assistant... I'm also digging the art teacher job. Which subject do you think would suit your fancy or ideal for your rp more? :]
  15. What if he was born on Earth after his father was banished to earth but then some stuff happened and his father was thrown to hell and his son, me went along too?
  16. Awesome! we have a ton of people. Now then, the thread will be going up in two days or so, when I have some time off. Until then, I will be answering any last minute questions you may have.

    @Shiny, Ummm, the character age limit is 25 years of age...

    @Panda, Sure, as long as, for whatever reason, they are in hell.

    @Treasurer, Whatever you want, just pick something that you would like to teach regarding humans. Same goes for the rest of you.


    Big thing I noticed, none of you are listing a reason for why your characters are leaving the underworld...That reason becomes a motive later on in the plot, so I just wanted to make sure you all have one. You can either make it up in the RP, or add it to your character sheet, it's up to you. BUT, it is important that each student has a reason for wanting to enter the Human world.

    Anyway, I'll be making my teacher, who will be the head of the school, here in a day or so. 4 teachers plus mine is plenty, so I will not be accepting any more applications for teaching or staff as of right now. Like I said earlier, the four of you are welcome to pick your own subjects. Talk and figure out what you want to do. After I start the IC thread, I'll post a class schedule that will say the teaching order.


    Also, I'm putting this out there. There will be TWO club activities we will be RPing. I'm putting out a vote. List 3 club activities you would like to RP. The top two get added to the schedule!

    Well, that's all I got for now. Still accepting character sheets. If anyone would like to play a second student who thinks they can handle it, let me know via PM. as long as we don't get like 15 different people posting character sheets, I wouldn't mind having a few people playing two students. Just make sure you can handle that much posting.

    Any questions, ask away!
  17. Name: Bel
    Role: Student
    Demon type:Archdevil

    Personality: Warm and friendly on the surface, calculating and un-trusting on the inside. He only cares about his own safety, for someone in his position to be so young and weak there are many of the infernal who would gladly see him dead and his title passed on to someone more deserving. So he in at the academy for one reason only, to hide and survive. Anyone threatens him, they better back away as he smilingly offers them poison, forges alliances and prepares himself to take on his mantle and watch those against him die one by one as he cements his position.

    Appearence (open)


    Powers, abilities, and Skills Despite being an anrchdevil Bel's powers are undeveloped due to his age. His toutch however does spread corruption and decay if he wills it turning almost anything edible into a poison or rusting metal, rotting wood, making wounds fester and refuse to heal. If forced to fight he will use a weapon to wound with a poisoned blade or cause any existing wounds to spread and rot. Violence however if a last resort, at least until he gets stronger.
  18. Name- Mr. Relic
    Role- Head of Iwaku High
    Age- unknown
    Demonic class- Devil

    Appearance-(coming soon)

    Personality- Relic is a mystery. It's hard to tell exactly what is going through his head at any given time, and even harder to get him to act serious about any given situation. He seems to get bored a lot, and will cause a commotion every once in a while just to make his life a little more interesting.

    Description- Relic is one of the foremost respected demons in the underworld, not only for his power, but also for his cunning and ambition. Not too much is actually known about his true motives or abilities, but it's said that even the higher ups are afraid of the potential he has.

    Powers, abilities, and Skills-
    Unknown, but it is rumored that he has amazing high level talents...He has just never actually had to use them in public.

    Okay, Still have some work to do on the opening, but I should be done by tomorrow. Sorry to make everyone wait, but i've been a little hectic with things going on. I will have the RP up by tomorrow.

    Oh yeah, Treasurer has chosen to withdraw from this RP for personal reasons, so there is another teacher position up for grabs if anyone would like it!
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  20. I'm just trying to sort out the teachers here:
    Proffesor Rath, Teacher of Mystical Disguise/world history
    Adelinda Tanith. Teacher of ____
    Malik. Teacher of ____
    Mr. Relic. Head of school.
    And a possible teacher/nurse from Treasurer?