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  1. So, the basic plot is that Everyone is a demon of some sort, and is attending Iwaku High, an Academy for Demons to "Blend In" with humans. Every demon has a human disguise that is their identity outside of the Demon World, and is necessary to be in in the Human World. For one reason or another, each student in the Academy wants to go to the Human World, whether it's because of bad parenting, they didn't fit in, or because they need to leech off humans to survive.

    So, to live in the Human World, each Demon needs to adopt a human identity, job, and composure. That's where the Academy comes in. Demons will attend class, participate in randomly chosen club activities, and follow the two school rules.

    1: Do NOT attack humans while enrolled in the Academy. Meals will be supplied by the school until graduation.

    2: Do NOT reveal your true form outside of the school grounds. Also, during all classes and activities, all demons must stay in human form.

    Other than that, The location is mainland Japan in present day. The characters should be anywhere between 14 and 25 years of age.

    I am also looking for a few volunteers to RP as teachers/faculty/security during the course of the RP. three or so people should be good. and I'm looking for anywhere between 8-12 people to start. You can pick any creature that you can think of. All I ask is a basic Character Sheet stating your monster type, a general list of abilities, and maybe a description of your looks. Throw in a Bio if you want, or make it up as you RP, it's up to you.

    Also, for those of you that like a little romance, I think we can work out a way to set up a sister thread in the Mature section.

    well, that's it, let me know what you think!
  2. Depends on what you call a demon.
  3. any mythological creature, vamps, succubus, or anything like Dragons, Nekos, half breeds, anything you want really. Even if you wanted to make a mixed race, or even make up your own demon, as long as it's not over the top, as I have an overall plot revolving around my character's actions and past. The plot will have more of an action feel, but that will start about half way through the plot. The first half will pretty much be left up to everyone to what you want to do.
  4. ...Okay, I don't care how many roleplays I'm in right now. I must join this one. I'm in, and I'll even play as a staff member as well.
  5. Epic, glad you're excited. I'd be glad to hand over a staff position for you. You can RP a staff, and a student if you like.
  6. Staff and a student would be nice.
  7. Nine-tailed fox! Nine-Tailed Fox!

    Yes, I want to be a Kitsune but only 2 tails. 1 tail = just animal 2 = Young human inteligence, 3 = Pretty damn smart... Do I need continue?

    That would be a student, male. Yay.

    "Mama Inari!"

    So long as things are peaceful, that is how he will refer to the Japanese Kami of foxes. Hehe.
  8. Awesome, sooo, there IS just one issue.....I'm not exactly experienced at GMing large Group rps....Would anyone be willing to give me some pointers? I've done large scale plots before, but never done a large scale plot in a single thread with 8-12 people posting at the same time...maybe just some pointers on organization and flow control?
  9. Color coding seperate events in your posts seems to work best, but as far as organization, in big groups it's good to keep things not-so complicated, giving time of day and locations. perhaps make everyone int eh same class at the same time, etc.

    I like this idea. Ima make a character presently. with galleon of the black mast ending, i have more room for Rp's again ^_^
  10. Awesome, and thanks for the tips! I was thinking about everyone being in the same class, and just switching the teacher up each lesson. I guess we could establish a posting order too. And maybe put a 48 hour time limit on posts, just to keep the ball rolling. 2 days should be plenty of time for anyone to toss a post up.

    @Raiu, so a male 9-tails, with only 2 tails unlocked currently. Sounds interesting. Room for character development, and starting with a slight disadvantage. sounds like fun!
  11. I was thinking i coudl do a teacher aswell. Kid's Signature reminded me of proffesor stein. I can TOTALLY pull ofa demon teacher and student too ^_^
  12. Pretty much he is just a teen right now. 16 years old, bit childish.

    He doesn't even have his kitsune-bi. His fox fire. You know, those little orbs of flame around them? Thats a sign of his youth. Once he matures he will recieve his first.

    And 2 tails is the minimum to transform into a human form, me thinks.
  13. Desaecula, that would be awesome, I could totally see a Dr. Stein teaching here.

    Raiu, sounds good man.

    I'll let everyone more into the full plot idea once we get enough interest and set up the plot discussion thread, also you don't have to decide on a character until then either.
  14. Sounds good to me. Can't wait man.
  15. Cool, looking for at least 2-3 more people. I'm gonna hit the hay, bring your friends, the more the merrier! Probably start the Plot Discussion tomorrow if we have enough people!
  16. Lol, I was thinking of a Dr. Stein like character for my teacher, but go ahead and use that idea Desaecula. I don't mind, and I have another idea for mine.

    I'm most likely going to use a shinigami for my student character. I used to play as a female Death the Kid for something like this, adding in some of my own personality traits, and I loved it.
  17. This is awesome. I'm very interested, it's been a while since I've created a demon character.
    I'm thinking along the lines of a type of Siren or Gorgon.
    Or I could kick it old school [lol] with a lycan.
  18. I'm very interested in joining this, a demon character always draws me in:) I'll just try to decide what demon I'd like to play as.
  19. Sounds fun, I'll join too.
  20. Wow...that was fast.... Heh, thought this would take at least 24 hours. Oh well. I need to go to work soon, so I don't have time to type up a full overview of the general plot, so that will be going up tonight after I get home.